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Monday, November 06, 2006


Cliff Schecter, Democratic strategist, rips up the GOP shill in this clip. This is exactly what the Repubs have been doing for years, shameless demagoguing and smearing, and it's good to see them get a taste of their own medicine for a change. And, as a bonus, the 24/7 cable news channels love this stuff, so we're certain to see much more of Cliff in the future:

Cliff is also a weekly contributor to AMERICAblog, so check him out over there as well.



Jay156 said...

lol, did I read correctly? Are you seriously going to sit in your mom's basement and try to convince people that democrats have been moral, upright campaigners while the evil republicans have done all of the mud-slinging? Your party has done nothing but run on the platform of "Bush is bad, he lies, all republicans are child molestors and adulterers." You have been awake during this disgusting run for congress haven't you?

Anonymous said...

JC just when I thought the depth of your idiocy had topped out, you seem to raise the bar just a little higher. You Democrats started your negative campaigning the day after the last election. You blamed your loss on Southerners (Dixiecrats) remember? That's all I heard on Paltalk weeks after the election was you and Voo putting down Southerners for not voting the way YOU wanted them to. You called them idiots. You said they shouldn't be allowed to vote. I heard every word straight from your lefty mouth.

PS: Weren't all of you supposed to leave America? I thought Karl was in charge of getting everyone out.