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Saturday, May 03, 2008


LordMercifulVoo; love him or hate him, everyone knows him, right? Before everyone runs to comments to remind me, yes I remember Lord telling me right here on The Ratttler not to discuss him, I'm sure he didn't mean never again if not, oh well sue me. (after all he is an attorney, isn't he?)

I was just trolling some rooms when my heart stopped as I saw LordMercifulVoo text in Paltalk Studio A, Lord's text words put shivers down my spine, I couldn't believe my eyes, had the world gone insane? Tell me I'm not seeing Lord seeking recognition or is it worst, could it be that Lord's pleading for attention?

Won't you help me and voice your opinion if Lord's being egoistical or insecure?

LordMercifulVoo: Gary has more people in this room than my room, and I am not sure I like that. (is that including the absentee chatters?)

Show Screener (paltalk): LOL vOO (BOAZ looks so sweet being submissive, doesn't he?)

lively_oak: VOOOOOOOOOOO JUST REMEMBER ALL THESE PEOPLE WILL GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM (and just to hear you, lively_oak)

LordMercifulVoo: I am actually thinking about quiting. I'm tired of admining.(maybe Lord will appoint a super-admin when he takes a vacation)

Sylvia_Lovejoy: noooooooooooo, Voo!!!!!(don't faint Sylvia, noooooooooooo)


lively_oak: I WILL STRANGLE YOU (homicidal tendencies?)


LordMercifulVoo:Well, Lively, this is consuming a lot of time, though. (a lot of time? but didn't Lord just say Gary's room has more people than his and isn't Gary's room open only an hour a day?)

I have to go enjoy the summer!
(don't forget spring)

LordMercifulVoo: And spring.

lively_oak: MAKE SOMEONE ELSE A SUPER ADMIN BUT YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE (where have I heard that before?)

LordMercifulVoo: No, lively. lol No one will run the room the way I will. lol (they won't? please tell us Lord what makes your admining special)

LordMercifulVoo: Lively, name one admin that would tolerate you. (S_LINK90, tucherb, Jesus Claus, oh and you can't forget Gary, oak is in his room atm)

LordMercifulVoo: Lively, name one admin that would tolerate Mothers. lol(see above)

lively_oak: OK MAKE ME THE SUPER ADMIN (what have you done Lord?)

LordMercifulVoo: Name one admin that would tolerate ConservativeVoo! (you got me there, wait isn't ConservativeVoo also in Gary's room atm?)


LordMercifulVoo: Name one admin that would tolerate ConservativeVoo! (is there an echo in here?)

lively_oak: I WOULD LET MOTHERS RANT (we heard you the first time, the entire western hemisphere heard you)

lively_oak: I WOULD (we believe you, you don't have to convince us by repeating yourself... again)

angelhart_: lively a super admin?( there's been scarier thoughts... maybe there hasn't been)

LordMercifulVoo: Name ONE admin that would tolerate Classic. (only YOU, LordMercifulVoo? did I guess correctly, what have I won?)

So which it is loyal Ratttlers, I've placed this poll and don't worry it's anonymous. (wouldn't want you worrying about being banned from a room or two.)

Get your own Poll!

So does Lord get the badge of:




~~~The Pratttler~~~


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Archie above,use ur real nic coward!

Anonymous said...

Tattler is Attila the hun (AKA Attila Queen of gum jobs)some full mouthed ,beer loving,triple cheese burger munching momma from the deep south.
Her ex lovers include Lively oak,Raisin Cane and mr ArchieBunker.If ur allergic to strong bodily odors approach her with caution.

Anonymous said...

Get ready Slink everyone will be coming to your room, so get more liberal admins lined up. We should all leave now since Voo is such a perverse nut.

Anonymous said...

No matter what your opinion is of Lord Merciful Voo,you must credit him with enormous contribution to the content of Paltalk.
Voo has brought more excitement and debate to social issues than anyone else, no contest.
Is it jealousy? is it some tall poppy syndrome? or is it just small minded people sniping at others more popular, smarter and probably better looking than them?

Voo deserves a fucking medal for putting up with the shit we dish out!

AUNTY KATE said...

May I suggest that the folk on Paltalk, like myself, who are eternally grateful that Lively Oak, Conservative Voo, and the plethora of mentally defectives that line the walls of Mainstream Politics 24 x 7 continue to do so. To prevent a migration of these rat-bags into the rooms where reasonable conversation, across a broader range of issues than the USA Presidental election circus take place, perhaps we could take up a collection to PAY LordVoo to stay open if only to confine these misfits to one place.

To Voo I say, did you really think that you wouldn't get bored shitless babysitting these clowns? Who have managed to drag the room down to the lowest denominator. Drama has it's place but when that IS all there is it becomes as interesting as watching Jerry Springer.

I often replay your brilliant interview with Dr.Helen Caldicott and think, WTF are you doing?

Anonymous said...

OUCH look at those fucking numbers, VOO.

Anonymous said...

well my room is open to all anyway. in fact,,, i have more liberal admins than conservative admins. anyone that wants to see my admin list,,PM me.
how many conservative admins are in the "other room"?i just added another great liberal and past admin in my room long ago,, come in to see who that is .
lord dipshit loves to call my room a conservative KKK room, having more liberals as admins kinda says the opposite.
my door is not locked to liberal chatters, there is no "no liberals allowed" sign on the door.
fact is most liberals, the anti american liberals have a "gang mentality". they like to keep together, they feel stronger patting each other on the back. it makes them feel good about them selves. out in the open debating an opposing view in equal or greater crowd makes then a little nervous and timid.
from the start, with all the recruited dead nicks from the african american section and the nation of islam crew to boost numbers,, screams insecurity.
i have never panderd for nics in my room nor have i ever pmed people and begged them to support my room,, all that has been done by "you know who".
i have never threatend to ban people because they dont support my room or my candidate of choice,,unlike "you know who",, just ask brute logic or tommy johnson about that.
i have just added to old time admins to 2way veto kid and huflungpoo.
seeya around

Anonymous said...

Slink ur room is indeed open so are public's good enuff when ur busting and want to take a piss as long as u don't mind the stench for few minutes.
ur admis and guests are a close knit of bigotted rightwings nuts whose culminated IQ is lower than that of ur average donkey.
Guess u created ur room in ur own image lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your support