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Thursday, November 02, 2006




vacreeper2003 said...

Absolutely Brilliant!

Keith Olbermann is unparalleled in his ability to state the truth, in a context, in such a short period of time, that paints such a broad picture of the criminals who have hijacked our government.

His is the commentary every democrat needs to be preaching on the campaign trail - to make this election about Bush and his failure to lead this nation; about Bush and his deplorable lack of common decency; about Bush and his unmitigated abuse of the public trust; about Bush and his penchant for thuggery, impropriety, and unfounded revanchism. Make this election about ridding America of Bush and his retinue of sociopaths.

Jay156 said...

This nation has been led very well over the past 6 years. Despite the daily barrage of anti-American bullshit from the left, I might add.

What fits your description of "Common decency" Creeper? Spitting on soldiers? Killing their morale? You're a "soldier" why not truthfully tell us about the real opinions of the men and women who are sick to fucking death of you liberals knocking their efforts at every turn. "Public Trust?" I guess blowjobs in the Oval Office, I was for it before I was against it, and leaving a woman to die in a car at the bottom of a river is your idea of earning the public trust....Face it Creeper, you're throwing a bunch of shit at the wall and hoping that something sticks. While you're at it, give a break....noone uses the word "retinue" outside of the English lab at your local community college.

vacreeper2003 said...


You coward-ass! Notice you haven't heard a word from the Pentagon about Kerry's comments. That's bacause they agree with Kerry - BUSH IS STUPID! Military commanders are urging their troops to vote Democratic! And why do you suppose that is, coward-ass? Could it be because the troops are sick of Bush's lies; because the troops don't know why they are in Iraq; because the troops are being abused; because Bush cut their pay even as they die for Bush's oil venture?

Jay - you're a coward. You find it very easy and very very safe to sit back in your wanking-chair and peruse the on-line porn while the real men of America die for a cause they don't understand and don't support. You're kind of support kills troops Jay - that's because you believe soldiers SHOULD die for whatever economic venture Bush's agenda calls for.

The troops aren't sick of liberals. They are sick of dying - sick of getting pay cuts at the command of their dim-witted boss.

So add all you like. You are a coward-ass colostomy bag, and what you say doesn't matter a hill of beans to me or to the troops. The troops loathe a goddamn coward like you, Jay. And I'm IN a position to speak for them, asswipe.

Jay156 said...

you're absolutely worthless...I wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire....and by the way, I don't think the Pentagon thinks our soldiers are stupid...You must think that way, or else you wouldnt have brought it up.

I wonder how your soldiers would react if they knew you hid behind a computer screen and called them stupid...They probably already suspect that you're the biggest pussy walking anyway...I'd tell you to eat shit and die, but what a waste of shit that would be.

vacreeper2003 said...


Once AGAIN, you make yourself a liar! I'm begining to wonder if there isn't some pathology here.

Where did I write our troops were stupid? Imagining things Jay? Can't read? Where did you get that? You really need to see a doctor; but don't expect a doc to cure your advanced stages of the coward-ass - you're beyond all little yellow-bellied coward-ass, you!

On the contrary, Jay - I happen to know our troops are average Americans - some smart, some not. I can speak on the Air Force - all Air Force officers are required to have a BA/BS or higher as a prerequisite for a commission. The enlisted corps is outstanding - 17% of them have BA/BS and 3% have advanced degrees. EVERY enlisted member of the Air Force is enrolled in the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) which is accredited by SACS/COC (if you don't know what that is --- look it up along with CCAF). 57% of the Air Force enlisted corps has an Associates Degree in 1 or more of 62 accredited degree programs. So, boy-coward-ass, don't talk to me about smart troops - I know them and I know what they do. I have more respect for them than your runnin' scared coward-ass ever will.

And Jay - if you wonder who recruiters typically go after (particularly Army) with their promises of big bonus $$$, paid-for educations, and lots of other benefits - hang around a mall or bar or school where poor minorities are the norm - tempt those kids with $50,000 bonuses and they'll sign anything. But it doesn't make it right that they should die in Iraq for Bush's economic gain while waiting to collect on their promised riches!

And as for the word "retinue" - you obviously got the point, but perhaps you're too STUPID to admit it.

Anyway - Keith Olbermann is absolutely right - Kerry called George Bush STUPID, but Bush is too arrogant and well, too STUPID to know that.

Anonymous said...

I see Jesus Claus still won't type a word about Kerry's fuckup. JC why are you being such a pussy?

FRisson1 said...

vacreeper. how dare you call jay156 a coward-ass colostomy bag, when you know that can't be true. I demand that you make an apology to Jay156 immediately.

Colostomy bags are designed to contain and restrain shit not let it leak out and spread everywhere.

We all know that jay156 has shit for brains and unfortunately has a constant stream of neocon bull shit spewing from his mouth day and night.

Please apologize to jay156 and rephrase your remark tell it like it is. jay156 is a coward-ass defective colostomy bag.

Oh and I forgot ....Gooooo Obermann ..... Woooooo Hoooooo

Jay156 said...

George Bush got much better grades in college than John Kerry did...btw

And Frisson...I beat your ass everytime I care to respond to you. In fact, there isnt a lib on this board that isn't amazingly easy to rip to shreds. But, it's a lot of fun for me to come on here and make you shitstains get all red and angry...I know for a fact that VA CREEP reads my stuff and curses like a real tough guy. lol, and the berating of the Army by the pussy "cadet" is precious....

FRisson1 said...

Under Yale's grading system in effect at the time, grades between 90 and 100 equaled an A, 80-89 a B, 70-79 a C, 60 to 69 a D, and anything below that was a failing grade.

Released records show that Bush and Kerry had a virtually identical grade average at Yale University four decades ago.

Bush had received a cumulative score of 77 for his first three years at Yale and a roughly similar average under a non-numerical rating system during his senior year. "C" average

Kerry, who graduated two years before Bush, got a cumulative 76 for his four years. "C" average

The highest grade that Kerry earned was an 89, one point above Bush’s highest grade of 88 (Yale’s grades at the time were on a scale of 0-100)

It is noteworthy, however, that Kerry received a high honor at Yale despite his mediocre grades: He was chosen to deliver his senior class oration, a testament to his reputation as a public speaker.

Despite his slow start, he went on to be a top student at Naval Candidate School, command a patrol boat in Vietnam, graduate from law school, and become a prosecutor.

Bush received his MBA from Harvard and then was involved in a number of failed business adventures before discovering politics.

Jay156 said...

Kerry went on to become a senator from a very liberal state....Bush went on to become President of the United States...twice! I'd say Bush has him trumped