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Friday, November 17, 2006


I just cannot hold back anymore (I know I have been so quiet lol), I just got to say something about the seemly lack of... well everything with neo-nuts. Too many times I see a neo-nut bitching about a thread that 'burns' them. The funny thing is that those threads are always about some paltalkian and their stupidity, threads that have to do with someone using a racist slur or some silly thing some cretin posted in a room like hoping that Republicans win ever if it is by cheating. On the other hand, one would be hard pressed to find these same neo-nuts commenting on a thread that has something to do about politics, even though they bitch no writer for The Rattle bothers with political issues. At times one might find a neo-nut brave enough to attempt a comment in a political thread, yet if you are looking for them to bring any thing of value to the thread you will be greatly disappointed. If a neo-nut does in fact dare a political thread all you will get from them is more insults and bashes.

Now I do have respect for some Conservatives and even some Republicans, but neo-nuts are the bottom of the barrel in the world of blogs and yes dare I say it, paltalk. Neo-nuts really should be pitied, in fact I feel for conservatives that have to deal with such people. Now I know myself I will not defend a person that is a complete jackass just due to the fact that he/she is supposedly the same mind frame as myself in politics. There a few so call liberals that truly are as insane as the neo-nuts, but one major difference I have seen is that more Republicans will jump up and defend those neo-nuts that they cant even stomach, why? Perhaps since I refuse to tunnel vision my political view and do not belong to a party is why I cannot understand such blindness. I have taken the time lately to watch democrats and see if they do the same thing as republicans in this regard. To be completely honest with you I have not seen democrats defend jackasses in the same numbers, now maybe I have missed such occurrences but I seriously doubt it.

Once upon a time parties meant something, rather one was speaking about the republicans or democrats and in my opinion people had every right to be proud of their party, since it seemed parties at one time did 'practice what they preached' (well for politicians). This is no longer the situation, the current republican admin has gone so far away from their roots true republicans felt the need to vote democratically. This present admin has spent more money and created larger government than democrats could have ever dreamt of, this is so far from the republican roots it baffles the mind. Yet I still see republicans believing they would be betraying their party if they spoke out against the current republican admin, why?

Democrat party seems to be heading in the same direction as the republican party with betraying their roots. I will admit I was taken back a bit when I heard that democrats that had just won mid term elections were leaning more in the direction of more troops in Iraq then redeployment and they many of these democrats were against any type of time table. I just truly hope that democrats in general will not allow their party to also lose their way. Yet, I can still say that most democrats will not defend someone only because they are of the same party. Although not all republicans do this, I see a great number in blogs that do, greater than I see democrats doing it, And that brings us back to the neo-nuts.

In case you aren't sure what a neo-nut is, let me help you out. Neo-nuts like to make fun of others, they use many references to trailer trash, idiots, morons, whiners, etc... yet references to facts or even sites to back their 'claims are far and few in between. Now there is a saying that goes something like this 'people talk about what they know'. Now using this logic it seems that neo-nuts are the trailer trash, idiots, morons, whiners, etc... since they are always making reference to them. Neo-nuts don't read and comprehend anything based in logic or facts, they are the ones that truly believe the President of the US is a semi-god and therefore should never be doubted or questioned. Neo-nuts are the ones that think condoms are against the will of whatever God they worship and that sex should be viewed as a nasty deed to only be done with the lights out and only for the purpose of procreating. Neo-nuts are the ones that think beating a child is ok as long as you are Christian when you are doing it (spare the rod don't you know). Neo-nuts are the ones that think it is their right to determine how others may live and die. Neo-nuts are the ones that think science is the work of the devil, trying to corrupt all of our souls (stem cell research ring a bell?). Neo-nuts are the ones that scream abortion is a sin against God (whose God I can only assume they are referring to their own version, so much for freedom of religion huh) and then they turn around and bitch about a child that is fed by food stamps. Neo-nuts are the ones that claim to be loving Christians, yet they are the first ones to throw stones (maybe someone should remind them of Jesus saying something about those without sin...). Neo-nuts are the ones that were the school-yard bullies and the ones that think murder; in certain situations of course, is a good thing and damn it they are the ones that know when and who should be killed.

Now noticed I said neo-nuts, this does NOT in anyway include all of the republican party or conservatives, although I am sure some will be typing their little old fingers off defending the neo-nuts, why?

Why would anyone want to defend another that is judgmental, hypocritical, freedom hater, sexually repressed, clueless wonders? How can anyone justify their reasons for defending such boils on society? To stand up with another that on a daily bases advocates violence and death of other humans? How can one defend another that; for lack of better word(s), are soulless?

Neo-nuts, I am so happy that you come here to the Rattler, it allows others of discernment to be able to speak in chatrooms and as an added bonus you are allowed to show your self-afflicted lack of education with each and every comment you make here. It is my wish for humanity that others will be enlighten to the neo-nuts insanity and depravation, for neo-nuts to expose themselves for the sad, lonely, and pitiful people they are. But until then, lets just have some fun and bash a neo-nut ;o)

~~~~~~ Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~Gotta love me~~~~~~
~~~~~~Devilish Grin~~~~~~


Eff25 said...

I'd like to see a post laying out the liberal and conservative(however many) positions of The Ratttler's contributors.

Anonymous said...

Let the healing begin....but not here! lol

Muse, you seem to have let your emotions get the best of you. Do you leave your computer and rehearse over and over your comeback or think up funny and "gotcha" responses to something said here?

First of all, how much have you experienced different cultures and their values first hand? The USA is a real mix, but basically we all want the same thing world wide.

There is no such thing as a neo-nut and using the term puts the onus on you as much as it does the one you choose to call a neo-nut for something he said that you deem outrageous.

What about name calling: moron, idiot, trailer trash, etc.? I've never ever lived in a trailer, but I certainly defend the right for someone who does to have their opinions, too. You seem to think their opinions are not educated opinions. That's where cultures come in, and perhaps you think you have an advantage. You don't really, because everything in your life would have to be utopian to believe so. As far as I know, no one has experienced utopia. You can educate someone TO your culture but you can't educate them OUT of their culture. Therefore, being a good example is the best way to improve relationships, better understandings and education overall. I, for one, absolutely love the diversity of America, but I've had the good fortune of experiencing it from coast to coast and this vast "in-between".

Politics? I don't understand the hate. I do understand the dissatisfaction with much that has happened, but our politicians have as much ego as Paltalkers. They, and the media, are even as uncivil anymore. THAT should be a concern for all Americans. If there was effort, sensibilities could "trickle up"! Maybe?

Why do people want peace on earth, yet they think it needs to start with someone else?

Have a wonderful day and count your blessings.

Another Anonymous

Facetious Muse said...

That would be interesting Eff, wouldn't it?

Facetious Muse said...

anonymous, I fear that you misunderstood what point I was trying to make, no matter how facetiously. First I did not say ever that there is a person alive that should not be allowed to speak their views, nor did I put down anyone for where they live. I simply pointed out the tactics that neo-nuts like to use in attacking and insulting.

As far as my emotions getting away with me, I wrote this being the facetious pain I am known to be, using the meaning facetious as tongue-in-cheek. Yet, I could not help but noticed as you try to come across being so nice and sweet you still couldn't resist a small attempt at insulting.

Now one thing I really do dislike is someone taking anyone's words and trying to twist them as you did with your remark "I've never ever lived in a trailer, but I certainly defend the right for someone who does to have their opinions, too." Never once did I say people in trailers have no right to speak nor that they are uneducated, I only make reference to what neo-nuts say as their form of debating and I said trailer trash, which has to do with ones choosen actions and not where one lives. You and I both know this was a half ass attempt on your part to try and twist my words.

Now to your little attempt at a dig with my spelling of gotta, you again are the one trying to act as though you are so much more educated than others, so let me let you in on a little secret gotta is also a slang word meaning and I quote "Contraction: gotta
(informal) got to"

As far as your question how many different cultures have I experienced? Well let's see, my mother was first generation from Ireland, my father was Native American. On top of that I was an army brat with a father that believed family needed to be together, therefore I had done more traveling; world-wide, by the time I was 12 then most do in their lifetimes, so much so I speak, write and read three different languages, four if you count knowing my father's native tongue.
My cultural experience are great and vast and I am grateful for that fact, for I truly believe that most hate comes from fear of the unknown, including other's cultures.

Now that I have spent way too much time explaining, please feel free to comment again with sad attempts at insults towards me.

Life is short, way too short to actually allow yourself to get 'emotional" about blogs and comments on them. Life is way, way, too short to always try to find fault with others when everyone could do with some self improvement,, but mostly life is too short to take everything so seriously.

So anonymous, lighten up and enjoy this thread in the spirit it was written and allow yourself some laughter in your life, for and happiness with one's self and one's life is really what it is all about and no one can really have happiness without a bit of laughter.

Anonymous said...

Holy mackeral! Good golly! Oh my goodness! LOL

I misunderstood your point? Wasn't it condemnation of "neo-nuts" and their lack of what you think the opposites possess? These tirades appear to be tit for tat. Though amusing, some seem a little too serious for belief. I may have you mistaken for someone else here, because I've had the impression you claim to be balanced and not a "party affiliate". I apologize if I've mistaken you.

I don't know what you mean about the "gotta" - didn't notice you even used that word, and I do know what it means. I used "gotcha", another slang term for "GOT YOU". You might read that again. ??????

Simply put: I was pointing out how you were doing the same things the "neo-nuts" do, but can you own it? As for being "nice", are you the only one who can be facetious? Actually, I am a nice person, but I can be sarcastic, too. I do not name call anyone for any reason. Our written words we may sometimes have to eat, but it's good!

I needn't blather on.

Another Anonymous

Facetious Muse said...

Hmmmm, let's take another look at your use of the word gotcha.
Muse, you seem to have let your emotions get the best of you. Do you leave your computer and rehearse over and over your comeback or think up funny and "gotcha" responses to something said here?

Now I can only wonder what reason could you have possibly had to use quotation marks on the word gotcha?

I know that you wouldn't lie, now would you?

Little-minded peoples' thoughts move in such small circles that five minutes conversation gives you an arc long enough to determine their whole curve.

Anonymous said...

You are kidding, aren't you?

Goes to show you, Bios mean nothing. LMAO

Now, that's a "Gotcha" from my "little mind"!!!

Please do, go have a nice afternoon!

Another Anonymous

Michelle said...

As long as anyone uses the anonymous tags they will be affiliated with jackasses that post anonymously when they want to insult and steer away from the issues. For those that read this blog, that is apparent. Some advice to those that want to be taken seriously (which I know I will get the response about why should anyone be taken seriously on this blog) give a name besides anonymous. It has so much baggage that goes along with it, which, one might not appreciate.

Anonymous said...


What is it about an opinion that makes it more or less valid knowing who wrote it? I know why youre so obsessed with names. Its because when a person expresses an opinion you dont like, you cant trash that person if you dont have previous knowledge of who they are.

Guess what? I do it just to piss you off! LOL Youre so easily annoyed. Youre almost too easy and predictable. Oh and here's the kicker, Michelle, I am someone you consider a friend in Paltalk too!
Sorry but youre just so easy!

Michelle said...

Errr, I have no friends in Paltalk, ty. I have aquaintances. If you were my friend (which I would never have friends that are such cowards)you would speak to me with a name and with respect. You don't piss me off, I pity you actually. I think you have no individuality, no real imagination or humor, or strength. You hide behind the tag because you truly do not have a strong sense of being, that is why you run in a pack with other posters that have no personality and no identity. To your surprise, whoever you may be...I am aware of the games that people play online, especially on Paltalk and this blog. Do you think I would truly trust anyone to be a friend or an ally? lmao. You have to be seriously warped to think I take any of this seriously. That is why I laugh at anonymous posters. You are amusement to me. I even get a chuckle from a few people that have a name people can identify too. Not just you. You seem to be the one annoyed with me. Perhaps you are jealous of my presence, which is very colorful and truthful. I know you want to be me. Don't let your jealousy and envy tear at your soul (if you have one). Perhaps one day you will grow up and be as charasmatic as me. I am wonderful, beautiful, and such a marvelous person, my cup runneth over. I love ME.

P.S. If you were ever anyone that got to know me on Paltalk, you would also find the humor in all of this bullshit. Get a life, really, take a nice brisk walk. Back away from the pc for a few days. One more tad bit of advice...if you do not have truth, you have nothing. I feel sorry for those that would call you a friend, you are probably more of a fiend. Which is so sad for someone that spends their life on Paltalk.

FRisson1 said...

"Oh and here's the kicker, Michelle, I am someone you consider a friend in Paltalk too!
Sorry but youre just so easy!"

Michelle the above statement kind of tells you what kind of person this "anon y mouse" really is. Two faced, lonely without an idea of what the word "Friend" means. I have very few "Friends" on Paltalk but I have many aquaintances who have similar ideas and beliefs that I also embrace. I find I like and enjoy these people. I don't think any of my "friends or "aquaintances" would be out to "get me" because it is so easy.

This person, "anon y mouse" surly is no "friend" and has a deep personality problem.

Anonymous said...

....and another amusing night on the blog! lol Sounds like a bar fight....down and really dirty! I always wonder how people feel after they have had a contentious chat with someone they "don't even know". Is there guilt involved or a sense of shame when reduced to such petty nothingness?

Michelle, I don't quite understand your fury with those who call themselves Anonymous. In the cyber world we are ALL anonymous, whether with some chosen nic or not....unless, of course, we've met personally outside of the net. Who knows how many people make this their fantasy world? I surely hope much of this is a fantasy! lol

Retaliation is not "getting a life", nor is it charismatic. lol

Another Anonymous *sigh*

Michelle said...

Fury? I am not angry with anyone that posts on this blog. I have no guilt or shame. ( I am not George Bush) Like I said, I feel you have no personalities that are individual. If you don't understand why I have this opinion, oh well. If one has the audacity to insult someone, they should also have the same audacity to back it up and not run in a pack, so that nobody knows exactly who feels this way. At least Jay and Archie have the balls to be their own person. But, it is ok. If you feel safer as a group with the same name, hey, carry on! But, I am far from angry or upset. I am quite the opposite. I am amused most of the time by your posts. Suggesting a brisk walk is retaliation? pmsl again.

I agree Frisson. Someone with that sort of outlook on friendship is no friend of mine. This is another example of the mind games that go on online.

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Muse are the biggest bullshitters I have ever come across.

Facetious Muse said...

And yet, for some unnameable reason(s), you cannot help but admire us, desire to be us, to cheer us on.

Thank you, anonynuts & neo-nuts for your continuing support.

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~

Michelle said...

Muse and Others, I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! I took my turkey sedative and going to nap now, lol. I truly hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, even the anonymouses. ( no bullshit)

Facetious Muse said...

I second that Michelle (even the neo-nuts part lol)and thank you.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.