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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Dear Rattlers,

We have all been witness to the breathtaking double standards coming out of the USA, particularly from the Clinton/McCain supporters, over the 'shock horror' comments made by Rev. Wright, with nary a word about that evil lunatic Pasta Parsley. I have to call him PASTA, because this is NOT a man of the cloth.

Hillary Clinton got that sanctimonious look and expressed her concerns. Now Mr. & Mrs. Clinton have been close friends of Rev Wright for many years. He has been a quest at the White House on numerous occasions. However, Hillary gets that 'rabbit in the headlights' expression when Wright goes very public with views during this campaign. Does anyone believe a close friend of Rev Wrights would NOT know is views on most issues? Does anyone see a double standard here?

Double standards abound.

This morning in Mainstream Politics, Moderate Conservative let his ambition go above his ability, when he tried to get the 'drama' going with me. He thought that I would crumble at being asked to "suck my dick." Why any self respecting woman would want to do something the mother of his children won't do beats me. Now this kind of sexually suggestive retort is about all MC and the other Repukes around the place can muster when challenged on their political views. It is clear from their clumsy use of language that NONE of them get close enough to ANY pussy, to even pat one.

Being an adult female, who has a sideline income writing erotica, I don't have inhibitions about fighting fire with fire and scorching the arses of these silly little wankers, with a barrage of vulgar 'dirty words' that send them running home to Momma.

What fascinates me is the double standard of some of the other females in a room when this kind of exchange is going on.

Paltalkers like AmberL who don't say a word, when MC calls me and other women all the low sluts, and whores he can lend his limited vocabulary too. But when a woman stands up and fights back and slaps the shit out of him, the likes of AmberL start calling the women, myself in this instance, a 'potty mouth'.

Now this is curiouser and curiouser. Is AmberL so accustomed to being around men who talk like this to women, she does not hear what is being said until the female responds?

My theory is that stupid women like AmberL probably take this kind of verbal abuse every day of their pathetic lives, and can't stand to see a woman with the fiber to bitch slap their arse out of town.


tommyjohnson44 said...

Umm Kate please remind everyone where Pasta Parsley talked about Americas chickens coming home to roost. Then you can remind everyone when Pasta Parsley said GD America. They you can remind everyone where Pasta P talks about the American Government invention the AIDs virus to kill African Americans. If you can't give everyone links to speeches he made bashing the USA then you are totally clueless as to why so many people are pissed at OBama and Rev Wright.

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson: Are you stalking me?

TommyJohnson, you don't see the evil in Pasta Parsley, because to do that you'd have to admit to the evil you possess, because you agree with that he says.

A person is not excused of being evil because he is NOT bashing the USA. The difference with Pasta Parsley and ANY decent person on the planet is that he is preaching PURE hatred from the pulpit, and he has the breathtaking audacity to say that this hatred stems from Founding Fathers of the USA whom he says "Intended, in part, to destroy this evil religion"

Now TommyJohnson, you show me where in your Constitution,it mentions Islam.

Let me remind you of the hand holding visit to Saudi Arabia recently from your mongrel President.

America's chickens HAD come home to roost with 911. It was PAYBACK for 60 years of aggressive foreign policies that have killed MILLIONS of people and displaced MILLIONS more. And what was the response from the USA? Kill a few million more and displace another 4 million.

The genesis of the AIDS virus CAN be traced back to a research laboratory in Philadelphia, do your own research. Was it intentional? I have no idea. But Rev Wright is entitled to his opinion, like anyone else. But he is NOT telling lies.

TommyJohnson it is ONLY the DUMBEST and MOST COWARDICE of Americans who find the truth about your history had to take.


tommyjohnson44 said...

"The earliest known case of HIV-1 in a human was from a blood sample collected in 1959 from a man in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. (How he became infected is not known.) Genetic analysis of this blood sample suggested that HIV-1 may have stemmed from a single virus in the late 1940s or early 1950s."
Kate im not stalking you but feel compelled to respond to the assanine crap you spew on this blog. The paragraph above comes from the CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now you can believe any assanine book or website you choose to but educated people usually go to sites like the CDC for information on things like the AIDS virus.
Kate I don't believe I would be very far off base by guessing you Rev Wright and a few dozens others fools actually believe the AIDS virus was invented by the US Government to kill black people. Once again I think your PSLO "pretend selective liberal outrage" is amusing

Anonymous said...

Asinine* tommy...ffs.

-Jeremias X

Anonymous said...

Asinine* Tommy...ffs.