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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Ok, so I'm a bill collector by day and horror movie host on Friday and Saturday on my local CW network by night, sue me! I happened to review the list of deadbeats whose paychecks and SSI we are about to start garnishing and I licked my lips in glee at the thought of spoiling more peoples' holiday. One poor deadbeat is going to have $600 of his check taken every month and it's exciting. I hope I get that asshole on the phone and tell him how it is.

I see our stupid nameless commenters are eating this up like a free buffet at Denny's at 3:30am. I bet those are the same people I call at my job and listen to them whine, moan, and complain about their student loan bill. Yet, my warning goes unheeded about paying their bills on time and soon, more garnishments will come and more reasons to laugh and enjoy the month of December. (NO IPOD FOR JIMMY THIS YEAR! HAHAHAHAHAHA!) Again, I implore you deadbeats to return all the gifts you bought, make out the check or money and send it in. After's our money, not yours!


Anonymous said...

"Our money" ???? He said it again ... "Our money"

zombie let me make this clear. The money was loaned from financial institutions by people with college degrees, not from guys that sit on a phone all day demanding payment.
It's not YOUR money. You aren't part of OUR system. Now go cash the $250 paycheck we give you each week and buy something on the Wendys dollar menu.

btw I didn't mean to make isabellah's mouth water when I said $250 paycheck

Anonymous said...

hahahaha Dumbass Zombiemasterbate@ WHEN and only when, YOU can learn to show a bit of education and SPELL, should you tell anyone else what to do about THEIR student loans. No, don't say it's typos....4 x ..nope your a dumbass. FFS you work with paperwork????bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

tought ???
garishments ???
impore ???
bough ???

You would think a guy that is suppose to be a regular writer for a blog....would be able to write????? There's an idea for you roflmfaoooooooooooooooooooooo No wonder they don't listen to you, and pay up. They don't know WTF you wrote? After all THEY went to college! hahahahaha or should I say lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Anonymous said...

Debt collectors are just a step above septic tank cleaners.. maybe at best, garbage men.

I know Zombieass has never thought that some people fall on hard times and cant pay their bills no matter how much they would like to. I dont think he realizes that people stress and worry about how to pay their debts and would love nothing more than to be able to pay them. Its true that many people never intend on paying back some debt, but the majority have real problems that prohibit them from paying. Zombie is one of the democrat liberal assholes that thinks wealthy should share their wealth, yet look what he does for a living. Robbing the poor to give to the rich. Funny!

The funniest thing is that Zombie thinks being a horror show host is something important! LMAOOOO

Anonymous said...

You know you're a real piece of work, you pussy. You come HERE to tell everyone how "tough" you are? Do the people you dun laugh when you call, so you have to come here and tell everyone how it’s "going down, punk"? Tell me, which one of MY debts are you collecting? What makes you think that anyone HERE has a "student loan".

You got shown up as a pussy over on the pic blog - and make no mistake, you ARE a PUSSY, so you write a stupid post after stupid post and now you're trying to brag about being what? A real tough ass minimum wage-earning bill collector? LMAO I bet your BOSS is a pimply-faced, bubble gum chewing airhead that makes $2.50/hour more than you because HE went to school and had a 2.0 average. You’re venting here because you’re mad about what - people celebrating Christmas and buying gifts for their CHILDREN?????? It’s pretty sick to gloat because you think a child – ANY child - is going to be disappointed or let down, but then you are one sick cock sucking dickhead, aren’t you? Why don’t you go out, get a student loan, get an education (a chimpanzee writes better than you) and then maybe you can afford to buy a present for someone, which is what you’re probably so pissed about to begin with. Can’t buy your little wifey poo that circle of LUVVVV pendant? That yesterday, today and tomorrow diamond necklace? Are the ads getting to you? Are the voices in your head saying, “You’re a loser, zombiemaster©, you’re a pussy, zombiemaster©” over and over? YOUR money? Yeah, right! Oh, and please, learn how to spell:

1. network – is one word not two
2. sue - is not capitalized unless it’s a girl’s name (or a boy’s that’s named Sue)
3. garnishing
4. thought
5. Denny’s – is capitalized
6. garnishments
7. implore
8. bought

Did you even graduate from high school?

Anonymous said...

I'm getting zombiemaster© a fuck launch for Christmas. A big one!

Anonymous said...

Will it teach him to spell?

Anonymous said...

Note the title of his post here ( "EXPLAINING TO THE DUMBASSES" ) WE are the dumbasses? Funny title for a guy that can't spell or write? Who looks like the DUMBASS now? bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Zombie is a dumbass bill collector... hes uneducated, ignorant and a bully, but at least he has a job and I dont have to pay his rent unlike Claus and some others who post here.

Jay156 said...

Zombie has absolutely no control over anything in his life...He also watches professional wrestling and he is envious of the bad guys. This is Zombie's little personal version of WWE...He get's to say comic book type evil things and it all plays to his little fantasy of being a bad guy...

In truth, he's a sad little man with a shitty job that wishes people paid more attention to him.

Anonymous said...

jay, first are referring to this ignoramous as a "MAN".....roflmao