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Monday, May 05, 2008


The disgraceful display of indecent behaviour in SLINK's room today, done with his full knowledge and support, when Alfie spoke in graphic detail about the sexual abuse of small children crossed the line of anything that is tolerated around decent people.

Many people who come to Paltalk have been victims of sexual abuse, and trivializing this horrific crime for Palsport is beyond the pale.

2Way Street has a rule NO RACIAL SLURS posted in the banner. Alfie paused frequently in his graphic descriptions today to say "these are your people". Neither the victims or the perpetrators of the crimes he detailed are related to me in anyway. The only connection between myself and the victims and perpetrators is that we are Aboriginal people. When Alfie kept repeating "these are your people" his is implying that ALL Aboriginal men are child abusers, including I presume those in my family. This is racial stereotyping at its very worst.

Is anyone saying to the people of Austria,"these are your people" when talking about the house of horrors recently discovered where a man held his daughter captive for 24 years and fathered 7 children with her? Of course not. Intelligent people don't attack a whole race of people for the crimes of a few.

Did anyone from the Aboriginal communities point fingers at the whitefellas when about 10 children were brutally abused in a variety of ways, resulting in death, at the end of last year. Did we come into Paltalk or anywhere else saying "these are your people". Of course not. Child abuse is a heart wrenching crime no matter where and when it happens, and only the lowest of the low, would even think to use it as a weapon to say to Aboriginal people "this is what you are, these are your people." It is blatantly racist.

Yet SLINK allowed this vile attack on Aboriginal people today, using the tragedy of the sexual abuse of Aboriginal children as a weapon. But racial slurs are not allowed?

These people spend so much time in the online anonymity of Paltalk, they have lost all sense of decent behaviour. That is if they ever had any.


paltalkuser said...

auntykate. all you talk about is about your people in aussieland, dont you think its gets borring
dam dont rant your mouth you destroy every room
get a job lady

AUNTY KATE said...

Paltalkuser: I talk about Australia when it is appropriate to do so. I doubt that you would even know where it is on the Globe. MOST of the rooms on paltalk focus on USA politics and that is an endless circus of bullshit. Next time we are in a room at same time, put your hand and open a topic, any topic you like, my interests are wide ranging. Although I don't seem to have much difficulty destroying the debate from USA Republican supporters. I have lived and worked in the USA, and probably know MORE about the history, literature, art, music and politics than MANY Americans. So give me a try sometime and see how YOU go. As for getting a job. I don't need to get a job. The last JOB I had working for someone else I was 25 years old.

Today I am a writer, and people actually pay me to put hand to the keyboard sharing my life experiences. It is a dream occupation. I work at my own pace and name my own price.

You need to get a dictionary and learn to spell before you jump into a blog, where your lack of basic education is amplified by the way in which you compose a sentence.

ononotagain said...

MOST of the rooms on paltalk focus on USA politics and that is an endless circus of bullshit.

insightful kate. Did you notice how the flavour of chat changes with the time zones.

Anonymous said...

When you came in the room the banner said "No N Word" not "No Racial Slurs" and we dropped that rule due to it being abused by whiny assholes who claim words like "Eskimo" or "Indian" are racial slurs. Grow up. Don't you have anything better to do than blog about drama in a chat room? :P

AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous: 2:01 May I presume that when you used the ROYAL WE, "we dropped that rule due to it being abused by whiny assholes who claim words like "Eskimo" or "Indian" it means that you are either SLINK, or one of his more mentally challenged admins?

Using an offensive word or expression to someone with intent to insult them, pales into insignificance compared to the sickening racial attack in SLINKS SWAMP recently, that used the profound suffering of small children as a weapon. If you are too bloody stupid to see that, it does not surprise me that you are an Admin in SLINK's room. Though I suspect that this is actually you speaking SLINK. Grow some balls and sign your name.

It is quite funny to see a comment
"Grow up. Don't you have anything better to do than blog about drama in a chat room" When you and the other Admins in your room probably sit in there 24x7 hashing over the same utter bullshit, day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

slink room is where chronic masturbators congregate.It is an open secret that politics is just a front to justify the existence of this room.Slink screens all his new admis recruits via his webcam.Fallutin passed the dildo test with flying colors and guys like Mr ArchieBunkers and Alfie didnt even need to audition due to their implacable reputation as first class wankers.

Anonymous said...

You know such much about US history, yet ask (and I paraphrase), "When in the last 300 years did America have a female/black president?"
Fulla Hate, has America, as a nation, been in existance for that long?

-HFP.. the "coward" (so you can't figure it out for yourself)

AUNTY KATE said...

HFP? WTF are you babbling on about?