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Saturday, May 03, 2008


And the winner is....HIGHFAULTIN24, the undefeated champion in the Paltalk Dunces Cap Award. Her win was closely contested by ALFIE_00 who was determined to wrestle the title from her. Bad luck Aflie, Highfaultin even makes you look like someone with more than a single digit IQ.

The result has surprised many, who were expecting TommyJohnson to knock Highfaultin out of the race, but she gathered up her skirt and sprinted for the line. Oh my how ugly are those knee high stockings, when a skirt is hiked up for a sprint, exposing hairy legs.?

Highfartootin, is a name I have given to her because her brain is located somewhere near her bowel region, and every word she speaks is excrement. She spreads her Paltalk experience between the intellectually challenged in 2WayStreet, who think she is a genius, and the Muslim bashing rooms, who think the is a Goddess.

All goes well for Highfartootin, until myself, or any other informed Australian decides to go slumming into 2 WayStreet, for the sport. Then she comes unstuck. Poor old Highfartootin takes the mic and tries her best. She staggers around like a drunk in a street fight, who has decided in her stupor to go a few rounds with someone who is smarter, stronger, more eloquent and quicker on his feet then her. After OZ Boy is done with her, one would think she'd stay down and take the count. But no, Highfartootin does not know when to quit, she staggers to her feet and turns her attention to me. Talk about fighting above one's ability.

For several minutes she rants about how she is concerned for the Aboriginal children who are victims of abuse, and how Aboriginal people need to do something about it. I don't interrupt, I allow all her racist venom to ooze out. She takes comfort in my silence thinking she has Auntykate on the ropes. I don't stop her to advise that the incidents of child abuse related to Aboriginal communities located in the Northern Territory and the cases of abuse, although horrific, pale into insignificance when we review the Bringing Them Home Report, detailing the abuse of Aboriginal children removed from their mothers and placed into institutions, or used as sex toys by various foster parents, none of whom were Aboriginal people. I don't suppose Highfartootin even tuned into Prime Minister Rudd's historical "sorry" speech, made to Aboriginal people and survivors of the stolen generation in particular, for the misery and suffering inflicted onto Aboriginal children, by the laws of the day, that allowed this to happen and for 100 years, turned a blind eye to the suffering.

Poor old Highfartootin is so very ignorant in these matters she does not know that the report the Little Children are Sacred which brought these problems to light, and gave a number of recommendations was penned and presented by Aboriginal people and it took the Howard Govt three years to act, and only then when he sought to use this tragedy for wedge political purposes.
So to make sure that Highfartootin is in possession of at least SOME facts regarding these issues, I asked her to tell me the name of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in this country.

auntykate_1: Highfartootin, so that I know you have smartened up since the last time we spoke, please tell me the name of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.
Hihfaultin24: Hahahahahaha
auntykate_1: Can I take that as an, "I DON'T KNOW"?

End of the debate. Where's the point?

Reaching for the tall dunces cap and placing it firmly onto Highfartootins head. It is not a big hat, but even then it falls down over her face, her cranium is so deficient. Stay in 2WayStreet, Highfartootin you make Slink look smart, which is why he put a hat on you.


Anonymous said...

fallutin is on the grog 24/7! What do u expect?

Anonymous said...

she obviously doesn't actually KNOW anything! Have you noticed?

FRisson1 said...

Awww come on now "doesn't know anything"??? fallutin is well schooled in racism and bigotry. fallutin knows all about how inferior other cultures, religions, and races are to her. LOL High Fallutin the great humanitarian (in her on mind).

AUNTY KATE said...

HAHAHAHAA....I can see I wasn't nearly cutting enough for some of you Rattlers. I promise the next time I bother to even comment about that stupid woman, I will let my hands go freely across the keyboard.

BTW, did any of you catch the chat after I left the room yesterday? I was told the chat died. High took the mic trying to fill in the dead air with stories about little 'Charlotte' her 5 year old grand child. Apparently High cooed for about 15 mins on the 'goal' the little cherub kicked in the "ALL MALE" soccer team. This does beg the question why would anyone call a boy Charlotte? I hope he is a big strong boy, because by the time he is 10 that name is going to get him into trouble.

Frisson: High was a contender for the Paltalk Humanitarian award, but she was way outclassed by the American contestants who scream "I am not paying for welfare and health care for lazy bastards who won't work" This includes the AGED and it doesn't seem to matter that when one reaches the age of 55, employment opportunities are greatly reduced and by 65 if you don't receive some assistance, you end up fighting the stray cats for a feed on the streets.

Anonymous said...

it appears paltalk deems this particular article too hot for their paltalkers to see, the comments link
appeared as a banned site. hmmmm.

AUNTY KATE said...


MrArchieBunker said...

I'm going to start a blog about you Kate. I hope you choke on it. Expect whatever happens.

AUNTY KATE said...

MrArchieBunker....ROFLMAO..I will be very pleased to see what a skillful writer you are, or not. Do your best son. I can take ANYTHING you decide to dish out, in a room or on a blog, bring it on little boy.

IsabellaSays said...

for those of you who just read what archie bunker [psted to auntykate, it is as follows;

MrArchieBunker said...
I'm going to start a blog about you Kate. I hope you choke on it. Expect whatever happens.

1:21 AM

now, for those interested, this is what archie bunker posted on another blog a few weeks ago, it is as follows;

IsabellaSays said...
Anonymous said...
Mr ArchieBunker

I don't usually do smutt-blogs usually, Someone in Paltalk gave me a link to this site and i reluctantly agreed to check it out.
It is the pit! Cowards and faceless commie pinko hiding behind the "anonymous" mask.
God bless America,our president Georges Walker Bush, our flag ,our troops and God bless Paltalk too.

April 23, 2008 10:39 AM

ok i had to comment on this--

archie? you are such a cool liar, aren't ya?
it wasn't that long ago that runningfercover et al had the site isabellas' a monster--

you went into EVERY room you could to post the url to the blog bashing me with lies!!
you loved it !!
you LIVED for it!!

and now you say you don't "usually" read these type of blogs? .. and you agreed to go to the blog "reluctantly"??
look... i don't like the smear runnin is doing on flalady with his blog on her, and god knows runningfercover has nothing else to do with his time.. but SPARE ME the "i don't usually indulge in bash blogs"
fuck off archie-- you're a pompous lying, fake pig. to know you archie, is to know you're in the insult blogs clean up to your ass-- so save it liar.
now go fuck off

April 23, 2008 8:43 PM


caught by his own words....

ever consider keeping ya mouth shut arch?

AUNTY KATE said...

Too funny. Consider yourself THOROUGHLY told Archie. Now be smart and don't follow your foolish cohort Highfartootin, who does not know when the stay down and play dead.

You are in no way equipped to take me on at the microphone in a chat room. On a blog, where you will be relying entirely on your ability to construct coherent sentences, you will be chewed up, spat out and thoroughly humiliated. Although I must say there is enough 'bitch' in me to wish you were stupid enough to have a go. Come on..I dare you......hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Archie says things and denies them later at his convenience.
Watch him spins that one lol.
He wont take Kate's challenge unless he can hides behind Fallutin or Abby skirts where he somewhat feels protected.
Archie, Fallutin , Alfie and Brute have created their very own mutual admiration society, bigotry and cheap spirits is what bind them together.
In fairness to Brutelogic at least he stands up for what he believes no matter how ridiculous his beliefs are.
When Archie does not gets his ways he usually throws a tantrum to the admis and when that doesnt work he simply.... runs.
Apart from his shallow display of flag waving patriotism this dude has no clues about the world around him.
It must sucks to be dull and ignorant!

Anonymous said...

actualy kate high only went on for about 60 seconds. you were the one that "cut and run" out of the room becuase you cant handle an oppsing view. you attacked her and ran,, she didnt run. you did tho.


AUNTY KATE said...

Awww Slink, has Highfartootin told you she will hand in here hat if you don't ban me again? So you are jumping in to show your support?

Slink, Highfartootin took the mic before me and ranted at length about Aboriginal people, how many witnesses do you think there are to that fact?

You are just trying to ensure that I come back to your room to keep the drama going. HAHAHA....I know you too well Slink.

If and when I decide to grace your room with my presence, I assure you the drama will continue. Your room needs the excitement. Left to Highfartootin you'd end up with a Ladies Auxiliary, all banging on about the grandkids. lol

YOU NEED ME SLINK.....that is why you lifted the ban. Don't worry I can resist smacking the dumb arses in your room. I'll be back, you don't have to tell porkies for Highfartootin.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Kate, you really do believe your own bullshit, don't you. You scurried off like a cockroach with the lights coming on when you saw all the hands popping up during your rant. You knew the thunder was coming, and you decided to go hide under your bed.
The truth is, you just lost it and starting having a hissy your last go at the mic.
Look here, Dustin Hoffman, if you're such a toughy, take your fucking lickings like a good little racist.


AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous coward, I understand why you don't have the balls to sign your post. You don't want anyone to know who the author of this piece of incoherent nonsense:
"Look here, Dustin Hoffman, if you're such a toughy, take your fucking lickings like a good little racist."

Perhaps someone may be so kind as to translate this to me.

Slink's room is a swamp MOST of the time and when Highfartootin and Alfie are present it is about as low as paltalk gets. Only a total morons talks to total morons. See my latest blog, LITTLE CHILDREN ARE SCARED, and do a stock take on the scummy company you keep.

Anonymous said...

Slink's room is the pit, a bunch of old conservative grannies and grand pa's chit chating about fucking nothing at all day long.That shitty room lost its edges long ago.His admis are hardcore rightwing nutjobs disguised as liberal minded.Slink is a lazy ass redneck with no fucking brains.Who the fucks wants to spend times with those losers Lol?

AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous 4:01, I've got to say that I have been on this planet for more than half a century and around Paltalk on and off since 2001.

The disgraceful display of indecent behaviour in SLINK's room today, done with his full knowledge and support, when Alfie spoke in graphic detail about the sexual abuse of small children crossed all the lines of anything that ought to be allowed.

Many people who come to Paltalk have been victims of child abuse, and trivializing this for Palsport is beyond the pale.

Now this is a room that has a rule NO RACIAL SLURS. Alfie paused frequently in his graphic descriptions to say "these are your people". Neither the victims or the perpetrators are related to me in anyway. No more so than the people of Austria are related to the monster arrested and charged recently for holding his daughter capitive for 24 years and fathering 7 children with her. Imagine anyone telling that story with an Austrian women in a room and having the crime targeted back to her in a personal way? The person would be bounced from the room by any decent admin or room owner.

Yet SLINK allowed this vile attack on Aboriginal people today, using the tragedy of the sexual abuse of Aboriginal children as a weapon. This was a blatant racial attack. But racial slurs are not allowed?

These people spend so much time in the online anonymity of Paltalk, they have lost all sense of decent behaviour. That is if they ever had any.

Anonymous said...

Slink is desperate,he can't get anybody descent to go to his room.
Check his permanent guests and admi lists a collection of rejects from all corners of Paltalk.
When they are not backstabbing each others in PM's they are discussing knitting , shopping , the latest on Fox fashion show or Nascar race results.
If u like Jerry Springer this bitch of a room is for ya lol!

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: 9:08

My recent visit to Slink Slum, was the first since he deflected from Dommie's room in the now infamous coup.

I admit I didn't have high expectations, no pun intended, but the standard was way below anything I expected. Slink has managed to get one of two admins with a bit of grey matter, but on the whole I have to agree with you.

I don't need to smell shit twice to know that it stinks.