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Thursday, November 02, 2006


An anonymous commenter displays typical conservative psychotic delusions:

anonymous - I would like to take this blog space to personally thank John Kerry for handing the mid term election to the Republican party. Thank you Senator Kerry, you have proven once again that you're the best friend we have

Say what you will about Kerry, but there is no question of anyone "handing" you the midterm elections. Republicans are going to lose at least 10-15, and more likely 25-35 seats in the House, along with 4-7 seats in the Senate. The end result is that you will have FEWER seats. You will have a REDUCED contingent. When the final vote is cast, there will be LESS of you. What that means, and I hope you knuckle-dragging neocons are following closely here, is that you are LOSING. The only question is whether it's stream or hemorrhage. I hope that's all cleared up for you.



vacreeper2003 said...

Interestingly enough, JC, the RepuKKKes will make history on Tuesday by being the only political party in US History that did not take a single seat from the opposition party in an election.

Anonymous said...

If you're so sure, then why are we even having an election? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

"...and now Senator Kerry is losing an election he's not even running in" - The Daily Show

vacreeper2003 said...


If you're asking why we're having an election, it's because we liberals believe in democracy and maximum participation in choosing a government, unlike you neonuts who are hoping the Diebold Voting Machines come to the rescue of the GOP!

As for John Kerry - he's one flight of stairs up on Bush in my book, but he certainly isn't every liberal's favorite Democrat.

While your giving credit to the Daily Show, give Jon a shot in the arm for bringing the truth about Bush and his Oil War in Iraq to his audience! He just might have picked up a vote or two for the Democrats over the last year or so!!!

Anonymous said...

Kerry indeed narrowed the margin for the republicans in the election. Democrats couldnt distance themselves from him quick enough. He even scared Hillary!

Thanks John

Jay156 said... claus, the libs were supposed to run away with the entire Congress making impeachment just around the corner.

Don't back up now and claim that a few gains will mean victory for the libs....If the Democratic party doesn't overwhelmingly sweep through and overtake this Congress it will be a very sad day indeed for pussy liberals.

Given the so-called climate of this country and help from the media everytime they turn on a camera, you better hope that the Republican party is nothing but a distant memory on November 8th. Because if you only take a majority by a couple of seats or if you fail to take a majority, the ass ripping will be brutal!

Jay156 said...

I am HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED! I came on this morning hoping to see Claus and Creeper (or Dick and balls as they are known on the gay pole dancing circuit)gleefully blogging about how the world was about to change for the better. How we were about to enter the age of liberal enlightenment. How we were about to see the impeachment of the President...

Instead, I hear crickets....