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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Traitor- Disloyal Person. (Webster New World Dictionary).
Disloyal- Not Loyal (Webster New World Dictionary)
Loyal- Faithful to one's country, friends, etc.

So, By rights a traitor is someone who is disloyal to one's country. That name DOES NOT fit the Democratic party as believed by some small-minded people who work for right-wing media, the party is demonized for not being committed to President Bush's vision of the fight on global terror. We are called disloyal for raising questions about how it is fought and why are certain parties still roaming free while a country is near ruin for no reason, meanwhile people who out CIA agents are allowed to get off scott free.

When did the world turn upside down and why was I not given a memo about it beforehand? We are not disloyal people. We are the most caring ones in the world and far from traitors because we believe in freedom and individual rights. So, if you want to find the most disloyal people in America, you need to look no further than the White House. The traitors are in there and we have the duty as American citizens to remove them and be sure to make it that they never hold that house hostage again.

The traitors can also be found on Fox News and on the radio like Rush Limbaugh They also are found on the internet like on blogs called ConservativeThink. They yell the loudest and are the first to point their bloody finger at us for being brave enough to raise questions and voice doubts about situations that affect our lives. They also have to remember that if they point a finger at us, they got 3 pointing back at them.

So, this begs the question: Who is the traitor now? Makes you think, don't it.



Anonymous said...


Makes me think? No, I didn't have to think. I do wonder how you might define "treason". Would you be so simple with that word?

Lest you think I'm a neocon, I assure you I am not, but I see a lot of unfairness to go around from both sides. Isn't it time it stopped? One of the things this country is about is "freedom of expression". Sometimes we serve others and ourselves better simply by letting pass those comments or ideas we disagree with.

Someone has to take the high road, but then I suppose I'm intruding my thoughts on a blog which would find the high road not interesting?

MrArchieBunker said...

You sound awful defensive Kenny!! I don't recall ever calling anyone a traitor, not my style ( I might think it and not say it). You on the other hand, throw around the charge quite, shall we say, 'liberally'