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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Rather than respond to his asinine comments on my last Blog I thought TommyJohnson44 deserved a Blog all to himself. Let's look at what he said in response the the video showing that crazy snake oil salesman, Pastor Rob Parsley, who McCain was nearly pissing his pants with excitement to have in his orbit. McCain stuttered and stumbled over his words, and even went as far as to suggest that it should be Pastor Parsley "Standing up here not me". For those who missed the video, here it is again for your convenience.

After viewing this insane man AKA Pastor Rod Parsley:

TommyJohnson44 said:

"Never before did McCain talk about any of his pastors the way Obama talked about Wright as being almost family. Never before did McCain lie and say he didnt know the things his pastor was saying. What a pathetic attempt Kate, almost as pathetic as Keith Olberman. Whats even more pathetic than your attempt to smear McCain is Obamas throwing Wright under the bus for politcal expediency. No sooner had his said he could no more disown Rev Wright than he could the black race he chunked him under the bus and rolled over him several times. Its clear to anyone with a brain the only reason Obama has now tried to distance himself from Rev Wright is because he is a typical liberal politician and nothing more. Any fool who believes Obama will give everyone the same healthcare congress gets and we will all pay less for it belongs in an insane asylum."

Tommy you moron! McCain elevates Pastor Parsley to a level Christians usually reserve for Jesus Christ!

" I am honored today to have one of the truly great leaders of America. A moral compass, a spiritual leader, Rab Parsley"

If you think you can even equate the HOME TRUTHS spoken by Pastor Wright, compared to the maniacal hate speech from Rod Parsley, a sleaze bag in a fancy set of threads, you are as insane as both Parsley and McCain. Have yourself scheduled.

What is REALLY pissing you Repukes off with Wright/Obama incident is that NONE of you expected OBAMA to denounce a black man.

Obama was correct not to denounce Wright for speaking the truth from the pulpit, regardless of how unpalatable these truths were to WHITE AMERICANS. Because Pastor Wright was correct.

However, after Wright's speech at the National Press Club, and the divisive remarks, and posturing of Wright that screamed this man either has his own agenda, or he is on the Clinton payroll, he left Obama with NO choice but to denounce him. And that would have taken a lot of courage and GOOD JUDGMENT to do so. Obama didn't throw anyone under a bus. Pastor Wright was the architect of his own humiliation and I hope he got his 30 pieces of silver.

TommyJohnson44: With regard to HOW a country with the wealth and revenues of the USA can afford universal health care, you need to expand your mind and research ALL the developed countries which have had universal health care programs running like clockwork for decades. There is no need for the USA to try and reinvent the wheel here.

I swear Americans like this make me wonder if there are not millions more like TommyJohnson44 who seem to have a case of Stockholm Syndrome. This is a psychological response where a hostage has an unyielding loyalty to the hostage taker. The Bush administration abducted the USA and has held its people hostage for 8years! And morons like TommyJohnson44 LOVE him for it.


geezus claws said...

Whatsa matter AntyBait? Still worried Revvy Wright will overshadow any pastor McCain ever had? hehe
I'm betting he will.

Oh, and another little nugget you may be interested in Anty. I've noticed something you keep referencing.....
AntyBait said: "Rather than respond to his asinine comments on my last Blog I thought TommyJohnson44 deserved a Blog all to himself."

Anty let me explain something. The Rattler is a blog (Web Log). When you contribute writings, that's commonly referred to as a post. You keep referring to your posts as being a blog, which can be confusing to readers, even though the word "blog" can be used as a verb. Ex: I'm blogging with post after post. You could technically use the word blog when making contributions to this blog, but why cause the confusion? When you said "I thought Tommy Johnson deserved his own blog." The reader could ask you for the link to said blog, and of course you would be left scratching your head and saying that was the blog and there isn't another link. It's like writing a comic strip and telling people you wrote a newspaper.

And yes I'll expect the usual response from you. Even though I'm trying to be helpful, your defensive posture will kick in, followed by the ranting attack mode that tries to discredit me.
So just in case ... I have to ask. Could you provide me the link to your blog about Tommy Johnson?

Q Jordon said...
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Q Jordon said...

I am not too worried about Rev. Wright because by the time the general election comes around that will be old news, however, McCain's need to get on his knee pads for the endorsements from Rod Parsley, Pat Robertson, and John Hagee show how low this man will bow, or should I insert an "L" and say BLOW.

You have to give geezus bawls some credit for coming up with an originally stupid comment.

AUNTY KATE said...

QGordon: The ONLY person GEEZUS CLAWS fools by protesting he is NOT ArchieBunker, is himself.

As usual he has NOTHING to comment about the POST on the BLOG, but his drivel.

QG, the Clinton and McCain camps must be nearly exhausted of the dirty tricks they have tried to play on Obama, only to see him rise above them and go onto another victory.

Hillary is done. So McCain is going to have to face off with a man who is smarter, younger, and who has garnered much respect for the way he has handled himself so far in this election.

By aligning himself with evil madmen the likes of that vile Parsley he has sold his soul to the devil.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Well Kate once again your anger and bitterness are showing. How does even a moron equate calling someone a "truly great leader a moral compass and spirtual leader" compare them to Jesus Christ???? Come now Kate tsk tsk.
Kate no one expected Obama to denounce a black man how insane are you??. People shouldnt be denounced for their skin color they should be denounced for the loony things they claim. Why wouldn't any sane rational person expect Obama to denounce some lunatic even if that person happens to be black????
At the National Press Club Wright repeated the same things he had been saying all along. He didn't make any new attacks against America he just repeated the same old ones. Now had Rev. Wright made new charges against the USA then possibly Obama could have used the new charges to finally cut ties with him but he repeated the same things he had been saying all along. OH wait I do recall one new thing coming out he made the statement he would be going after Obama in November. Now lets think about that for a moment. Did any new charges by Wright against the USA make Obama denounce him, nope. Could it have been the threats to go after Obama in November that made Obama cut ties with him?? Sounds like Obama is a typical politician not Jesus Christ. Typical ambitious left wing politician being held up as some kind of God by the left.
Make no mistake about it Obama tossed Rev Wright under the bus and he showed really BAD JUDGEMENT by doing it after all this time instead of immediately.
OH and by the way Kate I didnt say in my post a country like the USA couldnt afford universal healthcare I said if you believe Obama will give everyone the same coverage congress gets and everyone will pay less youre insane

geezus claws said...

Well I see how predictable you can be. I tried to offer some helpful advice about posting, but just as I predicted, your defensive posture took over and you went on the attack. And I noticed this g jordan character felt the need to take a defensive stance also, as if he was protecting his woman from being sniffed by another dog. So you've forced me to ask again kHate, Where's the link to the BLOG you speak of?


AUNTY KATE said...


Today is Mother's Day, spare a few moments to reflect upon the grief you have caused the Mothers and families of over 4000 American families and nearly 1,000,000 Iraqi Mothers families, but supporting the Republicans and George W Bush.

Anonymous said...

Kate failed to mention the Dems who continue to vote for funding in the war? Just thought I'd mention that.


AUNTY KATE said...

HFP: Try that bullshit on some political dolt who does not know that when the Dems got some power in November 206, but not enough to do much with the VETO power of the President, the budget for the war purse was already passed until September of last year. Has there been another budget I don't know about passed since then?

The ONLY point here DIPSHIT, is if the Republicans had not taken the USA into Iraq on lies, NONE of you would be bleating because the Democrats were powerless to do anything about it once the wheels were set in motion.

So try and shift blame all you like the BUCK stops with you morons.

AUNTY KATE said...

HFP: Oh and if I did miss the passing of another budget for war funding since September last year, it is irrelevant. The wheels are in motion, it would have been wrong of the Democrats not to support the funding to support the troops who have been deployed. And even if they HAD done, BUSH could VETO any opposition.

Bush got his surge, and you are still in Iraq with NO PLAN to get out under the Republicans, and you have a clown like McCain talking about attacking Iran. GOOD LUCK ON THAT ONE.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Kate I wonder if simpletons like yourself would have felt grief for the mothers of tens of thousands who could have died had Saddam gotten WMD.
I wonder if simpletons like you felt any grief for the mothers of the between 300,000 and 1 million who were murdered by Saddam.
Wonder if you actually gave a shit about the estimated 1 million who died due to UN sanctions and the crooked oil for food scandal. Why I am asking such stupid questions OF COURSE you didnt give a shit or grieve for any of those mothers did ya Kate? Facts are you are a bitter angry dilusional America and Republican hater.
OH and Kate still trying to find excuses why the Dem lead congress is at the lowest approval ratings in history tsk tsk. Facts are they lied to the American people and made promises they couldn't keep. Facts are they have proven they are unable to govern this country.
They lied their arse off and fooled enough people to get a majority and what did they do with it? End the war? Impeach Bush? Lower gas prices? Improve the economy? Democrats did 1 thing they raised minimum wage and shills like you are still trying to make excuses for them pathetic Kate.

Anonymous said...


ononotagain said...

I can't find tommys blog, either.
What a desperate criticism, using semantic hair splitting to attack kate.

The current vernacular of blog and post are interchangeable.
as in :
"Oh Geezus claws said something so stupid it was funny, I think I will BLOG that!"

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson: You have said some of the DUMBEST things I have ever heard in my entire life. But this takes the cake:

"Kate I wonder if simpletons like yourself would have felt grief for the mothers of tens of thousands who could have died had Saddam gotten WMD."

TommyJohnson you really do need to be locked up somewhere for your own safety. Tell me do they allow you to operate equipment with sharp edges? I hope not.

TommyJohnson do you ever stop the THINK about what you are saying? and whether or not it makes ANY sense? Let's look at this again shall we?

"Kate I wonder if simpletons like yourself would have felt grief for the mothers of tens of thousands who could have died had Saddam gotten WMD."

Do you see it yet Tommy?

We will NEVER know what 'could have' or 'would have' happened IF Saddam Hussien HAD gotten WMD's. What we KNOW FOR SURE, is your President, the leader of the Republican party, has killed more that a million Iraq's and over 4000 Americans, ON A LIE that Saddam HAD WDM's. That is the ONLY issue here. NOT what might have happened IF.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Kate its called pretend selective liberal outrage, PSLO. Its the pretended outrage you attempt to portray at only select events while others things far much worse go on without a thought from you. Would there have been any PSLO had a democrat president invaded Iraq, of course not. Was there any PSLO when Bill Cliton bombed Bosnia from 30,000 feet?? Was there any PSLO when Bill Clinton allowed almost 1 million people to die in Rwanda of course not. This shows the world your pretend outrage is selective and as far from genuine as is fools gold

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson: You really are one dumb son of a

911 was not PAYBACK for what the Republicans ALONE it was PAYBACK for USA foreign policy over the past 60 years! Both sides of your politics and ALL Americans are responsible, don't you get that?

This is ONLY about partisan political bullshit with you. With me it is about HUMAN RIGHTS, and JUSTICE< and NOT supporting Govts who squander our money killing innocent people.

Now as your country and mine has had MORE right wing conservative Govts in the past 60 years than Liberal left wing, where is the greater share of the blame to go?

Now go are boring.