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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Does McCain really have a chance in this year's election seems to be a question even the die-hard republicans are having to ask themselves.

Putting aside McCain's age which some pundits have had a grand ole time with, let discuss some real hard facts that is harmful to the republican party in general.

Let's start with the war in Iraq, from a poll by Polling Report when the question "In general, how would you say things are going for the U.S. in Iraq: very well, moderately well, moderately badly or very badly?" was asked 59% said the war was going moderately badly or very badly opposed to the 39% that said the war was going very well or moderately well.

It's has gone beyond if we should be in Iraq to how's the war progressing and as polls are showing more Americans believe the war in Iraq is going badly. Add that to the majority of Americans don't even think we should still be in Iraq, McCain has a problem.

McCain has been quoted as saying we might be in Iraq for an hundred years; and although he might be right, has a lot of Americans in an uproar. McCain's attempts to distanced himself from Bush are hindered by McCain's own spoken word that he will keep us in Iraq and has no exit plan what-so-ever.

Yet, the war in Iraq isn't the pressing issues most Americans are worried about now, it's the economy and McCain's support of Bush tax cuts isn't sitting good with most Americans. With the cost of food hitting is highest increase in a month in 18 years, the cost of gas and insurance rates going unchecked, McCain has a problem.

With some Americans believing that Obama must follow at least some of Rev Wright's ideologues, you might say 'aha McCain going to get the vote', but not so quick McCain has been getting a pretty stress free ride so far but when the campaigning for general elections go into full swing Haggis's words will be associated with McCain. Remember McCain actively sought Hagee’s support and appeared on stage with him, McCain has a problem.

Now let's take a little walk down memory lane when the famous words "It's the economy, stupid" were spoken. It was a phrase widely used during Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush. For a time, Bush was considered unbeatable because of foreign policy developments such as the end of the Cold War and the Persian Gulf War. The phrase, coined by Clinton campaign strategist James Carville, refers to the notion that Clinton was a better choice because Bush had not adequately addressed the economy, which had recently undergone a recession.

When ever the economy becomes the upmost concern of the citizens, there is a party change in the house and since no one can deny the economy is a huge issue by-passing the war Iraq, McCain has nothing but problems.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but I assume the cost of gas ties into everything.

Gasoline is needed to bring all products, including agri-based products to market right? So if the cost to transport those products rises, the cost is passed onto the consumer so that food stores can still make a profit.

I used to work in a grocery store for a major chain and I can tell you that profit margins are tight. Profit is made not by individual sales but by volume, and if transport costs rise, the increase has to be eaten by the consumer or the store can't survive. So food prices rise.

Plus, many chemicals used in agriculture and agri-related fields, including pesticides, are petroleum based. If the cost of crude rises the cost of these chemicals rise also. And they also in turn, are passed onto the consumer. So food prices rise.

It's all supply and demand. The oil companies can't refine gasoline from crude fast enough to meet demand because they haven't invested profits into the building of new refineries, preferring to use the profits to buy back their own stock. There hasn't been a refinery built in the U.S. in the last 30 years.

Another point, India and China's economies are booming. China has more than 40,000 miles of road under construction right now. They are adding 20,000 cars to the roads each week. And I really think their owners plan to drive them. Their economy is doubling, with our help, every 5 to 10 years with no end in sight.

And just recently a clever Indian started Tata Motors, making a stripped down, no frills four door car with a 35hp motor for 2000bucks which will put hundreds of millions of Indians on the road in the next few years, all burning gasoline.

tommyjohnson44 said...

What a silly question of course McCain has a chance in this years election. For the life of me I am clueless as to why Obama isnt polling 25 points ahead of McCain. With the economy doing as badly as it is why on earth do the polls have the race so close??
Now that the debate has shifted back to foreign policy after Bushs comments in Israel this should get really interesting. I think once the American people realize how very little experience Obama has in matters like dealing with other countries the choice will be clear. As the world grows more dangerous people will look to a proven leader, John McCain. Being a community organizer is a good thing but it doesnt qualify you to be the POTUS.