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Friday, May 09, 2008


It’s either a courting ritual or they’ve just mated.

Another paltalk marriage in the making, it warms my old heart. I always say don't reject love and it seems that DonChicago48 and pookie_gin have been listening and courting each other. I always knew they couldn't be real neocons, wonder how long it will be before Don and Pookie fly to New Jersey and get married. I think it is time to let New Jersey know to get the rice and doves ready, Don and pookie are making plans now. Insiders have told me Don is personally inviting GLAAD and pookie refused to consummate the marriage unless Log Cabin Republicans are invited. No!!! you didn't know that pookie was a transgender? (sorry pookie I thought everyone knew)

You still don't believe me, The Pratttler? What do I have to do to get you to trust me?

Let me set the scene for you, the discussion was universal health care, Don and pookie were showing the entire pal-world they are in fact a couple, read it for yourself.

DonChicago48: SOCIALISM (socialism, what could be worst for two men in love?)

Alan (paltalk): Don....national health care is a republican was first introduced by Teddy Roosevelt (Alan, facts? why are you trying to confuse Don with facts?)

pookie_gin: Heres the DEAL: GOVT is NOT responsible for HEALTH CARE. The CHURCH needs to REPENT- WHY does it SAY, in the N.T. to FEED THE HUNGRY, HEAL THE SICK, and HELP THE POOR- WAKE UP USA (pookie I hear you and you have every right to be upset at the church for trying to stop you and Don from your marriage)

pookie_gin: Lively: THE JOB of the CIC is to PROTECT ARTICLE 4 SECTION 4. (CIC, isn't that the cutest pet name, oh you didn't know? CIC is pookie's pet name for Don, want to know what it stands for? )

DonChicago48: Medicaid and Medicare are already bankruppting America (Don, isn't it a shame, the elderly and babies getting health care)

Mystic Sea Maiden: mama and I hear stories of children dying in the US who parents have insurance(mystic, mystic, mystic, what have I told you about facts?)

pookie_gin: Mystic: that is a FALSEHOOD- COBRA ACT -- it is AGAINST the LAW for ANYONE NOT to be treated. (COBRA ACT? and I always thought that was for recently unemployed persons to keep their insurance at higher rates, what would we do without you?)

DonChicago48: John McCain Will Encourage And Expand The Benefits Of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) For Families. (Don, already cheating on pookie?)

pookie_gin: Don- he just NEEDS to take care of ARTICLE 4 SECTION 4 (awww how sweet Don's & pookie's first fight as a couple)

TheRealist: america has the best health care if you're rich (Realist, now why shatter Don's & pookie's fantasy?)

d a r i: if you don't have good insurance .. you are not treated the same as if you did (dari, pookie told us that the COBRA Act insures that doesn't happen)

melmac24: if u dont have insurance or MONEY u r screwed (melmac see above)

pookie_gin: he JOB of the President of the USA- IS TO PROTECT US FROM ENEMIES FORIEGN AND DOMESTIC!!!!! (even from 6 month old babies on the terrorist watch list, that breast milk is deadly)

pookie_gin: Why dont you people READ THE CONSTITUTION!!! (yes people read the constitution, no where does it say marriage should only be between a man and a woman, can't you just be happy pookie and Don found each other?)

Mystic Sea Maiden: pookie you dont know if children that have died in the US because a child was taken to hospital and the insurance company told the hospital they wouldnt pay for it and teh child had to be transported to another hospital miles away? (come on mystic can't you tell pookie and Don are courting?)

Mystic Sea Maiden: and the child died on the way to being transported to another hospital? (talk about a downer, NO FACTS mystic, how many times do I have to tell you?)

melmac24: sea its very bad (see what you started mystic, now people are using facts, shame on you)

Sylvia_Lovejoy: right, Mystic (see)

d a r i: Yes Mystic (dari, facts are a no-no)

melmac24: it just happened to a friend who is not a kid (you mean it isn't just children that insurance companies ignore?)

TheRealist: denying people access to health care is just rude (I'm wordless)

melmac24: real its life threathing (again with facts)

melmac24: not just rude (but it is rude, right?)

pookie_gin: Health Care is NOt the RESPONSIBILITY of the GOVT (you tell them, don't forget to tell them it also isn't the GOVT job to dicate who can get married, like you and Don)

DonChicago48: Health care should be available to all and not limited by where you work or how much you make. Families should be in charge of their health care dollars and have more control over care. (isn't that socialism? help I'm confused now)

pookie_gin: Article 4 Section 4- THAT is the JOB of the CIC. PERIOD. (ok, if you insist CIC pookie's pet name for Don stands for 'craving intense cuddling' CIC get it?)

DonChicago48: Simply by ensuring that Americans get adequate vitamin D3 would reduce healthcare costs significantly. (and erectile dysfunction too, pookie let me know Don, it's nothing to be embarrassed about)

DonChicago48: I cannot find universal healthcare in the US Constitution (like marriage?)

calliekittyinator_3: We are already paying for those without healthcare....doesn't it make much more sense to have preventive care for all, instead of waiting till people became so ill it cost a fortune to get well, plus a person's quality of life are better (callie, facts again?)

Mystic Sea Maiden: Don the US Constitution is a living document, and you know that (I'll give you that)

DonChicago48: Mystic that is a lie from the pit of hell (ok, maybe I won't)

calliekittyinator_3: Don....Well if you don't believe what Mystic say....apparently you didn't get the message from our Founding Fathers (what about the founder fathers were strict constitutionalists?)

pookie_gin: Mystic- WHICH MEANS- FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE. And TOUCHINg those things, will mean the DEATH of the USA ULTIMATELY (freedom? liberty? justice? huh?)

asclepiades_1: Did you find vitamin D3 on the Constitution, Don? ( of course he did, didn't you Don?)

DonChicago48: Our founding fathers were strict constructionists (thank you Don)

Mystic Sea Maiden: Don doesnt the US Constitution has the general welfare cause, which can be applied to health care for all (Mystic, I'm sure Don knows the preamble of the constitution that says "promote the general Welfare...")

Don, Pookie let me be the first one to congratulate you two on your impending marriage, I think its a perfect match, who could say it isn't. Don't pay any attention to all those haters, I saw the love between the two of you and I think it's great. It's a wonderful thing when two men fall in love that also follows the same beliefs... ignorance.

~~~~~The Pratttler~~~~~


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I want my fucking three minutes back, you pretender!

ononotagain said...

this style of reporting is tedious and self serving. we would all like to interject at any time we choose, and be heard. But that would be chaos. YOU, PRATTLER, Take the liberty of reverse engineering.

We all had the experience of walking out of a job interview or pick up bar and saying "Shit! I wish I had said...."

I don't think it good blogging for this venue. prove me wrong.

PS: who the fuck are you on pal?

IsabellaSays said...


Anonymous said...

Hi- This is pookie_gin.
I am sorry to inform you all, but LordMercifulVoo and I, are in love with eachother. This is after I had to embrace that he was an Obama supporter- but WTF.. I can't stop myself, I fall in love with SO MANY men on paltalk, only to find that they are really women with software that alters ones voice. :( !!!

Anonymous said...

you are one sick bitch. i know don and pookie pesonally. is this all you have to do with your time? you are a pathetic loser. i am glad to bounce your cheap ass out of my room. come on in bitch. see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I guess when one cannot make a valid point it's easier to throw stones and smear others. Rather than attack others with specious lies and innuendo, one might actually try to address the substantive issues these quality chatters raise.

Anonymous said...

this is annie get your gunn911901 come on into my room and see what i do with your lying liberal terrorist supporting ass. do you want us to buy your ass a ticket to france? we will be more than happy to.

pookie_gin said...

Thank you. Some of my comments were also left out in this above 'idle prattle' I save room text when I go to Gary's shows. Alas, this is what Americans believe is voicing their "free speech."
I don't know donchicago very well.. but, I know that he does love his country, and has served for 10 years and was in Vietnam. RE: The Cobra Act- People need to read it- it also SECURES any person right to have health care- I was a CORP. Finance Assistant with Uniprise, and we MUST know these things. It is the INS Co's that can actually have a person SENT HOME. As far as Article 4 Section 4 - It is the MOST important issue that a C.I.C. MUST do in the Office of the PRES. Which, Sorry to say- for almost 16 years, they have FAILED.
ONO: People would NOT write such RIDICULOUS things, if they KNEW how I AM in the trenches FIGHTING for THEIR rights. And, UNFORTUNATELY, their "right" to make useless idle 'prattle' such as this. pookie_gin

ononotagain said...

actually, pookie. my comment was on the STYLE of reporting (room dialogue, like a play) not the content.

pookie_gin said...

So- ONO- it is PERFECTLY OK to say things about ME, that are NOT even truth. I consider this an assasination of MY character. As much as I KNOW that you do NOT like me, I do NOT do things like THIS to people, EVER. It is OK to say whatever, without ANY personal accountability? You see, Ono- the thing is here- it cannot be taken back- so what YOU said: is OXYMORON. IE: We all had the experience of walking out of a job interview or pick up bar and saying "Shit! I wish I had said...."
^THAT goes BOTH ways. There are sometimes when one SHOULD know, to just BE QUIET. Of course THAT does NOT work HERE IN USA UNLESS one is a LEFTIST. NOTHING is to be talked about when an AMERICAN wants to TALK. I am SILENCED EVERYWHERE I GO, and Americans SHOULD be OUTRAGED over this- and are NOT. Then I am directed to THIS site, and it ASSASINATES MY CHARACTER. You, as a MAN, SHOULD be defending ME.
:( :( :( !!!!!