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Thursday, November 09, 2006


but,I told you so! The election went the way I said it was going to be. The house and Seante both went to the Dems. The American people have spoken and they told George W to put a sock in it. To those who doubted my word, (SLINK,ARCHIE,JAY,ATILLA,VIC,and AP), the line to kiss my (_)_) starts to the right and its only one kiss per turn and no frenching!

Thank you to all of you who voted. The election proves that we the people still make the rules and run the country!


AnonymousPoster said...

Uh, excuse me little boy, but I seem to remember that Bush is STILL President. A President WITH a great deal of VETO power.

I fear nothing since the Dems cant figure out how to pull their pants up much less have a plan for anything else. Where's the plan? I'm sure whatever it is that Nancy Nambla Pelosi has up her sleeve for the first 100 hours is a just desperate attack and will certainly, with no aforethought, be nothing but a cluster fuck.

Dont forget, too, that there are still MANY republicans in the congress and senate. Your democrat party may have majority, but in no way are you in charge.

Buckle up little democrats, its gong to be a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...

Zombie, keep your pants on. You could be like "The Fly" and something you would miss will fall off......but then again, maybe you wouldn't miss it. lol

Give yourself a few days to breathe and absorb what is happening. You'll be surprised, albeit a little disappointed. You've been outwitted by members of your own party but don't know it yet. That's just the danger of seeing things in black and white only.

Poster is right, the "little" Democrats are in for a bumpy ride. Good lesson coming up!

FRisson1 said...

LMFAO ...... Zombie look at all the sour grape comments he he he he ...."great deal of veto power" ...give me a break ...... then why is Bush kissing Democratic Ass 24/7...... lol.

Happy Days Are Here Again ..........

zombiemaster said...

Veto power? You must be smoking some fine crack to think that, AP. there is a thing called OVERRIDING the veto or have you forgot about that in your FOX NEWS brainwashed minds. I think you better strap yourselves in becuase the PEOPLE of America are going to be able to take back their country finally.

Look, bottom line is that Bush will no longer have a free ride to do what he pleases due to the return of checks and balances being restored (or did you forget that this is still a rule with the powers?).

So, both of you go back to the shithole blog of yours and remove those Goddamned lies you people love to post or else you will be looking more like the fools you are!

"Happy Days are here again"

Anonymous said...

Zombie, you assume too much. I don't have a blog, never have, never will. I check this one out for a guffaw now and then.

You might have your peripheral vision checked out, because with all your bloated gloat you might get "snuck up on"!!! lol

Too, keep your oars handy and your biceps strong, 'cause you wouldn't want to fall in the creek you're swimming in! It stinks, or hadn't you noticed?

If you were smart, you wouldn't be funny at all. lol

Facetious Muse said...

LOL at AP saying "A President WITH a great deal of VETO power."

Bush and veto power, all this should be good, I can't wait till end of '07' when Bush still hasn't used his power of veto.

Bush is now kisses ass unlike any president I have ever seen. I wonder how many republicans know that Bush is more in favor with the Democrats immigration plans, or how Bush was quoted as saying "Why are we giving all these tax cuts to the rich".

I wonder how some are going to explain away Bush getting rid of Rummy and why Bush is now saying he is opened to new ideas for Iraq. Yes, this most certainly seems as a president that is all of a sudden going to grew some balls and veto a bill.

Bush is now protrayed by the media (including neo-nuts fave FOX) as being more of a liberal type of guy than any has seen in the last 6 years. We are now being told that Bush worked well with democrats in Texas and that Bush is a 'good ole boy' and is more than willing to work with democrats.

How do you neo-nuts shoo away the fact that Bush even though he was quoted as saying why give tax cuts to the rich, he still signed off on the bill, isn't this a sign of weakness, to sign off on a bill you really do not agree with?

yet, we are all to believe that Bush will now act like a president and make choices without his leading yes men?

Come on guys, you can't have it both ways.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on! Seems you favor a fight all the time. Nothing wrong with President Bush conceding some things and cooperating with Congress. I think it's a good thing. Isn't that the advantage of having the Democrats win the Congressional elections?

It's more fun to complain, isn't it? lol

President Bush does have veto power. To override a veto would require cooperation from the Republicans as well as the Democrats in the Congress, or did someone forget that little tidbit?