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Friday, November 03, 2006


This is amusing, especially in light of the revelations about Haggard's appetite for gay sex and crystal meth. Of course, he's wrong about evolution and science, and always was wrong, whether he's giving a sermon in dress shirt and khakis, or whether he's snorting Special K off a gay hooker's ass:

I wonder if he was high in that video...
(H/T to Crooks and Liars)



Anonymous said...

Note how Geezus Claws skipped over the part where Jones asked for, then failed a polygraph about all this. But hey, that's a lefty for ya.

FRisson1 said...

Thanks for sharing this clip JC. I was feeling a little sorry for Pastor Ted finding himself in the situation he is in. Thanks for helping me to remember what a hypocrites the bastard and his religious far right followers really are.

It was religious leaders like Pastor Ted who made atheism so attractive to me. I have yet to meet a fellow atheist who has tried to manipulate my free thought or my right to practice free thought.

I have to thank the Jesuits that educated me for 14 years and introduced me to critical thought and the ability to question anything and everything without guilt or reprisal. This is probably the reason that you find so many ex-Catholic atheist..... it kind of back fired on the brothers and have brought them under criticism by the more conservative Catholics who believe the Jesuits are far to liberal in their beliefs

FRisson1 said...

Anon-y-mouse ...... you have to quit watching Fox News. Pastor Ted (the dumb bastard) admited to the world on camera that he bought meth from Jones and that Jones was his "masseuse".... Good Lord what more do you need ......LMFAO

Anonymous said...

First, Geezus, what is a "utionist"?

Were you trying to say something? It's a shame the Jesuits didn't teach you how to spell or English grammer, Frisson. I'm quite surprised, actually, though I suppose they could be congratulated for teaching an ass-kissing monkey how to log onto the internet.

Jay156 said...

lol, people that get massages are now automaticaly gay...shitstain liberals are so laughable...

BTW...I guess throwing Haggard under the jail is the answer right? I mean libs want the legalization of most drugs and will defend drug users as long as they are poor defenseless liberals....If they happen to be conservatives, however, all bets are off. You know what I would really love to see out of you shitstains? (I'll hold my breath on this one) I would love for you to demand the same justice for the prostitute drug dealer that sold the meth! Did I ask for too much?

Anonymous said...

People say pissabellah is a horse’s ass in many cases because of Rick’s growing dissatisfaction with her weight gain and crap sammiches. And polls show that a clear majority of people see slutabellah’s birth as a mistake from the beginning and view her as the poster cunt for pro choice.

Moronabellah’s popularity race is intertwined with a desperate measure that would engrave the right to insult, ignore and take legal action to remove her as an embarrassment to others residing in Ohio. Social Issues supports it; only other trailer trash opposes it. Geezus didn't mention it

Feelings of violence experienced after reading anything she writes has grown unabated in the past month, with more than 1,300 turning against her since October 1. Fearing even more vociferous oral diarrhea emanating from her computer after Saturday’s expected isashitta explosion Geezus Claws has found a hiding place.

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Lima-- As he fights for his Social Issues status, Momma’s Boy, Geezus Claws distanced himself Saturday from Turdabellah, telling everyone, "What's happening with her is not a direct reflection on me. Wah, wah, wah, boo hoooooo, I want my mommie!!!!"

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AnonymousPoster said...

Frisson said...

"Thanks for helping me to remember what a hypocrites the bastard and his religious far right followers really are."

May I remind you that there are democrats who are christian as well. You should go and slap each jesuit who tried to teach you critical thinking, because they failed you horribly!

FRisson1 said...

LMFAO, Anon Y Mouse... you might be the one needing a short course in critical thinking. Where did I say anything about Christians in general. I think there are many truly devout Christians who practice what they believe in. My problem is with the far right religious fanatics that continue to expose themselves as closeted sexual beings while "damning to hell" other people that are doing exactly the same thing that they themselves are doing.

I also find it interesting that these right wing religious "Right to Lifers" advocate that teen aged single mothers should have their babies and then turn their backs on them by calling for welfare cuts to these same single young women struggling to support these children that religious right wingers wanted to be born. It seems these right wingers lose interest in these children once they are here and in need.

Anonymous said...

frisson you moronic waste of human flesh. Has it ever crossed your mind that those teens shouldn't be having sex in the first place? Are you so totally against personal responsibility that you're just willing to give up and let anything in life happen? And don't give me that old lefty line about "waaa...they made a mistake..waaaa". They use personal responsibility when it comes to crossing the road without getting run over, so they should be able to use personal responsibility when it comes to everything else. That's the REAL problem with you leftyz. You whine about these (in your words) "right wing religeous right to lifers" cutting welfare, when it's not their responsibility to care for those kids. Where is Grandma? You never mentioned Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Friends ... ect. Oh NOOOOO you can't have that. You won't stand for family stepping up and taking responsibility. You feel the government has to take care of EVERYONE. I'm sorry that teenage girl in smalltownsville USA got pregnant. But that isn't a reason to kill her son/daughter so she can avoid taking responsibility for her decision to have sex. And it also isn't a reason for ME to pay for her decision.

Your's truely

Anonymous guy

AnonymousPoster said...

Frisson, what makes you think that this Pastor is a right wing voter anyway. I know many religious fanatics who are democrats. Your assumptions just make you look like a stupid asshole.

Jesus Claus said...

AnonymousPoster - Frisson, what makes you think that this Pastor is a right wing voter anyway. I know many religious fanatics who are democrats. Your assumptions just make you look like a stupid asshole.

Pastor Ted was actually an advisor to Bush (he was in on weekly teleconferences), and a staunch supporter of Republican conservative values, which apparently now include hitting on boys, snorting meth off the asses of gay hookers, and lying to cover it up.

Do some cursory research before you comment, AP, or you end up looking like a chump and getting laughed at. Like we're all laughing at you now. Moron.


FRisson1 said...

Anon Y Mouse you proved my point exactly..... If you are a caring person where is your compassion for these children that didn't choose to be born. Children raising children doesn't work ..... the babies suffer. These young girls are told that if they have an abortion they will go to hell and burn forever .... who tells them this??? The pro lifers do.

But as you said once these babies and children "I'm not supporting them" ..... let them live on the streets and go hungry. If the pro-lifers don't want to take care of them.... then why expect relatives to pay for their way through life ...... thanks for proving my point.

Jay156 said...

still haven't seen Claus address the FACT that the prostitute failed the polygraph test...I guess that little part of the equation doesnt matter....Oh, I know the excuse..."He was exhausted!" rich, very rich

AnonymousPoster said...

No, Jay, facts dont matter to democrats. They plant the seed and their job is done.

Claus, Bush invites many ministers to meet with him. All Presidents have done that. I have not found any reference to the fact that he was an advisor to Bush. But then again, if he even visited the White House as a tourist, you would claim he was a Bush advisor. You are so biased your so called facts have no merit. We know you hate religious people or religion period, so you end up looking like an idiot, and people laugh at you like we all are doing right now. Moron.

Now, Claus, can you disprove that your name was not created to stir controversy against religious people? Knowing how much you hate anything having to do with organized religion, care to comment, chickenshit?

Anonymous said...

AP of course he won't comment. I've already asked him 12 times to address it, but he won't because he knows I made him look like a chump and a pussy, and I'll do it again. JC is too scared to answer. But you notice he let zombiemaster answer for him while he hid like a little girl.

Jay156 said...

Actually, the most that has been said of Haggard is that he has teleconferenced with Whitehouse STAFF...Again, facts tend to muddle the liberal world

Anonymous said...

You know how those dems like to exaggerate! lol