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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


To the scum-bag, yellow bellied, cowardly, sissyfied, low life, gutlles, pile of elephant shit who keeps going from room to room posting sick, vile, wicked shit about my deceased daughter, I would advise you to stop now while you are ahead or I will make it my sole purpose (and I have ALLOT of time in which to do so) to hunt you down, cyber slit the skin on your SMALL, TINY, PEA SIZED LITTLE CYBER BALLS, PEEL IT BACK EVER SO SLOWLY, then pull those balls from their little perch and shove them up your anus, at which point I will drop kick you so hard in the ass they will travel through your intestines and lodge in your nostrils! THEN... I will peel the skin off of your pint sized little dick, rip it off, stick it on top of your head, cut your cyber dick off, and shove it down your throat so that you cannot go around spreading your sickness among others because your WUSSIE little ass cannot debate or insult without stooping to the level to which you go back to belly crawlling through the rotten sewage of human excrement!!! DO NOT test my resolve on this issue! I am a mother, and NOTHING means more to me than my children! If you were a human being, your sorry ass would comprehend this.


Facetious Muse said...

April, I think you are letting them off too easy. Add some honey and fire ants.

All kidding aside, what a fucking asshole to spread such BS. The one doing this must feel guilt since they hide their id, but if they truly felt remorse for what they did, they would owe up to it.

Whomever you are that is spreading this hurtful BS, may whatever god you believe in have mercy, cause I know I sure in teh hell wouldn't. Know that sooner or later you will mess up and brag about it the wrong person and your id will be known. When that time comes (and it will) I will make it my personal mission to have you banned from paltalk and any other chat program you are spewing this shit on. And trust me on this you will become one, if not, the most hated paltalkian and you will not be welcomed anywhere that a person has a heart.

Love ya April

AnonymousPoster said...

Whew! dont mess with April!

They say there is nothing worse than a woman scorned. Not true. There is nothing worse than the wrath of a mother when she thinks her children are threatened.

April, I havent seen anything like what you mention, but there is no excuse for behavior such as that. My radar is up.

nunyabidness said...

April, we have your back. No worries, m8.

Nunya ;)

Eff25 said...

So, there's nothing sacred in PT. Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

There's no need to spend all that time hunting. It was Jesus Claus

Anonymous said...

April dont waste your energy on any scum that is that low but if you do get them castrate the asshole and pour clorox on his nuts and add salt for good measure

Vox said...


Now you know why I used the word "amoral".

Vox /|\ )o(

Anonymous said...

.....use a dull knife, too!!!

Sad, really!!!

Just_April1974 said...

Thank you all for your support, I greatly appreciate it! {{~Hugs~}}


zombiemaster said...

that scared the shit out of me!