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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Now here's a motley crew for ya! These are the same criminals who spend their time smearing the military careers of our decorated war vets - President James E. Carter, President John F. Kennedy, Senator John F. Kerry, Senator Maxwell Cleland, Secretary of the Navy James Webb, Vice President Albert Gore, Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha...yep - this herd of COWARD BASTARDS have the audacity to deride the military careers of those who had the honor, fortitude, and sense of duty to defend our nation. They use our GIs as political props - at least those they don't gutlessly send to their deaths in Iraq. But they'll publically enable, protect and come to the rescue of the likes of Representative Mark Foley - a low-life pedophile. AND to add insult to injury - the GOP is telling Florida voters to VOTE FOR FOLEY. Isn't that rich - according to the GOP - Mark Foley, pedophile extraordinaire...GOOD; John Murtha, decorated war hero...BAD!

Does the GOP have NO SHAME?


Jay156 said...

um....uneducated shitstain? I tried to explain this to you before...I guess maybe Kerry was right in your case....

Foley's name is on the ballot due to state law....The scandal occurred after the time where the ballot could be changed....Florida GOP isn't telling anyone to vote for Foley....Foley's name is simply a place holder for Joe Negron, the GOP candidate in this election. Now, either you are trying to spin this, or you are, as I pointed out earlier, an uneducated shitstain.

Anonymous said...

The retarded are fun to play with. Who turns on creeper's computer for him everyday?

vacreeper2003 said...

Note to anonymous-

It stays on.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

LMAO creeper. You played right into that one! Retard.