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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Rattlers I propose that we have a contest to find THE dumbest words ever uttered by someone on Paltalk and to kick this competition off to a flying start let me give you ONE of the likely winners:

Posted by MrArchieBunker: If blacks stopped whining, race would not be such a big issue. Which part of that statement is hard to understand?

Can you top this? I am sure you can, particularly if you hang around 2 Way Street.

The prize is a FREE Purple nic, and one year subscription to Play Boy Magazine, that ought to get the men motivated to participate.

Competition rules: Don't make stuff up, we want the really dumb comments that NO ONE could possibly have thought about before speaking.

MrArchieBunker may be hard to beat, but give it a go.

Cut and paste your entries onto the Comments section on this Blog post. You many have as many entries as you wish.


geesus claws said...

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geezus claws said...

Here's the dumbest quote I've EVER heard .. but you still think I'm Archie Bunker so you probably won't believe it.

A few weeks ago in Mainstream, LordMercifulVoo took the mic and babbled on about whatever, then I guess he decided to build his ever growing ego and brag on himself. He said ...

"You people probably don't know this but I actually have a doctor's degree"

He didn't say doctorate, he didn't say Phd, he said "doctor's degree"
I swear it's true. LMAO

Anonymous said...

geesus no offense dude but ur all mixed up man!

AUNTY KATE said...

Anon 8:29 When we get really silly and have a contest for the TRUEST words ever uttered on Paltalk, YOU WIN! With this comment to Geezus Claws:

"geesus no offense dude but ur all mixed up man!"


AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus: Not bad, not bad at all

"You people probably don't know this but I actually have a doctor's degree"

But you are still a clear winner at this stage.

MrArchieBunker said...

I never said any such thing. And I'm not Geesus claws. This will be responded to, believe in it.

geezus claws said...

Well Well Well .. Seems MrArchieBunker had a blog nic all along and doesn't have a problem speaking his mind with it. So I guess that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was telling the truth all along. I am NOT him.
Therefore, a NEW contender has entered the race for the DUMBEST quote ever. That would be Aunty Kate.

Aunty Kate said: "QGordon: The ONLY person GEEZUS CLAWS fools by protesting he is NOT ArchieBunker, is himself."

Now Aunty, either PROVE I'm Bunker or concede and accept the award for the dumbest quote.

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Claws: It IS possible for people with more than ONE computer to have different Blog nics.

It is just NOT possible that there can be two totally brainless morons out there who speak the same drivel, in almost exactly the same speech patterns. But then again you are both American.

Geezus Claws YOU are a dumbarse in this nic or any other and so is ArchieBunker.

And Archie, we are STILL waiting for that blog post on Aunty Kate, and she will "expect whatever happens". Just hurry up, we are dying with the suspense.

IsabellaSays said...

Geezus Claws: It IS possible for people with more than ONE computer to have different Blog nics.

Kate? you can have as many blogger nics as you choose on ONE computer-- just fyi

and... i don't really give a shit who geezus claws is, and i don't think you should either-- geezus claws created that nic to poke fun at jesus claus because i admire jesus for his brains-- but whoever created the nic; "geezus claws" obviously created the nic out of anger and resentment--

something else too-- archie nor geezus claws have anything to offer to anyone except their screaming need for your attention, or mine... so the best thing to do with these two, is ignore them for the insignificant weirdos they are.

let them scream for attention elsewhere, they obviously are fascinated to distraction with the two of us .

:) adios

geezus claws said...

Auntie Kate let's get something straight.
YOU were the one making the accusation I was Archie. The man just responded under his Google nic. So the burden of proof falls on YOU, not me. Just like any whining liberal, YOU have not offered one shred of proof. You've just made accusation after accusation, even though the probability has just went down.
That my dear Kate is the sign of paranoid delusional behavior.

geezus claws said...

btw isabellah, a little note for you ...

isabellah said: "something else too-- archie nor geezus claws have anything to offer to anyone except their screaming need for your attention, or mine..."

isabellah I have YET to scream for your attention. I could care less for your housewife mentality and frankly find you quite boring. It seems to be YOUR need to use my name as a ploy to get back in good graces with Aunty Kate. Yes we all saw how you got your ass slapped a few posts ago. So don't use your chat room tactics on me. They don't work out here in the blogosphere.

Now go back and giggle your way into Voo's lap.

AUNTY KATE said...


If this Blog has been reduced to me talking with Geezus Claws, ArchieBumkin, and IsaBitch, I shall have to bit you all adieu.

Have fun dear Rattlers, but I really DO have more important things to do.

Anonymous said...


How many times have you bid us all adieu?

How about making it stick this time?

G'Day Mate!

Anonymous said...

In typical fashion Archie says things which he denies later.Unfortunatly Archie also has a multiple personalities disorder.
Archie hates Jesus Clauss but he's always roaming this blog.That's a clue lol.
Archie is a backstabber son of a bitch (remember what he used to say about SLINK?)
Well Mainstreams is now Archie official home a place where he is safe amongts other first class bigots.Dunno who Geesus Claws is could be Archie could be Vic ferrari,but who cares really?
Archie's blue nic dont prevent him from posting in here with a different black nic.
He's done that before.
Search this blog database for Archie's posting and retractions.

MrArchieBunker said...

"He's done that before.
Search this blog database for Archie's posting and retractions." I urge everyone to do just that. It's Jesus Claus that has retracted postings about me, and then deleted the entire posts. As far as SLink goes, the two of us are mature adults who are capable of resolving issues. He's a good man. Kate, don't say goodbye unless you mean it sweetcheeks.

MrArchieBunker said...

By the way, I just typed in my nickname into a search of the Rattler, this came up: Your search - MrArchieBunker - did not match any documents.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your having a fit Archie!
Lets just say that Sling is very forgiving .Are you are too lazy to scroll through your old posts (including those that you used with an alias)?
While you're here got a couple of questions for ya:
1) How many Archies does it take to change a light bulb?
2) If you dislike this "trashy" blog so much how come you keep coming back to it?
Over to you mr Bwahahahahaha

AUNTY KATE said...

For Christ sake do I have to hang around here holding your bloody hands? When I said I will "bid you adieu" I meant in THIS SPECIFIC BLOG is boring me shitless with just Archie and Clawed Balls flirting with each other.

Where would the Rattler be if not for myself and the prolific contributions of Facetious Muse? Relying on you lazy, boring bastards to kept the entertainment flowing.

No, you don't get rid of me completely that easy. But for this Blog post, it IS adieu.

There are plenty of people who tell me they enjoy my posts, so as time permits I will still be around kicking you Republican arses around the block. DON'T GET COMFORTABLE.

IsabellaSays said...

gesus clawss could also be jay_156
either way it goes, there's really a demonstration of envy by creating a nic like jesus'

Anonymous said...

lol according to Archie less than a year ago Slink was "lower than a rat" and now he has transformed into "a good man", Fallutin was a "hopeless aussie drunk" and now archie and fallutin are best pals again.
Mr bunker is a total flip flopper or worst schizophrenic.
This man has no principles.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Bunker spoke of Abby and Dommie as "Power trippers" and "Dominatrix", He bitched about High Fallutin,Alfie and Dusty and of course Slink and now he kisses their asses.Lol What a double faced moron

Anonymous said...

Archie, search again without the "Mr" in your name, you don't deserve that honorific and only adopted it relatively recently! Wanker.