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Thursday, September 28, 2006


...if only journalists took seriously their vital obligation to dig deeply enough to find the truth. Not only is Keith Olbermann using his microphone to genuinely speak truth to power, his show is engaged in stunning works of investigative journalism. While babbling heads spin furiously to protect the Bushites from harm, Olbermann's team did something that is far rarer than it should be - They found the facts and reported the truth.

Pay special attention to Ari Fleischer brushing aside a question about Afghanistan and Bin Ladin. Clinton didn't drop a deal to take Bin Ladin from Sudan, (despite ceaseless wingnut attempts to claim he did) but apparently Bush ignored a possible deal to take him from the Taliban. The deal may not have been workable, but all evidence shows that Bush, as is his wont, did nothing.

Condi Rice is also shown to be a liar on several fronts. They were given a conprehensive plan from Richard Clarke, including notes on the urgency of dealing with terrorism. This report also shows that on several occasions, despite Rice's feckless protestations, our government was familiar with several attempts by terrorists to hijack planes to fly into buildings.

For many of us in Paltalk, nothing in that report is necessarily new information. I'm just ecstatic that someone is finally showing it to the American people.



Jay156 said...

Truth would have been making the effort to go back to the funding and planning stages of 911 and then reporting that BOTH the Clinton Administration AND the pre-911 Bush Administration didn't do enough...That would be fair...Instead, your lib cheerleader continues to cock block for his man Willy.

IsabellaSays said...

my god jesus... ty for posting this..