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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Vic Moroni just got on the mic and asked me the following:

Vic Fucktardi - Mark Foley apologized just like John Kerry did. So why are we supposed to move on from Kerry but we're still having to talk about Mark Foley?

The mind boggles. Could it be because sexual predation and GOP attempts to cover up for such behavior dating back a decade or more is just a teensy bit more important than a botched joke? Now that's a question I know Vic won't answer.



Anonymous said...

Jesus Claus, you have mentioned Foley numerous times on this blog. He has been discussed, and I'm sure, contined to be discussed. Vic is right. The major news networks are disgussing Kerry. But YOU seem to hide from it. Why Claus? Are you that scared?

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest Claus, your starting to get extremely boring!

Anonymous said...

Claus has a strange obsession with Vic Ferrari. Good thing Vic isnt a little boy.

AnonymousPoster said...

The democrats are working overtime to discredit any republican. Makes no matte whether the attacks are true, but it puts the thought in the minds of the people. They are manipulating the election because they know they cant stand on their own platform. There IS NO platform to stand on.

Jay156 said...

The "botched joke" angle is really really weak. First of all, jokes are supposed to be funny. For instance..."Claus has a large penis." See, the absurdity in that makes it hilarious.

There isn't a word or even a phrase you could insert into Kerry's comment to make it even slightly chuckle-worthy. It's time to be honest Claus...It was a slip of the lip and a window into the mind of an elitist liberal.

Jay156 said...

by the way, since I know that abby, dommie slut, and whatever else total waste of inmate sperm reads this shit. Let me just say that it's too bad you feel that your boy Claus isn't able to protect himself....I guess banning those that hand him and you other shitstains a daily ass kicking is hard on the ego. LOL I would love to be able to get in there on election night though....But, Im sure you all will be hiding and licking your wounds among friends lol

Anonymous said...

I see unemployment is down again. 3 month's straight and the lowest in 5 years. Wow, between that and Kerry, looks like ya'll might be hurting again.

(But I'm sure you'll blame all those jobs on Bush stealing the election)


IsabellaSays said...

Democrats say they are ahead in many races because of the public's growing dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq. And polls show that a clear majority of Americans see the war as a mistake and far fewer support the president's handling of it
Missouri's Senate race is intertwined with a ballot measure that would engrave the right to conduct embryonic stem cell research into the state constitution. McCaskill supports it; Talent opposes it. Bush didn't mention it
Violence against Iraqis has grown unabated in the past month, with more than 1,300 killed since October 1. Fearing more bloodshed after Sunday's expected announcement of a verdict in the trial of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, Iraq's defense minister has canceled leave for all army officers
"President Bush has never had a plan to win in Iraq, and now that Democrats and Republicans are all calling for change, he's desperately clinging to his stay the course," said Adrianne Marsh, a spokeswoman for McCaskill who was finishing a four-day statewide tour and plans to begin a 24-hour campaign blitz in St. Louis on Friday evening. "It's unfortunate that Talent is one of the only Republicans who agrees."
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- As she fights for her political life, Ohio Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce distanced herself Thursday from the Iraq war, telling CNN Radio, "What's happening in Iraq is not a direct reflection on me."
In a CNN poll released Wednesday, Iraq topped the list of issues that Americans consider "extremely important" as the country heads into Tuesday's midterm elections

------ Another poll conducted for CNN by the Opinion Research Corp. and released Monday found that 59 percent of Americans oppose the war in Iraq, while 38 percent support it.
Thirty-seven percent of Americans approve of the way President Bush is handling his job, while 58 percent disapprove, according to a CNN poll released Monday.
NEW YORK (CNN) -- We talk a lot during presidential years about "coattails" (not many coats have tails anymore, but never mind). We mean, of course, whether the candidate at the top of the ticket can pull other candidates into office.

But this year, there's a very different issue that could be decisive: Bush's "reverse coattails."
President Bush's unpopularity has been a drag on his party's prospects going into this year's midterm elections.

ok.. ffs... can you see the writing on the wall? or are you BLIND?.. republican party was destroyed by bush and his thugs..

change is inevitable:)

4 more days...

Anonymous said...

Is Isabellah retarded like Michelle? Why did she post her thread in the comments section of this one? I think its the inferiority complex she has and rightly so.

AnonymousPoster said...

Where is Facetious Muse?

I guess she will say the great unemployment number that came out today was going up.

She never has been real good at math.

Michelle said...

Some anonymous piece of shit is obsessed with me I guess (sigh) At least I am not a chicken!! Bawkkkkkk, Bawkkkkkk, what a feckin' hen you are anonymous no. whatever. You people don't even have the balls to use your names, so just fuck off, who cares what you all think. You people are just pissed off because the dems are acting like the repubs have in the past few elections. An eye for an eye I say...

I wish JC would just take the ability of you to post anonymously away from you. I think you are past your expiration date. Ineffective and quite the bore. Snooozeeeee

Anonymous said...

michelle said: I wish JC would just take the ability of you to post anonymously away from you. I think you are past your expiration date. Ineffective and quite the bore. Snooozeeeee

michelle maybe you should go back a few months in the archives. This blog was in a coma and about to be pronounced dead when JC, in a last ditch effort, allowed anonymous posting

Oh and btw ... would it make me any Less anonymous if my name said Jeff, or Susie?

Jay156 said...

lol, the only intelligent things ever said on this God awful blog are the comments written by people that like to rip you libs a new one. Claus knows that without logical thinking Conservatives this blog would be nothing but Isabellah posting housewife drama about how she hates Atilla....and, like I said a long time's only a matter of time before Claus drops half of the shitstains that contribute to this piece of shit...Isabellah...your days of being Claus' best friend are numbered! I guess after he drops you like a bad habit you could still slip into stars room to talk about the stew you're making. lol

Anonymous said...

People say pissabellah is a horse’s ass in many cases because of Rick’s growing dissatisfaction with her weight gain and crap sammiches. And polls show that a clear majority of people see slutabellah’s birth as a mistake from the beginning and view her as the poster cunt for pro choice.

Moronabellah’s popularity race is intertwined with a desperate measure that would engrave the right to insult, ignore and take legal action to remove her as an embarrassment to other’s residing in Ohio. Social Issues supports it; only other trailer trash opposes it. Geezus didn't mention it

Feelings of violence experienced after reading anything she writes has grown unabated in the past month, with more than 1,300 turning against her since October 1. Fearing even more vociferous oral diarrhea emanating from her computer after Saturday’s expected isashitta explosion Geezus Claws has found a hiding place.

“Twatabellah has always had a plan to win popularity in Social Issues, and now that even morons and idiots are all calling for her departure, she's desperately clinging to her stay the course plan," said Geezus Claws, a spokesmoron for The Rattler who was finishing a humiliatingly stupid post of his own and plans to begin a 24-hour campaign blitz in 2-Way Street this evening. "It's unfortunate that Trashabellah has no talent everyone agrees."

Lima-- As he fights for his Social Issues status, Momma’s Boy, Geezus Claws distanced himself Saturday from Turdabellah, telling everyone, "What's happening with her is not a direct reflection on me. Wah, wah, wah, boo hoooooo, I want my mommie!!!!"

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NEW YORK -- We talk a lot during Social Issues conflicts about "coattails" (not many coats have tails anymore, but never mind). We mean, of course, whether the moron at the top of the blog (Geezus) can pull other idiots (Moronabellah) into some type of respectability or popularity. (consensus: Ain’t gonna happen, dude.)

But this year, there's a very different issue that could be decisive: Geezus’ "reverse coattails." His own unpopularity and sheer stupidity has been a drag himself, anyone with whom he’s associated and on Shitabellah’s prospects of ever gaining anything remotely resembling popularity or respect.

ok.. ffs... can you see the writing on the wall? or are you BLIND?.. You’re a skank. You’ve always been a skank. You’ll always be a skank. Everyone knows you’re a skank. If it walks like a skank, looks like a skank, talks like a skank, smells like a skank, chances are… it’s a skank ffs…LOL LOL LMAO LOL LMAO LOLOLOLOL LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL LOL LOL LMAOOOOOO LOL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (Translation for LOLabellah: YOU REEK OF SKANK!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ROTFLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

Facetious Muse said...

Well well I guess AP looks up to me so much they she/he had to find me. I am so honored AP, now I am sorry I haven't been around for your little hissy fits, but some of us really do have a life outside the internet.

I know so old school to actually enjoy the company of real live friends and to have a cup of coffee.

I know it is such a waste to spend time with your child and seeing beauty and amazament through their eyes, instead of sitting on the computer.

How dare I work and take care of my child, what is wrong with me that I dont seem to think online is the upmost importance?

I mean how could anyone ever think getting involved in your local politics is so much more effective than whining on pal? Whatever was I thinking?

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~~