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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Rattlers Paltalk is going through a kind of metamorphosis. It does this from time to time, it is kind of like watching a snake change its skin, only to remain a snake.

2 Way Street, has managed to hit rock bottom with its free flowing racial attacks and overt bigotry. But hey, is anyone surprised?

Mainstream Politics with Lord Voo has been trying to get some kind of identity since it came back onto the scene, following the implosion of a couple of rooms, and the breaking of several engagements. Leaving people like MrArchieBunker thoroughly pissed because he had already been to the Salvation Army and picked up a stunning dress from the racks for 'bigger girls.'

It seems that every time I venture into Mainstream Politics there is some new rule, in a room which is said to have no rules. The admins are so confused they dot each other, and Voo who is always lurking in the background jumps on the mic, and dots the admin who dotted the admin.
Very occasionally a chat gets going that people with more than a single digit IQ can participate. But no such luck today.

When I entered the room the line of hands was endless, and the topic was RACISM. I mean it is nearly impossible to keep that topic out of the USA Presidential election, which is THE ONLY topic discussed in the room at the best of times.

A speaker I had not heard before, call Nommo, posed a question. "What does the USA have to do to start fixing the problem of racism" I am paraphrasing here, and if Nommo reads this she may like to correct me, but I think it is close enough for this purpose.

It was mentioned that Australia had apologized to Aboriginal people, but according to WisdomX, this was merely tokenism. A pat on the head and permission to have our ceremonies and play the Didge in public, seemed to be his summation of the historical event. I put my hand up and waited in line for my turn to address both Nommo and WisdomX.

RG, was getting very very nervous with all this talk of race, as he often does. I do understand that discussions of this type make the admins in any room work very hard as all the racists sit on the edge of their seats trying to see how far they can go with the 'Nigger' and 'Abo' racial slurs before their arse is dotted.

Even Voo wanted to try and deflect the chat away from race and asked folk to get away from the topic. Could it be that we were going to talk about something other than the US Presidential election. Hells bells! I was all for that. I was granted special leave to briefly set WisdomX right concerning the apology from the Rudd Govt to the Aboriginal people of Australia.

The minute I started to speak the text went berserk with the usual bullshit "She's not Aboriginal" "She's white" I know you have all seen this crap before. I ignored the abuse, and made my point. However, I did notice some new nics in the room hurling abuse at me.

One person in particular called Mohoghany , something or other, a good nic for a wooden head if she had been able to spell Mahoghany. Anyway, Miss. Mohoghany was proud to tell the whole room that Voo had seen her 'naked'. As if that was something special for either of them. Oh my Miss. Mohoghany was telling the rest of the Voo Groupies to "back off bitch" this man is hers.

Now Miss. Mohoghany who does not know me from Adam, joined in the shit throwing contest at your AuntyKate. I asked her if she would add me to her list. Her reply was "I only like men" My goodness Rattlers this little lady thought AuntyKate was interested in her pussy! All I wanted to do was give her a bit of information to educate her dumb arse about what it is to be Aboriginal in Australia, and that shades of black or white are irrelevant. I do get tired of having to educate these idiots, but education IS the best defense against racism, so I try.

It became apparent from the room text that Voo had a number of 'buddies' in the room. Voo groupies and groupies of the groupies. Try hards like AbettyHRH, who is still smarting for the dot she got when I was an admin in the room and she thought waving her arms around 'screaming I am an attorney and a friend of Voo's" meant something to me, when she was disrupting the room. I have wondered if fat Betty doesn't have greater illusions of grandeur with the moniker AbettyHRH, or does that stand for Her Royal Hindarse? When I referred to fat Betty as having a FAT ARSE, she went off like a freaking fire cracker on the 4th of July. "You racist bitch, you think all black women have fat arses" HAHAHAHHAA....and I thought this kind of paranoia was the reserve of Jews, who call you anti-Semite if you tell them they have a wedgie.

Miss.Mohogany took the microphone and plum forgot where she was. She was 'threatening to cut out my juggler" Mercy me. She left Voo with no option but to dot her arse for that outburst.

The WHISPERS were going crazy egging on the dim witted Miss. Mohoghany to 'take Aunty Kate on'. Aunty Kate nipped that silly nonsense in the bud and gave Miss. Mohoghany a TINY TASTE of the arse whippin she'd get if the let her ambition ride above her ability.

This is when LordVoo took the mic, and asked his boisterous buddies to settle down, 'this is not a drama room, and you won't turn it into one,' he said, in that fatherly tone, that really only works for that gentlest of gentlemen Buddy Romance.

Of course Mainstream Politics is a DRAMA ROOM, that is what it has always been. Me and other admins TRIED to bring a bit of intelligence and variety to the chat, but we had to deal with Voo putting hats on imbeciles like SillyFandango and BigMac_2008, or is it 2010 now? Who are NOTHING BUT DRAMA.

Who in their right mind would subject themselves to wearing a hat with those morons? Or that monumental bitch and all time Paltalk slut Isabella?

Personally, I only go into Mainstream Politics when I am in the mood for a little drama. But Voo is going to have to give me more to work with than, that silly little slag Mohogany and that even dumber cow AbettyHRH, who tries to convince educated people that she is an Attorney. I would doubt from her ineptitude in text that she has a high school diploma.

There are rooms for chat, rooms for sex, rooms for drama, rooms for music. Paltalk has them all. Whatever will we do if Voo restricts the drama in Mainstream? Whatever will we talk about?

Please don't tell us we'll have to stoop so low as to go onto 2wayshitstreet?

NOOOO... Vooo you would not be so cruel to your loyal supporters.


Never mind, Voo will change his mind tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Israel celebrates 60 years.
Video of IDF soldiers looting a palestinian orphenage.

IsabellaSays said...

lololol oh kate seems a tad upset ...

geesus claws said...

2 very old tarts having a catty fight
1 of them did it with a donkey.Guess which one?

geezus claws said...

Please be a little more original when choosing your name to comment with. (although I agree with you ..LMAO)

With that said ... AntyCake you just complained about the topic being racism and NOT being about the Presidential election. Are you so moronic that you can't see a racial division in this election? Have you totally missed the Rev Wright issue? Have you totally ignored that blacks are voting for the black candidate simply because he's black?
Just when I think you've reached the lowest point on the idiot scale, you reset it so you can go lower. You may WISH race wasn't an issue, but it's there, so you best face the reality.

Oh and one more thing. Try signing off the chat rooms every now and then. I doubt you'll find any real political analysis there.

geesus claws said...

oh one very last thing,yes my other nic is mrarchiebunker.
i fooled u all along

AUNTY KATE said...

Isabella and MrArchieBunker (AKA GEEZUS CLAWS, have you two been sharing a flagon?

Firstly, Isabella, NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING that goes down in Mainstream Politics UPSETS me. I laugh myself sick MOST of the time at the antics of the inmates.

MrArchieBunker, you NEVER fooled ANYONE that you were NOT Geezuz Claws. Do you think we can witness your pattern of speech for years, and not spot your personalized brand of stupidity on a blog post?

Now Archie go and read the Blog post again and you will realize I have NO PROBLEM understanding that RACE IS an issue in this election. It was ALWAYS going to be about race the day that OBAMA started to be taken seriously. you think I come to Paltalk for serious political discussion? The people on Paltalk who have ANY worthwhile contribution to a meaningful political discussion can me counted on less than 10 fingers.

Anonymous said...

This blog is nothing but a drama blog. Take a look at half the posts. The one below this one is Mothers? That's a total waste of bandwith no matter what side of politics you're on.

geezus claws said...

Antibrain there is one other option. Start your OWN room and run it as you wish.
Or could it be you already know it'll be empty, will fall flat on it's ass, and suck more than a crack whore, so why bother.

Stop your whining and open one. We need a good laugh when we look at the room list numbers

IsabellaSays said...

kate? get serious, the ONLY thing I'd ever share with MRARCHIEBUNKER is a reddot or bounce-- from me to him.. i can't stand the lying, twofaced, gossipy old woman he is .

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Claws every time you open that stupid mouth of yours you demonstrate with crystal clarity HOW your country got George.W.Bush for President TWICE.

You imbecile, I am NOT complaining about Mainstream Politics, on the contrary, I am concerned that LordVoo is trying to recover some dignity after opening a room that was initially a total cluster fuck, and turn it into one where people with something to say may want to hang out.

If that IS the MO, he'll need to invite buddies with MORE substance and less lubricant to the room, to make it remotely possible.

And Claws I DO have a room, and people BEG me to reopen it. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to run a room. That takes a HUGE commitment and my dairy is too full with more important things that DO make a difference.

geesus clauss said...

If blacks stopped whining, race would not be such a big issue.
Which part of that statement is hard to understand?
Now which of those 2 did the donkey?

Anonymous said...

lol,, good write up kate. im not often entertained by your stuff, but this was a good 1. ty for advertising my room also.