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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Warlpiri girls of the Northern Territory Australia...dancing.


Well it seems that 2WayShitStreet has hit an all time Paltalk low in what they will allow people at the mic to say, all in the name of attacking someone they can't take on in a debate.

ALFIE_00, still sore about his defeat by Highfartootin in the DUMBEST chatter stakes, went for broke today to take the title as the MOST CRETINOUS MONGREL TO DRAW BREATH award. He even had seasoned old paltalkers like OLD TEXAS DOG protesting. Alfie sounded like he was 'boning' up reading the graphic detail of the sexual abuse of young Aboriginal children. His voice quavered with excitement talking about the rape of a baby girl. Which I do not deny has happened, but refuse to trivialize this tragedy in a chat room in response to vile racist pigs like Alfie and Highfartootin. There is NO doubt that Alfie's cheer squad, Uncle Bob, has his penis well and truly in hand, as Alfie's lascivious tone talked of anal penetration of tender flesh.

Now the strangeness here is that Alfie persistently accuses me of being a FAKE Aboriginal, a WHITE WITCH, he has been calling me until I pointed out that was a compliment as 'white witches' are seen as a positive energy force. So if he believes I am a fake why would he talk about child sex abuse of Aboriginal children in attempt to hurt me, because he can't take me on in a political debate? The answer must lie somewhere between Alfie knowing that I AM and Aboriginal woman, and the titillation he clearly got today talking about the genitals of very small children being penetrated.

Highfartootin, a grandmother herself, clearly has not a shred of decency to have supported Alfie using the suffering of children, any children, for chatroom entertainment. But then again women CAN be sexual predators also, and Highfartootin does talk about these issues at length, and it has nothing to do with concern for the children. If it did, what has she done about it? Should we fear for little Charlotte?

SLINK, I am all for a little chat room drama and I was quite happy to try and lift the doldrums of your tedious room, but I can't associate with scum like that. Just being in the room with sick bastards, like Uncle Bob, Alfie and Highfartootin all of whom were enjoying the details of the crimes against children too much to be anything but perverted is more than I want to expose myself too.


Anonymous said...

ALFIE makes my skin crawl.

AUNTY KATE said...

Alfie is having a permanent PITY PARTY. He bullshits about being a returned Vietnam Vet, but hey many do that on Paltalk. They have a desire to be thought of as war heroes.

Alfie did not even know the date of the Battle of Long Tan, the most fierce battle of Australian troops facing the enemy in the entire conflict, so he'll NEVER convince me he was anywhere near Vietnam. He is a miserable bastard no decent Aussies would not talk to in the pub, so he comes to Paltalk in search of racist pigs like himself and finds support with people like Highfaultin and Uncle Bob, who are both devoid of any human decency.

Anonymous said...


Alfie got thrown out of the RSL for lying about his war record.The closest Alfie has seen to battle is when his missus order him to wash the dishes.