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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Well now that elections are done with (if one doesn't count FLA) I couldn't help but post this which shows that mind frame of many of the neo-nut republicans. Now a neo-nut is beyond a republican, even beyond a neo-con. Neo-nuts are those people that no matter what facts occur, they never, ever 'see the light'. Neo-nuts are the ones that are now trying to say that the republicans did in fact win and that the '06' elections was completely planned so republicans could get a second wind.

I just couldn't resist to use this little tidbit of neo-nut wisdom pre-election by one of my all time favorite neo-nuts, Captain Ballbuster.





See I always knew that neo-nut would stoop to any level to be able to say they won the election, they do NOT give one iota for their fellowmen. All neo-nuts want to be able to say is "We won", neo-nuts do not care what is good for the country nor can they see beyond their own desires.

All I guess I can say to the like such as Captain is, "Sorry you guys are such bad cheaters. I mean how pitiful is it to hope that the GOP cheats, isn't that like an admittance that they knew the GOP didn't have a chance? I mean how could anyone say they hope that their party cheats, how is that showing the world that your party is the best? I'm not surprised that Democrats picked up the seats they did with mind frames such as Captain's, not to mention the America people were getting so fed up with all the lies and false reassurances. What does surprise me is how the exact same people that have been calling all LIBERALS traitors and terrorist sympathizers are now trying to say how conservational won out in the elections. For years all I have heard most republicans say, is how their party was for small government and less spending, yet the present admin has spent way more money than the democrats would have dared dreamt of and government became the biggest ever in America History under Bush.

Perhaps cause I do not belong to any party explains my confusion over others blindness. I would never be able to support any party that did the exact opposite of what they claim to believe in. I do know that many republicans have said that the present admin has sold them out, that the republican party not is not the party they grew up believing in, but what I can't get is why did they keep their mouths shut about this until after the republicans lost.

Thank goodness the American people in large care enough about their families and their fellowmen and got out and voted this year, thank goodness most are NOT like Captain. Unfortunately there still are too many that believe as Captain (such as Fmr Attorney General John Ashcroft who was quoted as saying 'If you don't side with this government, you are only aiding the terrorists) and they are those we should all be concerned with. Those that could rejoice in a victory, even if they knew it was gained by 'cheating', those that will forever follow blindly waiting for someone to tell them what to do and how to think, those that willingly turn a deaf ear to the outcry of their fellowmen, those are the true traitors to our country.

Maybe people such as Fmr Attorney General Ashcroft and Captain should read a bit more of Teddy Roosevelt, who's wisdom is everlastingly in quotes such as:

"The things that will destroy America are prosperity at any price, peace at any price, safety first instead of duty first, the love of soft living and the get rich quick theory of life."

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~


Anonymous said...

One man.. one man said that. Youre an even bigger idiot than he is for thinking all people think alike.

Muse...ignorance. I expect no less from you.

Facetious Muse said...

Anonymouse, are you a total idiot? Do you have a clue who Teddy is? And as far as your statement "one man said that" you are kidding right?
yet, I am the one being called ignorant lol

or perhapr you are referring to Captain being only one man that said that? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but captain is NOT the only person to sy what he said.
Anonymouse, you really need to learn how to be more precise in your comments.


Anonymous said...

Muse, I think you are the one "scooping", though I prefer to say "stooping". Yeah, Captain Ballbuster is a real one to "scoop". lmao

Obviously, YOU are the one who misunderstood Anonymous. It was clear to me. I doubt that Anonymous wouldn't agree with Teddy Roosevelt's words........and Ballbuster was your "fine" example.

You are hilarious. Write some more.

Another Anonymous

Facetious Muse said...

I am so happy to have pleased you anonymous, I do take requests andplease don't forget to tip your waitress :o)

Anonymous said...

Well muse, vamoose is kinda like a request; Right?

Facetious Muse said...

They lock us in the tower
Whenever we get caught
But we break loose and then vamoose
and now you know the plot

How did you think we all got here? lol

vacreeper2003 said...

Well, anonymous, the "Captain" is one of YOUR bretheren - he's a neoconpoop - just like you are. I would agree with facetious - the neonuts were PRAYING for Herr Rove to somehow pull off another stolen election. And Captain Colostomy Bag wasn't the only neonut on PT to make his patently unAmerican desires known.

Your bitterness is all to evident anonymous; be an it and suck up the loss. The sooner you admit to youself the RepuKKKes had it coming and deserved what they got, the sooner you'll come to terms with your denial and the sooner you'll come to grips with the suffering.


Anonymous...neocon hack. I expect zero from you.

Anonymous said...


You know exactly what I was commenting on dumbass. You should stop rolling on the floor laughing your ass off. It's effecting your reasoning ability.

For one woman to place so much emphasis on ONE MAN's comments IN A CHAT ROOM is grasping. I would say that surely you dont think every Republican thinks that way, but given your past ideas, I know you do. You ARE the idiot Muse, always have been and unfortunately always will be. There is a reason they lock you in the tower!

Anonymous said...

Muse sings the Animaniacs theme song as she actually bothers to save stupid comments by Ballbuster in a chatroom and thinks she is politically astute???

The election is over....done!....gone!....past!!! Might be best to gather up your little eggs, put them in a basket and stop counting.

TODAY we watch a fractious Democratic congress go in circles and choose their leadership. Nancy has called for ethics reform, yet she pushes for Murtha who calls Her ethics reform "crap". This doesn't say something? But, hey, you'd prefer to overlook any of this, wouldn't you, Muse?? OR, do you not read about these things?

Oh well, Nancy will continue to look good in her $2000 Armani suits and south sea pearls while she trys for ethics reform among a bunch of bamboozlers and people will continue to not have health insurance or even food.

The beat goes, just go have a beautiful day!

Another Anonymous

FRisson1 said...

Muse was talking about the neo-nut segment of the Republican Party and there are more than one of those especially in paltalk.

"Now a neo-nut is beyond a republican, even beyond a neo-con. Neo-nuts are those people that no matter what facts occur, they never, ever 'see the light'. Neo-nuts are the ones that are now trying to say that the republicans did in fact win and that the '06' elections was completely planned so republicans could get a second wind."

Thank goodnes the Republican party has awakened from it's stuper and is trying to wrench their party back from the neo-nut Bush and company, and all his neo-nut followers like jay156, Virginia_1716, VIC, Brutie, Archie, AP, Slinky, Sword, Atilla and all the other neo-nuts (you know who you are).

Happy Days Are Here Again ........

Anonymous said...

"Now a neo-nut is beyond a republican, even beyond a neo-con. Neo-nuts are those people that no matter what facts occur, they never, ever 'see the light'. Neo-nuts are the ones that are now trying to say that the republicans did in fact win and that the '06' elections was completely planned so republicans could get a second wind."

Which one of you cretins wrote THAT? The funny part is the one-celled moron who was so impressed with it that she actually copied and pasted it on a comment.

Listen up, diddle brain: Facts don't "occur", facts ARE. The 2006 election was planned, or did the genius who wrote the above miss the months of campaigning that led up to voting last week? They plan nore elections for 2008. (But the Republicans are keeping it a big secret from the Democrats!) Furthermore, the grammer is about 4th grade level. You should be deeply embarrassed to pass this on as something noteworthy.

Now a neo-nut is beyond a Democrat, even beyond a neo-communist. Neo-nuts are those people who, no matter what the facts are staring them in the face, are never ever capable of recognizing the truth (and they drive Volvos religiously). Neo-nuts are the ones that are now trying to say that the Democrats are the light and the way, but in fact they're already fighting among themselves. 2007 and 2008 should be interesting to say the least. They did in fact win some elections in '06 though, and it was a completely planned effort so the Democrats could break wind and stink up the joint on a larger level.

AnonymousPoster said...


How do YOU know what Muse was saying, she doesnt even know herself!

When have you ever seen me kiss Bush's ass? You havent. You assume much. Because I support a leader does not mean I agree with everything.. so stop peeing on yourself thinking youre so smart because youre so far from any reality you dont even know what planet youre on. I am just glad that there are reasonable, decent democrats that will add reason to good ole Nancy Plastic Surgery Peolosi's irrational rants. I am also glad they dont all think like some of you democrat demons. And yes Muse, I put you in that category. Not necessary to tell me you arent democrat while youre so far up their asses you breathe brown.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Murtha looked disappointed today? I think he saw the pork hit the fan!

Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY what I was referring to in another post. Pal leftyz are SO frustrated because not enough conservatives are complaining about the election. Captain Ballbuster? Who the Hell is he? He's certainly not anyone worth quoting in SI. Have you heard any real people quoting your words from 2000 and 2004?
"the republicans rigged the election!!!" Yes I remember you leftyz crying that one. And then there's THIS classic:
"that's it, America sucks ... I'm leaving America and never coming back"
But did you move? NOOOOO .... Face it. You leftyz have the market cornered when it comes to whining. You just won't get that from conservatives. Sorry to disapoint you

The 3rd Anonymous

Facetious Muse said...

With so many anonymous posters I cant help but say;

"Whoa, what do we have here, the Baldwin brothers?

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~Loving It~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Facetious Muse said...

Vacreeper, you really think 'they' will admit to Captian? I think maybe we should be more empathic, I mean after all they are still licking their wounds.


Facetious Muse said...

Frisson, thank you. Sadly I fear that they suffer from a lack of comprehension, but they do know the theme song for Animaniacs. Good thing their parents invested in that 'babysitter'. LMAO

Michelle said...

Ok Muse, you crossed the line!!! Leave the Animaniacs alone! I think they were Democratic anyways. ggl

Facetious Muse said...

Michelle, I think you might be right, the Animaniacs might be a wee bit too chic and enlightened for the neo-nuts. You and the Animaniacs have my heartfelt apaologizes.

Now what cartoon do you think would be on a level of neo-nuts, TellyTubbies maybe?

Michelle, you are just too cool!!! LMAO

Michelle said...

I am thinking they are very similiar to the Hillbilly Bears. Their tactics of using firearms to settle disputes is much like this current administration. But, the most common personality traits neonuts and the Hillbilly Bears have in common is their laziness and stupidity.
Glad to give you a chuckle Muse...ya just gotta laugh, cause it is all so very ridiculous!

Facetious Muse said...

Michelle, life is way too short not to have laughter. Thank you for being one of those specail people that brings laughter to others.

Oh and check this out for a laugh or two :o) Paltalk Court

FRisson1 said...

I agree Michelle the Animaniacs are far too witty they must be Democrats. How many Neo-nuts do you know with a good sense of humor.... they all take themselves too seriously.

Michelle said...

Frisson, the thing is...they think they are humorous. The comedians Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Rummy made jokes at the expense of the American people. They laughed themselves right out of power. How many news conferences in the past six years have we witnessed Republicans joking and laughing off grave concerns of American citizens? Americans have been laughed at and called terrorists by this administration. I find no humor in their apparent curtain of laughter to cover up their misappropriation of powers. Now, we see the joke is on them! True Americans did not find their jokes funny at all!

Facetious Muse said...

Just remember, those that laugh last laugh loudest. It might have taken a while but now the democrats have their chance to shine.

I only hope that the democrats focus on how to begin to repair the damage this great nation has indured with this present admins, and not focus too much on revenge (for lack of better word)

This country needs to be return to the Shining becon of Freedoms as it once was.

Ok, enough of that :o)

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~