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Monday, November 27, 2006


Well, Once again the fucking deadbeats have come out to show themselves. I knew this was going to happen. They are the type of people who neglect their student loan bill and go buy their fat, filthy, shameful children an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 instead of honoring their commitment to what paid their education in the first place. Then these same idiots call after their loan defaults and their wages are garnished. LISTEN UP, your student loan comes first. Pay on it like you are supposed to and you won't have me calling your house on a Saturday morning at 8 am. I mean, after all, it is our owe it to us and we are coming to get it. Now, do as you are told and take back the XBOX or Blu-ray DVD player and pay your fucking bills or it won't be a merry Christmas next year, you fucking deadbeat Christmas loving jerkoffs!


Anonymous said...


zombie's a bill collector!!! That's why he says he's a "dangerous man" and his friends (the other bill collectors) saw the blog and will help him.
What do ya get for that zombie? Like 6 - 7 bucks an hour? And you have to work on Saturdays? Do you sell timeshares too?

Anonymous said...

Who the FUCK is he talking to NOW, his pink flamingo???? Yeah, they did do it again, zm over at the pic blog LOL

This guy TRULY needs professional help, a straight jacket, a frontal lobotomy and thorazine straight up the ass!

Anonymous said...

zombie sounds bitter that people have a college education and all he has is a bill collecting job that a blindfolded monkey could do. Is it THEIR fault you didn't do better in life zombie? How can you blame Bush for your lack of knowledge? Did Republicans hold you down on the ground while the S.A.T.'s were being handed out? Perhaps if you weren't so angry at the world, you could do better in life. But you won't and you wanna know why? It's because you LIKE being angry. Being angry is easier than achieving something on your own. Yes just blame the college students for your own failures and go through life bitter.

PS: I already know the usual suspects will cover for zombie and say "I never saw where he blamed anyone for his failures in life" But you KNOW I'm right. The man is complaining about college students not repaying loans, but he's subconsciously blaming them for his failure. (Hence his comment: "after all it is our owe it to us" ... knowing full well it isn't HIS money)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget...over on pictat he is blaming everyone for "golden toilet seats and silver handles"? <-----I am still trying to find someone with those. None of MY Repub OR Dem friends have them? Not that it had ANYTHING to do with the posts? Zombiemasterbate just pulled it out of his arse! I want to sit and shit on some gold! bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

From the pictat blog:

"Anonymous said...
Wait! Wait! You mean zombiemasterbater© ISN'T a big time television personality? All this time I thought he was REALLY Nick Clooney in drag and we were facing big burley guys named Vito from The Screen Actors Guild!!! I'm SOOOOO disappointed! OMFG, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi must be turning over in their graves. bwwwwwwwwahahahaha"

zm, you're a joke EVERYWHERE! They should give your stupid ass a star on Hollywood Blvd. for biggest dumbass wannabe tough guy ever... don't you all love it when he goes all Clint Eastwood on us? "So here is how it goes down, punks." I almost wet my pants laughing!

So here is how it goes down, punkmaster© keep 'em coming, cuz we're lovin' every minute of your idiotic meltdown!

Anonymous said...

Bill collectors are people who can't work janitorial because they are too fat. Just make your calls and stop worrying about what people are buying you loser. Keep eating your ho hos and ring dings. No one gives a fuck.