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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Bushites announce plans to raise 500 million dollars for the George W. Bush Presidential Library:

Hey, once you ask, "How many copies of 'The Pet Goat' will that buy?"... I mean, hell, the jokes just write themselves, right?

But I think the more interesting story is that part of the money is going to be used to set up a "thinktank" that will hire conservatives to write papers promoting conservative ideology. Many conservatives, both in Paltalk and the wider world, act as though, or outright claim, that conservative books and ideas succeed solely because they are successful in the "marketplace of ideas," that ordinary Americans were so attracted to and won over by conservative ideas that that alone accounts for their popularity. This is, of course, complete bullshit.

What actually exists is a structure known colloquially as Wingnut Welfare. Wealthy donors, such as the Scaife family, the Coors family, Christian Reconstructionist Howard Ahmanson, etc, all give millions of dollars to a network of "thinktanks" and publications where conservatives produce papers and articles to push their noxious ideas into the public bloodstream. One excellent example is the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times, which literally hemorrhages money, and is kept running to provide the illusion that conservative ideas are desired and supported by the public.

In fact, while many Americans were fooled for a long time into supporting some of the stated goals of modern Republicans, public opinion polls show that most Americans support abortion rights, environmental protection, fairer taxation (meaning progressively higher taxes on the wealthy), as well as worker protections, rises in the minimum wage, reasonable foreign policy and diplomacy, universal health care, stem cells, the list is endless.

Wealthy Republicans have PAID to push the conservative agenda, even when issue by issue, Americans support virtually none of it. How fitting that this simpering, shallow pretender the the presidency should look to suck at the wingnut teat to put disingenuous, prostituted scribes to work rewriting his legacy. What else did we expect? Honesty?



IsabellaSays said...

no jesus, we have learned that "honesty" is not important to this administration. Not important at all.

Merry Christmas Jesus,
or Happy Hannakah

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you are forced by the democrat leaders to pay higher taxes for their agendas in government. Why arent you crying about that?

Jay156 said...

You listed quite a few things that Democrats champion....You forgot a few things, however.

1. Most Americans think marriage constitutes a relationship between a man and a woman
2. Most Americans are for less tax (not "fairer" tax)
3. Most Americans don't want amnesty for illegals
4. Most Americans don't want socialized healthcare
5. Most Americans are against a draft
6. Most Americans are not in favor of welfare
7. Most Americans do not side with the Cindy Sheehans of the world
8. Most Americans don't want to sit down and talk with terrorists

You want honesty? Try being honest yourself. This country is basically split right down the middle when it comes to the abortion issue. I know it helps you feel better about yourself Claus, but the truth is that this country is far from being liberal. I can hear your annoying blather now, "well just look at the election!" You did a masterful job of pointing out the human flaws of conservative politicians. The problem with that is that it only gets you into office. Once you're there you have to lead.

In case you haven't noticed....The dems can't even agree on leadership within the party. I'd say you all are a bunch of sad and retarded shitstains.

Lol, you posted this at 2:08 and your lapdog was right there within minutes to lick your ass with another "attaboy"...Sick of that shit yet Claus?

Michelle said...

Jay, give us some statistics to back up your statements please? I would be interested in studies that target what most Americans want in the USA? If someone else could please provide stats for their comments?

JC, we shall see if there is a presidential library for Dumbya. I am still very much expecting Bush to be tried in a criminal court or impeached. So we shall see... But, that is not the issue is it? For those that think we should not pay taxes, could you please show me a plan to pay for the debt that this administration has caused? I am all for corporations taking responsibility and paying their fines to the government or at least enforced, as it should be. But, if they are not held accountable, I would like to know who will pay? In one way or another, with the current administration you are paying, but you are too blind or care to notice that fees for government services have increased. The word "taxes" is just a tool to use for politics. So, ones taxes may have not gone up during the current administration, but you can bet that government fees have increased enormously. Furthermore, lawmakers have placed more burdens on states, which filtered it down to local levels so that your taxes have actually increased, instead of the smokescreen of no tax increases Bush has fed to the American people. This means higher tuitions for state schools, higher license fees, and more property taxes. Another question I have for those that support many spending bills did Bush veto? Reducing tax revenues only shifts part of the burden of government spending to future generations. So, if this administration refuses to control or regulate spending, where does that leave us all? It will also be interesting when the investigations begin into Halburton and other corporations that have stolen from the American people. Like I said before on this blog, I personally do not like the fact that China owns most of our debt. I would rather take the responsibility or at least make those that have taken from us, responsible for paying it back. If it was the lil guy, the government would not hesitate one moment to get what is owed to them. Why should corporations get off the hook!

Anonymous said...

michelle you and your goodtime buddies on Paltalk are the only ones talking criminal prosecution and/or impeachment. It ain't gonna happen. Stop listening to Claus, Karl and Voo and perhaps turn on a television set or a radio. I suggest one of the many 24 hour national news broadcasts that are available. Go outside, breathe some air. Maybe grab a newspaper? I've yet to see a headline saying impeachment proceedings have begun.

Your's endearingly,


Michelle said...

Why would impeachment hearings begin now and why would we hear it in the media? Do you know why? I will answer these intriguing questions for you. The new Congress has not taken office yet. This will be in January. Til then...we are talking about the current administration and Congress.
Sorry to disappoint you anonymous, but, I rarely go on Paltalk. When I do, I go on retrieve messages, then log off. I do not spend hours online especially in chatrooms. I have no idea what people are saying in Paltalk, nor do I care. It is interesting how you are trying to turn this into another post about Paltalk, instead of addressing the issues. Oh well. I am not surprised. Carry on...

Eff25 said...

I have to agree with the anonymous here. It seems very unlikely that the new Congress will want to make much of their term(s) in office about impeaching Bush. I have seen no evidence to the contrantry aside from a minority in the Congress pushing for it. The leadership doesn't seem very interested, and it could hurt their chances at a presidential run in 2008. Besides, we must becareful to be sure there actually is a prima facie case and not one that some may want to exist.

Eff25 said...

Also, even the more liberal parts of the media would have a hard time convincing the general public that there is not a degree of bitterness in this. Not to disrespect the justice component of the debate over whether Bush should be impeached or not, the fact remains that doing so is a gamble for the Democratic Party.

Facetious Muse said...

I will be happy to post some links. I figured that I would use a couple of Jay's and a couple of JC's.

First I will post some link to Jay's listings

1. Most Americans think marriage constitutes a relationship between a man and a woman
CBS News/New York Times Poll

"Do you think defining marriage as a union only between a man and a woman is an important enough issue to be worth changing the Constitution for, or isn't it that kind of issue?"

Important Enough 40% Not that type of issue 56%

2. Most Americans are for less tax (not "fairer" tax) Fair Tax wins CNBC Poll 74% to 26%

Now time for a couple of JC's listings

1. Wealthy donors, such as the Scaife family, the Coors family, Christian Reconstructionist Howard Ahmanson, etc, all give millions of dollars to a network of "thinktanks"

Some years ago, the Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation was estimated to be worth $200 million. Since Richard took charge of the foundation in 1973, it began to finance "New Right" causes.

2. public opinion polls show that most Americans support environmental protection

Polls routinely find that over 70 percent of Americans characterize themselves as environmentalists and seek stronger environmental protections

Just thought I would try to be helpful in the spirit on the season :o)

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~Holiday Smiles~~~~~~~~~~~

Eff25 said...

Muse, I believe the "Fair Tax" is a different animal from the idea of fairer taxation as JC characterized it.

vacreeper2003 said...

jay156 has some unnatural fascination with the word "shitstain." I wonder...could that be what his parents called him or perhaps that's what his father called his mother. Something has to explain it.

Please jay - elucidate!

Anonymous said...

vacreeper2003 said...
jay156 has some unnatural fascination with the word "shitstain." I wonder...could that be what his parents called him or perhaps that's what his father called his mother.

I am shocked...creeper you have now lower yourself to Slutabella's level. Talking about people's families? Congrats you have joined the other 3 illiterate contributors of this blog. Fuckclause, his slut, Masterbater, and now YOU? You have actually ruin the whole "3 stooges" scenario. Tsk, tsk Mr./Ms. historical buff. :(