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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Well it seems as though the Dummie crew at Political GUMPtion are back at their same old bullshit. Now I am no great fan of conservatives and their viewpoints, but that is NOT a reason for them to be unjustifiably threaten in a room by an admin. I was just sitting quietly in Political Junction when this occurred, and although I no longer thought anything that happened in Dummie's room would surprise me, I was mistaken. ArchieBunker had just came into room and as always there really was not any true topic in the room. I mean come on, that would be expecting too much from a room that Dummie & Assy runs, whose combined IQ might equal that of Bush. Now mamal came said a few things about Clinton and how they think Clinton would make a good candidate for general secretary of the UN. Of course ArchieBunker; along with a few others, had something to say about that. Here is what followed, after you have a chance to read this I have a few more things to say, they don't call me Facetious for nothing.

mamal_8: pals , what do you think ? shall clinton be the general secretary of the UN?

mystified2_1: mamal, I think he'd make a GREAT Secy Gen.

mamal_8: mystified right ! i thing the same !

mamal_8: think sorry

mamal_8: i,ve wrote an email to my president ahmadi nejad suggest bil clinton as the general seretary of the UN 2 day,s ago .

MrArchieBunker: mamal_8: i,ve wrote an email to my president ahmadi nejad suggest bil clinton as the general seretary of the UN 2 day,s ago . <<---LMAO

mamal_8: archi is it funny ? why ?

MrArchieBunker: Because you will probably be thrown in prison for writing such a letter, mamal

mamal_8: archi lol no way pal , u r wrong .

ZenFriendly: here's archie.....threatening people again

mamal_8: archi , anyway i want the clinton back at the top , the world is needing him , and he can not refuse , because he is extremly cool .

mystified2_1: Just scrolled back. NO threats, Archie

MrArchieBunker: EXCUSE ME??

mystified2_1: sorry, missed that one


mystified2_1: Archie, theatened jail. Scroll back.

MrArchieBunker: Mystifiied, go back to admin school

MrArchieBunker: I threatened no one, and I resent anyone implying I did

Brutelogic: Archie...........agreed, you didnt

mystified2_1: Then consider it a caution, as it was meant, Archie. Now move on.

Brutelogic: Remember archie.......we have to be alert to.........Lack of education

MrArchieBunker: I'll move on when I feel like it

MrArchieBunker: No admin tells me waht to type or say, EVER

The fact that they are making it where I have to defend a conservative is annoying as hell, but if we are to be better and act in a way that is true, I have no other choice but to do this. Since when did making a remark as 'you would probably go to jail' in a joking matter become a threat? Now also remember this is Dummie's room we are talking about, you know the room that allows TOS's so often everyone is amazed there isn't a red admin permanently seated in there. You know the room that we have all see death threats, racist remarks, sexual harassment, plus much, much more and worst?

Noticed that the person that Archie is accused of 'threatening' carries on a conversation with Archie for several minutes, she had no complaint of a threat. Yet, when someone else says 'here's archie.....threatening people again' all of a sudden here comes a Political GUMPtion admin full force to defend the room against TOS, never mind that ten minutes earlier someone used the term r@ghe@d that went completely ignored. Now I will admit at this point I'm stumped by what is occurring, I mean Archie being threaten by an admin in Dummie's room? The only explanation I could possibly come up with is that the only 'acting admin' (although Assy and Dummie were there) is new and truly believes the bullshit Assy and Dummie tell all of their new admins, that they are fair~~cough, cough, gag, gag~~ and they don't show favoritism. Yet, even if this was true ~~and pigs are spouting wings~~ there was no threat in any definition of the word.

See I have been sitting back in the shadows in Political GUMPtion and watching Assy & Dummie's new old tactic on having the number one room in SI. They are now playing at being these sweet ~~where is the bucket~~understanding, fair, liberals. This is a tactic they have tried before and it worked, although if one sits there longer enough to see the chatters of the room change one can see how Assy and Dummie's attitudes change.

Yet, I suspect that Assy and/or Dummie pmed the newest admin of Political GUMPtion to inform them not to bounce or even red dot Archie for his alleged threat. For if you read the entire room text, you will see Archie not only questioned the admin's call but also defied them. This shows me that Dummie and Assy, still show great favoritism for their followers.

How can I dare speak this atrocity against Political GUMPtion, the fair ~~like Faux news~~ SI room? Well let one of us non-worshippers of Dummie and Assy even attempt to say 'I didn't mean that as a threat', no less say you resent their 'call', you would get bounced out so fast you would have to wait for your head to catch up with your ass.

I also feel as though I wouldn't be a good person if I didn't take this chance to warn the newest admin in Political GUMPtion to be forewarned. For if they ever dare question the actions and/or rules of the room, they would find themselves attacked and hat removed faster than a liberal gets bounced from Conservatives are US.

Now with my public service done, I can go about my day with my head held high.

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~Sweet Smiles~~~~~~


MrArchieBunker said...

Thanks for being fair Mystic, bad admining is bad admining, politics aside.

Facetious Muse said...

Anytime Archie, fair is fair And thank you for not taking offense at this thread, you know I got to be Facetious. What fun would the world be without humor, even if it is tongue in cheek :o)

MrArchieBunker said...

For the record: I have always found both Dommie and Abby to be very fair, polite and tolerant as admins. Perhaps my earlier comment was unclear or misunderstood. I regret that.

Facetious Muse said...

No I know that you were referring to the acting admin at the time. But I will have to disagree about Abby and Dommie, they are the ones they tried to say I was a liar and then try to bring my son into it. They are also the ones that banned anyone that was an admin in Banned for no other reason that they were admining in another room.

There have many ex admin of Dommie's room they were banned and hat taken away simply because they dare to admin in another room and/or brought up questions of other chatters and/or admin actions while Abby and dommie were not in the room.

With that being said, no matter who it is, no matter ones party, no one whould ever be falsely accused of threating or TOS when it is not true. I would even defend Abby if that ever happened to her and I saw it.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~

Jay156 said...

too bad you didnt have the balls to take the shot at dommie when you had it...Now she has the most popular room on paltalk's social issues again...Shame

Facetious Muse said...

Jay, to use censorship and abuse one's 'powers' as admin is not a way to get back at anyone. I never wanted to get back at anyone, I wanted to prove that there could be a room on paltalk that could be fair and not use censorship and banning as a way to control others. And I proved it!!

Banned is not open for a simple reason, it is not needed at the moment, there are rooms now practicing what Banned started and never will I regret not agreeing to using the same methods as other rooms did to limit opposing views, which is exactly what you wanted to do.

Heck even Dummie's new room is more fair and does less bouncing as a result of Banned and mostly as a result of chatters proving they wanted a Free Speech room without fear. All the credit for SI rooms being more fair goes to the chatters of pal, not a room or a single person.

If Banned is ever needed again, if SI rooms become as they once were, with fear controling what a chatter would say, I will not be hesitant to reopen it. I just hope that Banned never is needed again.

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

well as of late it appears that 2 way street is by far the fairest room in si and has the most chatters from various side on the political spectrum.
other than a few wingnuts that have been,, admins,,,halie,,isabellah,,id say link has the best open forum for debate. he also is very entertaing and has a "way" with words.
i pop in and out of the junction now and then all i here are terrorist supporters and bush bashers,,,both liberals by the way.very little entertainment and quite boring.
the room impeach bush is also a joke, they claim that bush is a nazi and yet they have paltalks biggest nazi as an admin,,,pk51,, what a joke. no one is allowed in that room unless you want to impeach bush,,,sounds real fair now dont it?
the total package seems to be 2 way street by a long shot. maybe 1 day the terrorists and liberals will return for debate instead of hiding in 1 sided rooms that lick their assholes.

paltalk room spy.

Anonymous said...

mamal_8 is a crazy guy and a servant to the fashist islamic regime of iran.