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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

WAITING....WAITING....Mr.ArchieBlurter. (MrArchieBunker)

MrArchieBlurter... AKA MrArchieBunker said:

"I'm going to start a blog about you Kate. I hope you choke on it. Expect whatever happens."

Hey Blurter, (which in the UK is an arsehole) : this threat was repeated by both Alfie_00 and that old HagFaultin in Slink's Swamp recently. I' m still waiting Blurter, as are many other Paltalkers. We are very keen to see what the three of you can come up with. What kind of cutting wit, or crushing insults can you conjure at your 'think tank' is what we'd all like to see. We have other questions also:

Is this delay due to the fact that NONE of you are sufficiently literate to even attempt a blog without a ghost writer?

Will ANY of you have the courage to put into hard copy some of the racist filth you spew at the microphone in Slink's Swamp? I strongly suggest that your Australian cohorts read the links below before attempting a blog expressing their honest views on life.

Come on Blurter, writing a blog is not so hard. Heavens above even TommyJohnson can manage it. It takes him sometime and the syntax is appalling, but readable.

Perhaps even you are ashamed and embarrassed to be associating with low life scum who get off on describing the graphic details of the sexual abuse of small children. I can understand that.

However, I doubt that is the reason you are holding us in suspense for "expect whatever happens" to bowl me over.

Blurter, I'll keep reminding you of your threat to make a blog, until you manage to figure out how to turn on spell check. The real problem you will have is not with spelling and grammar, it will be with overall composition. Writing anything that people will want to read takes a modicum of skill, so you cretinous lot are buggered before you begin.


Anonymous said...

Archie is currently holidaying in South Africa and unable to fulfill his commitment to starting a new blog about Kate.He met a like minded chatter on line a fellow known as "Uncle Bob".My source tells me that it was love and lust at first sight.On behalf of Paltalk and the Rattler i wish them both happiness and prosperity .

AUNTY KATE said...

HAHAHAHA... I wonder if HagFaultin will be a Bridesmaid?

MrArchieBunker said...

There once was a woman named Kate, whose brain was filled with hate....patience my dear, patience

Anonymous said...

2 weeks later, still no new blog from Archie!
Was he bluffing again or has he/she misplaced his /her spell checker?