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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Dear Rattlers,

As the more observant among us would know I have been absent from the Paltalk rooms for over a week. A lifetime in Paltalk terms. Late last evening I ventured into Mainstream Politics to see if the conversation had progressed beyond the Hillary/Obama hyperbole. Who should be at the microphone but that master of hyperbole himself, Moderate Conservative. One after the other and with rapid succession he gave an elocution as to why he would not vote for Barack HUSSIEN Obama. The emphasis is always on the HUSSIEN. He listed not wearing of the lapel pin, and saluting the flag, but then he out did himself with stupidity. "He has done nothing about changing his name."

It really must be time to start handing out the straight jackets here.

Moderate Conservative went on and on about Obama being a Muslim, as are many people these days after every other stupid bit of nonsense about Barack Obama has left them (Republican supporters) and the Clinton supporters looking like fools in the eyes of anyone with half a brain.

Then just when I thought it could not get any sillier Dusty44 has his turn at the microphone. Dusty is stuck on Rev.Wright and the 5 second sound byte taken from his now famous "God Damn America" sermon. It seems that Dusty has never bothered to listen to the WHOLE sermon. Dusty must have another reason for not liking what Rev.Wright said, because when you come down to it Rev.Wright was in essence telling the truth, with some personal opinions tossed it. Dusty claims that in spite of Obama being the metaphorical God child of Rev.Wright he will vote for him ahead of voting for a Republican.

Kimbee, a paranoid Zionist, weighed in with a prize piece of idiocy, when she said, "Obama doesn't identify with being white that's for sure."

I didn't know that being WHITE was a requirement for a President of the USA. It has been the status quo for a few hundred years, but where is it written that ONLY a white man, or one who identifies with being white, can run for President.

Barack HUSSIEN Obama, is an American. Born and raised in Hawaii, for the most part. He did not chose his parents or his name. He did chose his religion which is Christian. This is the ONLY flaw I can find against him. I mean given a choice WHY Christianity? A religion with more blood on its hands than any religion on the planet. But I suppose we can't blame sweet Jesus for that.

What if Obama was a Muslim? Where is it written that only white Christian males, can be President of the USA? America is in the shit hole right now with that inherent historical combination.

Dusty took the microphone at the suggestion that it is quite possible with over 11,000,000 Muslims living in the USA that a Muslim may put his/her hand up for the job of President some time in the future. "There will never be a Muslim President of the USA, not in my lifetime" he declared. He went on about no Muslims being President because the USA respects and protects its woman from abuse. Dusty needs to visit a rape center close by and start sprouting that bullshit. There have been more female Muslim heads of state than witnessed by any other religion.

Dusty's life is nearly over and coming up behind him are a bunch of more enlightened, less bigoted, less racist individuals than made up the population of the USA of his generation.
Did any of those big ole boys in Paris Texas think that those "Nigrers" they was a hangin, would one day be given basic human rights that would eventually lead to a contender for the Presidency, in their lifetime?

The saddest thing about watching all of this hateful, racist, bigoted rhetoric is that it represents Americans attacking Americans. Trying to downgrade, and devalue, anyone who is not white or Christian. The need for the USA to unite has never been stronger since WW2. They are under attack, and it is coming from within, yet day after day we hear the same nonsense.

So many like Dusty, and Moderate Conservative, are too racist or lily-livered to hear the truth when it is coming from a person who identifies with being American American.

There are very few black Americans with no mixed blood. For the most part people who identify with being African American are all shades of brown.

Barack Hussien Obama, is neither black or white, his a combination of the two. He is first and foremost an American, who loves his country enough to risk his life running for President. He has made himself a walking target for every lunatic on a grassy knoll, and the best these morons, who oppose his right to stand for the Presidency, have is talk about a pin on a lapel. They persist with idiotic lies about not having saluted and respected the flag. Or having the misfortune to have had a Pastor in his church try to ride on the coat tails of the publicity that comes with an election campaign. But the prize goes to Moderate Conservative, for "Obama has done nothing to change his name."

Obama is not Jewish, so why would he change his name to be more acceptable in the USA? Like Bob Dylan had to do, because Zimmerman was too challenging for the general population of the USA circa 1962. As it has turned out Bob Dylan could call himself Adolf Eichmann and he'd still be a musical icon.

Barack Hussien Obama, does not have to change his name. He is what he is, the best candidate for the President of the USA, I have seen in my lifetime.

Dear Rattlers, if Adolf Hilter's grandson was standing for the Presidency as a Democrat, and did not bother to change his name, he should still win over ANY Republican. Look at their record over the past 8 years. Why would anyone in their right mind give them another chance?


tommyjohnson44 said...

Well Kate I felt sorry for you that nobody responded to your post so I thought I would once again try to explain things to you.
You left out something very very important about Barack Obama. You talked about him being born in Hawaii,you talked about his race, you talked about some people believing he is Muslim and even if he were there is no law that says a Muslim can't be president. You also talked about him being a Christian and you talked about hateful,racist and bigoted rhetoric etc etc and you tried giving reasons as to why he might not be elected BUT you left out the most important thing about Barack Obama HE IS A LIBERAL!!!!!!!!! Why did you fail to mention that Kate? I know the answer and you do too. You failed to mention it because in your simple little mind Americans surely must not be concerned about that. Surely Americans are more concerned about his race or religion or his pastor etc etc etc. WRONG!!!!! You see Kate in your simple little anti-American mind you want to believe the only reason people will not vote for Obama is because he is black. I really hate calling anyone stupid but in your case I will make an exception. See Kate the Dem party has in the past 30 or so years put many liberal candidates up for nomination to be the POTUS and in every case they LOST. They didn't lose because they were white or black, Christian or Muslim, male or female they lost because they were LIBERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus Christ maybe one day the Dem party will wake up and realize the only Democrat whos been president in the last 30 years wasn't a liberal he was a southern moderate.
Kate I know its hard for liberals like yourself to understand things. You always want to blame your losses and failures on others. You feel when you lose its because people are racist or because they are mean or because they are hateful. Kate the reason you and people like you keep losing is because the majority of people in the USA reject most of what you stand for. They reject your policy of appeasement, they reject your immorality, they reject your not learning from history they reject your lack of personal responsibility they reject your secular socialist agenda etc etc etc.
Kate I know youre older and I know youre quite stupid but surely you don't believe a Jr Senator whos biggest claim to fame is his being a community organizer and his call for change is not the most qualified person to ever run for the job of POTUS. Im sure you've heard the old saying "you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk". We all know Obama can talk the talk but nothing in his past demonstrates he can walk the walk. Now being a liberal talking the talk is good enough for you but remember in the USA liberals are a small minority and THAT is the reason John McCain will be the next POTUS.

geezus claws said...

Kate I could care less if Obama is a muslim, if he's black, or Rev Wright, but there is ONE thing I do care about.
Why is he hiding his addiction from you?
He's a smoker !!!
The man's whole campaign is about change and not bowing to lobbyist.
Why isn't the man a proud smoker and lighting up in front of everyone? Is he ashamed of his addiction? Does it show a sign of weakness on his part? Oods are a smoker his age has less of a survival rate than an old McCain who's Mother is in her 90's

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson: Sorry but I find your posted comments just too tedious to bother with. Clearly you have NO capacity to read and understand a blog post.

Just to let you know Tommy, the CONSERVATIVE party of John Howard recently suffered the MOST humiliating defeat in Australian political history. If the USA voters have any brains and conscience the Republicans in the USA will suffer the same fate.

My biggest concern has always been that there are TOO many TommyJohnsons running around for the USA to ever be the great nation it thinks it is.

AUNTY KATE said...

GEEZU Claws: get some help. You are positively scary.

geezus claws said...

Tell that to your boy Obama. Obama lied and his lungs died.
Hillary was right. When that 3 am phone call domes, I don't want my President stopping to grab his smokes and light up.

geesus claws said...

I smoke loads of Cannabis and eat magic mushies but i ain't running for presidency.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Who cares about John Howard and Australian political history not I. France recently elected Sarkozy who is now best friends with Bush. Canada and Mexico have also recently elected the more conservative candidate. Seems Australia is the only country picking the less conservative candidates. OH I almost forgot Berlusconi in Italy won again and his CONSERVATIVE party won control of the senate and lower house of parliment. Seems Australia is the only country moving towards the left but as an American I don't really concern myself with YOUR politics and often wonder why you want to concern yourself with OUR politics.

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson, Let me remind you of a little history. It wasn't France, Canada, Mexico, or Italy, and CERTAINLY not your great ally Israel that fought and died alongside American's in every putrid war since 1941,through to the illegal invasion of Iraq it was Australia. It was also our Conservative Govts who put us there, and our Left wing,Labor Govt that got us out, from Vietnam, and soon Iraq.

Putting Italy forward as an example of a successful Conservative Govt, ALMOST puts you in front of Geezuz Claws for the DUMBEST thing ever uttered on Paltalk. Italy has had 60 changes of Govt since WW2. And as for Belusconi? Let me quote Claws, BHWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Anonymous said...

claws eats payotes?.
Suddenly all that Bwahahahahahaha makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Kate, you're just a stinking puke of an Abo. A race of people held in less esteem than any other on the planet.

But the best part is that you'll die a worthless Abo. And soon hopefully.

ononotagain said...

anonymous coward, you are not only vile but very wrong.

"" A race of people held in less esteem than any other on the planet.""

That would now be the warmongering, bullying, collapsing americans.

Anonymous said...

ononotagain said... That would now be the warmongering, bullying, collapsing americans.

Americans are not a race. America the nation, consists of every race of people on the planet. Dumbass

So fuck flat off you inbred, slackjawed, drooling, low esteem having, ignorant, dicount store shopping, mall walking and soap opera watching mother fucker.

Oh! and your mother also

Anonymous said...

According to GW Bush Israel is the land of the chosen people? Is that some fucking jokes or what?

idf "animal hunting" palestians

IDF beating up palestinians women , other types of torture used and censorship in the US media about their crime

" God chosen" settlers attacking christians and muslims

IDF shooting a mother and refusing to have ambulance to attend to victim (banned in America)

Israeli message to the world

All of those who support Israel have a lot of blood on their hands!

AUNTY KATE said...

ONO: The sad part of that anonymous coward with the racial slurs and not much else would be the possibility that he has found an equally cretinous specimen with which to breed.

AUNTY KATE said...

geezus claws, perhaps you've forgotten that your current President is an alcoholic and former cocaine user, and you are questiong Obama's capacity to run the White House because he smokes?


Google George. C. Patton, considered one of the USA's most competent military commanders, and then dig out something on Winston Churchill.

I swear you ARE the dumbest Paltalk has to offer,

Sleasyjohnson said...

Kate, am tommy estranged son.
Be kind to my dad he has had a tough upbringing.He started drinking at age 9 and moved on to pills by age 13. He gave up crack 3 years ago as he reckoned it interfered with his driving.
He has resumed drinking heavely but still attend john hagee's church on sunday.
Dad is a proud american, he owns 17 flags which he display on his pick up truck.Dad is your typical average american man.He watch NASCAR on tv, beats up mum to impress his buddies and have an insatiable appetite for burgers and budweiser.
He is not very bright but he makes up for it by being overly opinionated.
Ask him where Iceland is and he will convince you that it is part of Africa.
If you challenge his answers well ,you get a black eye.
Dad worship GW Bush, he finds our president to be good looking and intellectually stimulating.
I left home because of the constant chaos and my dad disapproval to my convertion to Islam.

Anonymous said...

AUNTY KATE said...
ONO: The sad part of that anonymous coward with the racial slurs and not much else would be the possibility that he has found an equally cretinous specimen with which to breed.

Like the opinion of an Abo means something.

And why do these morons always say anonymous coward?. Do you imagine there is someone somewhere actually named geezus claws, Aunty Kate or ononotagain? Every screen name on Paltalk is an anonymous nic dumbass.

If I sign a comment to a post as "LarryBarger983" rather than "anonymous", does that give you any more information concerning me? No, it doesn't Dumbass

These are people so disgusting that the Government of Australia had to move in and remove abo children from the settlements they lived in. Why? because they were being molested by Abos. Abos taught their own children how to sell themselves sexually for pot too. Or gasoline, which they loved to sniff. It caused brain damage but it was difficult to tell from already established behavior. Hard to believe? It's all over the net, newspaper articles, in blogs, clips from YouTube etc. Do the research.

There is good news though. I read a report that said, on average, that Abos live 17 years less than whites in Australia. They are now presently at around 450,000 and declining.

Weetbix101 said...

Comments above would make someone like Archie and his alter ego Geesus Claws real proud.
No doubts that they come from some freak on the conservative side of politics.
This demented fart must have been briefed by the likes of Fallutin and Alfie who have great knowledge of the hundreds brand of beers available in Australia and how to cheat Social Security without getting caught but not much else.
To them playing Bingo and the pokies at the club is their idea of culture.
If it stinks like shit Bunker can't be that far away.
Been off paltalk for a while but i can see that not much has changed lol

geezus claws said...

I have to agree with anonymous. Even though I call myself Geezuz Claws (named after the dumbass Jesus Claus that created this blog) it means absolutely nothing. Even if I said I were LordMercifulVoo, Moderate Conservative, peace-lover, or SLink what would it matter? How would you really know it was me? And even if I WAS who I said I was, what different course of action would you take? Attack me on a different level?
I guess that's really what you're looking for. You NEED to know a Paltalk name so you can use it against him in this forum. It's your only hope against logic. Sure, you can fling a few insults, call him a moron, say he's naive, tell him how evil he is, blah blah blah. But the main thing you want is to insult him on a personal level, so you require that Paltalk name. Can you even see how pathetic that is? The only reason I'd suggest that anonymous choose a nic for this post is just so we would all know which anonymous we're responding to, but I certainly wouldn't call him a coward for not doing so. That would be idiotic (example: onnonotagain) It's obvious which anonymous is which the majority of the time, so how does that make them cowardly?
You Democrat Paltalkers are a strange breed. Back away and take a look at yourselves from a different vantage point. Every room you have on Paltalk is just a screaming hate fest. There's ZERO debate. It's all personal attacks. You sit there waiting for fresh meat to speak up so you can pounce on them like a pack of wild jackals. Haven't you noticed some of the other rooms don't operate that way? There's actual debate in those rooms, but you avoid them like the plague because you feed on drama. And you call an anonymous nic a coward? LMAO
Even your God LordMercifulVoo won't dare leave the security of his lair and venture out into a real debate.
Now THAT'S a REAL coward,but you'll never admit that, would you

AUNTY KATE said...

SleazyJohnson: Asalaam Alaikum!

My commiserations it must have been tough growing up with Tommy for your dad. I imagine there were moments of excruciating embarrassment.

Weetbix101 said...

Geesus Freak, conveniently u failed to name one of ur fave room. Am dying to go there and debate rightwing gentlemen such as ur respectable self without being insulted.

"Other rooms" is a bit vague if u know what i mean!

Incidently I've gone through some of ur posts on this blog to see examples of great debating skills,constructive and educational comments that u 'are so keen on but hey guess what...Nada,nitch,rien de rien!
Can u point me to a post of yours on this blog or others which illustrate your leadership in that domain?
May be those rules dont apply to u?
Ur obsessed with Voo and Jesus, i hope its not just sexual... u may end up more disappointed bitter and depressed.
Kate brought up some valid points and all u can do is waste 10.000 fonts raving on about ur own testicles.
(not a shining example demonstrating ur expertise on "Anti screaming hate fest "if i may say so!

Can't wait to check the list of conservative rooms where they treat everyone of the opposite political spectrum with respect and dignity.

Personally i dont give a flying fuck if u call urself Geesus ,Archie or Anonymous ,coz like i said in my previous post,"if it smells like shit....."

AUNTY KATE said...

Weetie: The jerk with the ignorant racial attacks is to be pitied. It sounds like Uncle Bob,or some piece of filth of his ilk. It must be sad being that miserable. I imagine he spends many lonely nights, drunk and slobbering, wondering how an Aboriginal women became a success, when his sorry arse wallows in self-pity and resentment.

a said...

ONO: Clearly the piece of excrement with the racial attacks is not an Australian, or is an Australian as ignorant as we know Hagfatootin and Alfrieda (Alfie the big girls blouse) to be.

I guess it would really piss him off to know that Aboriginal people are out breeding non-aboriginal people 3-1 and with better health programs in remote areas infant mortality has dropped. The estimated indigenous population in 1900 was 60,000, today it is over 400,000. We have a long way to go before we can catch up on the advantages handed to the whitefellas as a privilege of skin colour, but we are a 'deadly' patient and persistent Mob. ***winks ****

Weetbix101 said...

Kate yes i know exactly how Sleazy feels since i wrote those comments (wink wink!)

About the redneck with the chip on his shoulders ,its not exactly Pulitzer's material but i reckon its not a bad effort in terms of words counts alone. Try writing that many letters after a couple of bottle of Jack Daniels.
Not easy.....

SleasyJohnson said...

Father, u felt sorry for kate that nobody responded to her comments ,now look we're down to almost 20 posts.
Dad u never get it right!

geezus claws said...

My point has just been proven. I've yet again been accused of being Archie Bunker, EVEN THOUGH Archie Bunker has commented several times under his own Google account name, and far more opinionated than I've been. You just don't get it do you. Your need to attack a Paltalk name outweighs your need for common sense.
As far as conservative rooms weetbix, all you have to do is open the room list and look. Even in the "other" section there are rooms. Soapbox politics run by Sensibly Forward is an excellent debate room. Fair and unbiased. The only requirement is you're intellectually honest and willing to concede an argument if you've found yourself wrong. And it's not really required, it's viewed more as courtesy and common sense. Of course the bigger room numbers aren't there simply because Mainstream and the likes are feeding troughs for the non debating insult drama hounds. LordMercifulVoo is an excellent example of someone who wouldn't dare go in there, because he knows he doesn't have the forum for his circus tricks. He also knows there's a chance he could be found wrong, and OMG his followers couldn't handle that. I'm not sure if Grunto still has a morning room or not, but it was fair and unbiased. But of course the Mainstreet crowd stayed away because yet again, they couldn't have their drama. M1Tank sometimes has an excellent room, but he varies the name for some reason. But you can easily find it by just going in and seeing he's the admin.

If you need more weetbix, just let me know. But somehow I get the feeling you won't even attempt to vist those rooms.

PS: I'm already expecting the "I gotta get one up on him" attack mode, followed by the changing of the subject mode.

AUNTY KATE said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA....did I hear someone say that Grunto was fair and unbiased? That's a classic. Grunto would not know his arse from his elbow on any given day

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Clutz Give it a rest, no one gives a rat's arse who you are. As Shakespeare said, I rose by any other name your stink as much

geezus claws said...

Sorry I forgot to reply on this ....

Aunty Kate said: geezus claws, perhaps you've forgotten that your current President is an alcoholic and former cocaine user, and you are questiong Obama's capacity to run the White House because he smokes?

I don't remember mentioning our current President, but I don't see the relevance. Are you suggesting because a past President may have been guilty of ANY illegal or unhealthy act, that's supposed to exclude Obama? Are you saying a past military commander that smoked, before it was proven that smoking could kill you, excuses Obama? Are you saying Obama smoking now even AFTER it's been proven unhealthy is not a bad decision for a man seeking an office that's totally based on decision making? Please explain Kate. Just what was the relevance of your statement?

Anonymous said...

aunty kate said: As Shakespeare said, I rose by any other name your stink as much

I know damn well Shakespeare never said that. WTF does that even mean? Is that even a sentence?

geezus claws said...

As a side note, let's examine some of Obama's outright lies.
This Washington Post article says it all

(Facetious Muse please take note how I give credit to the author instead of outright stealing it and calling it my own, as you did with an earlier post)

What the article basically says is some Senators were going to a press conference about a bill they had worked on, Obama bumped into them, tagged along, then when in front of the cameras he took credit for a bill he never worked on.

Quite a guy huh

Anonymous said...

As a therapist I would like to advise others that Aunty Kate has typed almost all of the comments here, she is a dangerous narcissist and psychopath, whom will lie, manipulate, abuse and destroy anyone. She is highly obsessive, as witnessed by her portrayal of geezus claws. The writing patterns are the same. Keep away from her for your own safety. You've been warned.

AUNTY KATE said...

OH dear, let me is Tommy Johnson there? I could use a secretarial assistant to sort so many replies and get to those who even stimulate me enough to distract myself from more engaging matters.

I see a new Anon coward has joined us. A Paltalk therapist no less. I would need therapy if I even bothered to READ the idiotic posts from Geezus Clutz, much less write that drivel.

Now miss Anon therapist, you have tried hard to sound educated but fall down calamitously with your punctuation and syntactically deficient sentence structure. Educated people accustomed to writing long treatise or perhaps a a thesis for a doctorate in psychoanalysis don't write like a person struggling for expression and put the piece together with all the skill of someone with a single digit IQ.

As for the simpering syncretise of Geezus Clutz, and my posts coming from the same keyboard, I would imagine he is reaching for his dictionary are he reads this, as I am sure you are dear anon coward.

AUNTY KATE said...

Oh dear Rattler's Aunty Kate made a trivial keyboarding error on the last post, watch them fly to catch it.

AUNTY KATE said...

Me bad...I so love to tease them

Weetbix101 said...

" I'm not sure if Grunto still has a morning room or not, but it was fair and unbiased."

Sweet Geesus mate u wrote earlier that u had a fondness for magic mushroom (which cause hallucinations)now am starting to believe u.
Tying up good ol' Grunto and unbiased in one sentence its gotta be something strong.

From now on i will do my own search to seek and find the holy grail of unbiased conservative political rooms.
u awakened my curiosity on the subject.Ty!

U also mentioned that u smoke a lot of weeds (whose side effect causes forgetfulness)and strangely enough u claimed to never had heard of Archie.

Drugs the end they really u screw u up.

As for ur guilt about whether ur a coward or not and ur confusion about whether ur Archie or not, my advice is to seek proper therapy.
This is a political blog not the Dr Phil online website.
Far out dude lol

Anonymous said...

for fuck sake, Kate! Because someone doesn't feel the need to be as locquacious as yourself,nor feel the need to prattle on by using big words that I know you have to use a thesaurus to find, and just want to get to the point, they are somehow less educated than yourself? Gimme a fucking break.

Oh, and how fucking dare you go on about punctuation? You've had more run on sentences in your comments and blogs, that I often need to feed your bullshit into a computer that's the equivalent of Deep Blue to decipher what the hell it is your saying. Not because your words are beyond my comprehension, but because I have to sift through your trash heap of phrases. And this after all the pussing about you do about people nitpicking your writings.
I highly recommend turning on your grammar (and spell, cuz you fuck those up sometimes too) check in some kind of word app then copy-paste into your blog.


Anonymous said...

Why are 90% of the posts on this blog written by Kate?

Surely there are others who may feel that the American political process is worth a few hours of their time to type up a post?

One must also realize that, since 90% of the posts are Kate's, 90% of the posts are biased rantings from the far liberal left. With, I might add, enough spin attached to make one wonder if they're seeing a blog post or a gyroscope.

Come into the light people! Your imput is appreciated and would be welcome at a conservative blog. A blog where reason and sanity prevail.

A blog where the owner is far too mature to resort to name calling and other childish attempts to ridicule those who may disagree with her. And I just so happen to have available, one such blog for your perusal.

Check it out! post a comment! interact with intelligent people!

geezus claws said...

Yep just as I predicted a few comments back... weetbix went for the cheap shot and subject change.

Those predictable leftyz, you gotta love em

Weetbix101 said...

Lol what a cheap plug ,it's links to junk food addict Attila Simpleton's blog.

Are u lurking in here with the intend of poaching few extra contributors?

Look what u've got as a team (scratching my head)
, Archie Wanker , Bubble the clown and few other hand picked yes men.
One guy post something and the other cheers on!
Can't see any dissenting comments, (may be they got deleted?)

Spot the they dont.

Too funny!

Pay attention now Geesus on Mushies if u dont mind 20.000 words rants (about flags ,country, bibles ,heart wrenching stories about brave and handsome 911's firefighters,filthy evil burmese commies and muslim barbarians, quotes of wisdoms abour our dear leader GW dubbya, etc displayed in a hard hitting FoxNews style treatment of current affairs ) by the blonde from the deep south, well this site is for ya!

It's Miss Simpleton very own fan site.Hardly intelligent but she does post a great recipe about fried pancakes with potatoe puree stuffing and layered strawberrie flavoured pasta Cajun style.
Apparently Attila owes her legendary great curves to this unusual dishe.
That alone is worth the price of admission!

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: 9:11 you have missed your calling as a stand up comic. Are you seriously suggesting that any of the redneck Conservatives around Paltalk could write a Blog post? And if they could what would they write about?

The fantastic shape of your economy perhaps? The success of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?

AUNTY KATE said...

HFP...HAHAHAHA...poor POO, he is having a total melt down because I highlighted his ineptitude with written expression. POO, it true I do make typos and get too tired to proof read this trivial nonsense. However, I do know my craft.

POO, let's see you do a FULL Blog post as ANON 9:11 suggests. Let's see what you've got boy. LOL

AUNTY KATE said...

BTW: Anon 9:11 if it takes ANYONE more than 20 mins to knock one of these Blog posts together they really ought to take up gardening.

Expecting TommyJohnson, Geezus Clutz, HFP, and particularly MrArchieBunker who threatened to do a Blog post about me WEEKS ago, and seems to have gone walkabout, to write a Blog post is futile.

So you will just have to put up with your Aunty Kate kicking your Conservative arses with NONE of you able to come back with anything more pertinent than the silly nonsense you have interjected with.

Anonymous said...

Weetbix101 said...
Lol what a cheap plug ,it's links to junk food addict Attila Simpleton's blog.

Sorry to disappoint you. Can you give me some advice on how to produce an expensive plug?

ANON: 9:11 you have missed your calling as a stand up comic. Are you seriously suggesting that any of the redneck Conservatives around Paltalk could write a Blog post? And if they could what would they write about?

One would actually have to read the blog to see. Go on, you know you want to.

AUNTY KATE said...
BTW: Anon 9:11 if it takes ANYONE more than 20 mins to knock one of these Blog posts together they really ought to take up gardening.

Perhaps one of your posts, but I was including the time needed to actually research the subject, check sources for accuracy, get various opinions on both sides of an issue etc. This way, one would be somewhat knowledgeable concerning the subject at hand. Anyone can cut and paste.

I thought two hours to be reasonable but it may be a bit much. I do suppose a post could be written in twenty minutes provided the author already had extensive and exceedingly thorough knowledge concerning every aspect of the subject at hand.

And of course, that would be you Kate :)

Anonymous said...

Weetbix101 said...
Are u lurking in here with the intend of poaching few extra contributors?

Well, it's not illegal is it?

Weetbix101 said... filthy evil burmese commies and muslim barbarians

I do like going on but in all seriousness, what is your opinion on the government of Myanmar's (I still call it Burma, old habits die hard) position to refuse outside humanitarian aid?

The original disaster was horrible enough, but the aftermath may be worse in terms of lives lost due to a lack of food, medical care, lack of proper hygiene etc.

The last report I read gave 2.5 million as the number of people missing, displaced or homeless. Waiting for the U.N. to make a decision is not unlike stating that no decision will be made.

Should aid be forced on the government? Or should the rest of the world tend to their own affairs and let them die?

Is it possible that the ruling Junta can handle this problem internally?

Weetbix101 said...

Attila, about Myanmar's?
Must say u got me there.It's one of those rare instances where i would support the might Of US influence (be it diplomatic or otherwise) to get rid of the ruling Junta altogether.
(Did also support Clinton intervention in Kosovo way back during the last Balkan war.Getting rid of Milosevitch (forgot how to spell the bastard name but its pretty close) and his regime was a step forward)...but thas another story!.
Here's what i dont support about Burma though,oil and gas multinational and their private armies (such as Blackwaters which had been operating there for years) which grease the hands of the present military junta.
You can't have it both ways.US gvt knows about the presence of these dogs of wars whose only job is to protect the interests of share holders far away.
Very little of those oil revenues seems to flow back into the hand of the Burmese people.Myanmar is rich in mineral oil and gas assets yet Burma remains one of the poorest country on earth.
Its dangerous manoeuvering for the US as the burmese gvt answers directly to his main backer...China.
China is not exactly a roll over like the previous regime in Iraq.
In short if the US can in which ever ways get rid of the Burmese regime u got my support.( we can talk about US hypocrysy later).
Not sure if that answer ur question but here's my 2 cents.
No nothing wrong with poaching anyone....take Geesus Claws with u, he's getting very frustrated around here.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: 12:47, it does not take much research to comment on the idiotic Conservatives around the place. Just pop into a Paltalk room and listen and observe. It ain't that hard.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: 12:47, what are you waiting for? A person with your education and professional expertise, being a 'therapist' and all ought to be able to get a thread going instead of hanging around this one like a pork chop at a Barmitzfah.

Anonymous said...

Hey, kate! you fucking retard... It wasn't me that wrote that therapist shit. I'd call you a crazy ass bitch and be done with it. If it was me, I'd have signed like I always do. Besides, I canthink of better ways of torturing myself than trying to psychoanalyze your pathetic ass. Although I will say this much... It's my firm belief that you get no real attention in life, so thus drivel in here because you know this is the only place anyone will pay you anymind.

As far as writing a blog, well, Kate, to be honest with you, I haven't the gift for... that's not to say that you do either, but hey, it's your world. I just shit in it. Nor do I have a life to waste away at doing it. Sorry Kate. got more important shit going on than to sit oh my ass all day writing whatever brain droppings happen to cross my mind.
And from what I can tell, you're blogs are nothing more than a pathetic attempt to make yourself feel like you actually know something of what's going on in this country.. which you clearly don't. You don't even fucking know how long this country's been in existence. First you say "300" years... Now you say "a few hundred". Now I understand that a "few" can mean two, but who the fuck talks like that?
What my point simply is is that you hide behind your facade of verbosity and try to pass it off as intelligence.

Now, kate, stick with me hear, stop when it comes to your pettiness over people not being as wordy as you are just because they don't want to take an hour to get to a point. Also, stop being a tittybaby when people point out your grammatical flaws and then decide to play Perry White when people [who don't like] make their mistakes.
Kate, instead of trying to let us know every thought that goes on amongst the gears and cogs in that gourd of yours, how about you write one, and then proof it.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON 4: Aww diddums, has Aunty Kate made you unhappy? I am sorry dear, if I had know you only 15 I would have gone easier on you.

I am of course presuming your age from the immaturity of your writing.

Now tell Aunty Kate that you are to one of those adult males who pretends to be a little boy to lure little girls and you came in here forgetting you alter banter to that of an adult.

Now I am bored with you. Write a Blog post and show us what you can do. In other words piss or get off the pot.

AUNTY KATE said...

HAHAHHAAA..dear Rattlers I just read my last post and peed myself laughing. I really do need to stop encouraging these idiots.

I'll stop....Promise lol

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON 4:16 I have just scanned your mostly superfluous adverbial rambling and spotted something I thought I'd respond to.

Are you suggesting that between the landing of the Pilgrims in Plymouth in 1620, and the declaration of independence in on July 4, 1776, that the intervening years as NOT relevant to the history of America?

When I talk about American history I talk PRE-INVASION history, before the Europeans, which is tens of thousands of years old to POST invasion history which is 488 years. I certainly DO NOT consider that AMERICA was a void prior to 1776, and your history ONLY starts from that time, which would make America ONLY 232 years young.

geezus claws said...

WetDix said: "take Geesus Claws with u, he's getting very frustrated around here."

I never get frustrated WheatDick. I'm still laughing at you and Ant Bait for being intellectually dishonest. Every question you've asked, I've given an answer. Every question I've asked, you countered with a weenie insult followed by an attempt to change the subject.
If you choose, we could have an intelligent exchange of opinion, but it seems you and Ant Bait are cowering, then attacking.
Perhaps we should all leave as you say and let the Ratttler get back to it's usual readership of 3. You remember the good ole days don't ya? 0 comments.
Hell that was just a few months ago before we showed up!!!

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Clutz: What do you me we pale face?

Without the original Blog posts, which we have yet to see from you or any of your piss weak conservative buddies, you are sitting there trying to find your dick. With them, you get a chance to show how really dumb you are. I am not attacking your posts, I don't even read them.

geezus claws said...

If you don't read them, then how did you respond to the last one?

You get dumber everytime you type


geezus claws said...

auntykate_1: I'd to stay and play...but I am too tired and if one dumbarse repuke puts its head up I am like to get savage lol

Look Ant Bait I'm in Voo's room ... Who am I?

Anonymous said...

Gossip artist Archie's new blog ....Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
up for a week and still no comments.
A monument to self pity and his fear of a woman.
Check his profile looooooooool

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should check the archives of the Ratttler. I think it went 3 years without a comment


Anonymous said...

Gossip artist Archie spent 3 weeks to write that?

all my posts get deleted lol what a coward Geesus Claws/Archie!
He did say that scroll back 3 blogs
What a liar Archie gossip artist!
Not even drunken fallutin posted a comment to support archiebunker
Archie gossip artist denies it yet its posted here in big bald letter under his alias Geesus dopesmoker

Anonymous said...

ummm aunty kate just post under your name

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Geesus Claws you racist cunt.

Anonymous said...

Kate you can't write worth a shit. I never read your posts they are beyond boring. You are a fake and a weirdo. I agree with the therapist poster that you have written most of these comments here. What a loser you are.

Anonymous said...

Schizoid nut no one can stand your raging hateful ass no heart nothing but anger and rage you are beyond ugly

tommyjohnson44 said...

Geesh did I start something or are there other people who just like to respond to the stupid crap Kate continues to spew.
Sleasy Johnson what u doing on here boy without you mommas purmission!!! Now boy don't u go around lying on your old man!! You know you talking about Barack Hussein Obama and not your old man!
You know its Barack who is a crack addict and bragged about his drug use in college!! Boy you also know pastor Hagee ain't no anti American racist like old Rev Wright is. You know yo daddy don't consider pastor Hagee like an old uncle who says stupid stuff all the time boy!! You is confusing Jeremiah Wright and John Hagee now don't u keep doing that boy!!
Sleasy another thing you know your maw is off limits on this blog!! She can go out and spew anti American rhetoric and talk about how it took her over 40 years to be proud of her country but don't you go round talking about her!! And dont you EVER mention the fact she got a $200,000.00 a year pay raise after yo daddy got elected to the US Senate!!
Sleasy now u know the biggest mistake you ever made was going to one of them liberal colleges and getting yoself indoctrinated. As a matter of fact will show you how liberals are corrupting our young people in colleges all over the country. Boy if you woulda only watched that documentary befo going to college they wouldn't have turned you into a bleeding heart, America hating, immoral, baby killing, military bashing,terrorist appeasing,tax hiking,racist,socialist,anti free speech,jew hating,terrorist supporting,God hating,christian fearing LEEBRUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you know your maw and I really can't afford to take you to one of them high prices brain doctors to get that liberalism disease out yo brain so we gonna have to try a home remedy. I want you to start saying yo prayers everynight, go to church at least once a week, treat others as you would have them treat you, fellowship with good honest decent folks, stop doing drugs and alcohol, stop protesting against American troops coming back from Iraq, stop sleeping with other boys, stop believing everything the liberal media on TV tells you, turn off Keith Olberman, stop reading the Daily Kos, start flying an American flag, stop hanging out with American terrorists like William Ayers and within no time you will be cured of that liberalism disease you picked up in college. Within no time you will start supporting your country, you will start asking what you can do for your country instead of what your country can do for you, you will get a job work hard and support yourself and your family and you will even get a bumper sticker like your old daddy which says "annoy a liberal work hard and be happy"

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: 1:49 for you to imagine that I would have as little in my life as you perhaps do that I would need to write an original Blog post and then reply with the kind of irrelevant nonsense of idiots like Geezus Clutza and other you really do need to have your freaking head read.

Stop your belly aching you irrelevant arse wipe, and put up your own blog, let's see what you are made of. You have offered NOTHING of substance to counter ANYTHING in the original blog, mostly you are consumed with comments about me. We'll I don't need your accolades. I have enough fun doing the original Blog post.

It must be very debilitating to envy someone as you clearly envy me, and I just cant help being fabulous, sorry. Live with it.

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Clutz, get out your dictionary and look up the difference between READING and SCANNING.

SleasyJohnson said...

Dad u make $200.000 year ?
So how come u still ride to the factory on a bicycle?

Wax on-Wax off said...

Wow Kate the bullies come out of the woodwork when a good person has something decent to say. Yikes.

AUNTY KATE said...

Wax: Some of these comments are beyond sad. How awful it must be to live the miserable life some of these poor buggers appear to do.

Anonymous said...

MC is nothing but an old redneck Fellon who cares if he likes obama or not, What he needs to do is take some danmn cough syrup, the fool is always coughing up flem from his throat on mic

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: 2:29

The purpose of writing the original blog was not to comment on the likes and dislikes of really stupid people like Moderate Conservative (a blatant racist) but to highlight that too many people in the USA have a long way yet to go before they mature enough to be able to handle some undeniable truths. They need to take off the jingoistic blindfolds, and recognize that the Bush administration (Republicans) do not deserve another chance to screw the USA over and over again.

As far as that racking smoker's cough of MC's I agree, he needs to get into a steam bath and get that gunk up.