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Sunday, May 04, 2008


BATON ROUGE, La. - A Democrat won a special congressional election here Saturday, bolstering his party's majority status on Capitol Hill by taking a seat Republicans have held since 1974.

Don Cazayoux, a lawyer and state lawmaker, beat Republican Woody Jenkins to cap a race that Democrats viewed as a chance to further tighten control over Congress. The seat opened when Republican Richard Baker, a 20-year incumbent, resigned to take a lobbying job.

"It's of enormous national significance," said Dane Strother, a Washington-based Democratic consultant. President Bush won 59 percent of the district's vote in 2004, he noted.

Oh, tommyjohnson! Care to explain this one? I can't imagine it happening considering all the sacrifices you've made to the Lousyanna GOP. Do you think God had anything to do with it tommyjohnson?

Oh, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the good people of Lousyanna for having the sense to rebuke the Bush-Cheney-McCain Axis of Evil.


tommyjohnson44 said...

Sure can Va its a good thing I came back from Georgia to help the simple minded like you. While in Georgia we were talking politics and I learned that for the first time ever over 50% of people voting in the Demonrat primaries in Georgia were African American.
Why do I mention this well let me splain it to ya. If ya think Obama has a snowballs chance in hell of carrying Georgia in the general election yur mistaken. If ya think Obama has a snowballs chance in hell of carrying the great state of Louisiana yer mistaken.
Now who gives a rats turd about a congressional district in Louisiana. We elected a Republican govenor in October 2007 who as of a few weeks ago enjoyed a 83% favorable rating. He is also mentioned as a possible running mate for John McCain.
Ummm lets see if I can think of a reason a Demonrat won, same way a 3/4 cents sales tax increase passed a few years ago NOBODY SHOWED UP TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!! We know the radical Demonrats will always show up for special elections but November will tell the tale. The most recent Gallup poll has McCain 5 points ahead of Obama. Louisiana as well as Georgia and every other southern state will vote for McCain.
Saw a great bumper sticker today which said "Annoy a Liberal Work Hard and Be Happy" Doesn't that about sum it up?? OH speaking of rebuking the Bush-Cheney-McCain Axis of Evil I saw another one that read "Bush 2 Democrats 0"
Which of those is your favorite Va?

vacreeper2003 said...

tommmyjohnson -

Obama doesn't NEED Georgia nor Lousyanna to win in November - neither does Hillary. But Obama does have a chance to win in VA and NC - moreso in VA where there will be 2 Democratic Senators come January 09. Mark Warner is popular enough in VA to make Obama at least viable there. Northern Virginia is the most populous area of Virginia (has over 1/2 the population of Lousyanna) and Obama will do extremely well there. There is no hope for Hillary in VA - she's loathed there.

Hillary has a better chance than McCain to win in FL according to most polls, but I'll believe that when I see it. Bottom line is Obama does not need a single state from the South to win. Obama will win 2 of 5 of Nebraska's electoral votes in November - NE and ME are the two states that allocate their electoral votes - Obama would win in ME.

I agree, nothing from Lousyanna is worth a rat's turd, but since there is a constitutional obligation for Lousyanna to provide Washington with a revolving supply of rats' turds - it's a good thing it's a Democrat rat's turd. It appears to me the RepubliKKKlans are just too stupid to know when to go vote - except in November. And, by-the-way, I don't know what that 3/4 cent increase sales tax was supposed to do for a state as poor as Lousyanna - it's painfully obvious it didn't go to help the public schools in any way!

As for McCain - polls now mean very little - I suspect McCain won't do well in debates with Obama or Clinton - he has no charisma, he doesn't have an "authoritative" voice (he comes across as having a "whiner's" voice) and he is widely perceived as being a Bush-like warmonger. Once his years as a POW are THOROUGHLY discussed in the public forum, his "patriotic American" persona will have a ding or two - especially when it is GW Bush who does the dinging (if you think the Democrats won't use Bush's 2000 TV ads against McCain - think again). And McCain's age, while it should not be an issue, is just that with many voters - his VP choice may be more important than ever.

Speaking of VPs - I doubt he'll choose a rat's turd from Lousyanna - the RepubliKKKlan Party has nothing to gain from it. But if McCain wants to make sure he wins Lousyanna in November, he might do it. McCain's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Never before has the LA Republican Legislative Delegation reached a high of 66. With 50 members in the House and 16 in the Senate, the GOP numbers swell by 8 the number of Republicans in the Louisiana Legislature when the 2004-2008 term ended.
13 Republicans rise to committe chairmanships in the House and Senate. Jim Tucker becomes the first Republican Speaker since
The 24th annual Elephant Stomp will spotlight the three newest statewide elected Republicans, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Commissioner of Agriculture Mike Strain and Treasurer John Kennedy and celebrate the historic occasion with five of six statewide officials being members of the Republican Party.
Republican Govenor, five of six statewide elected officals Republican and the first Republican Speaker since 1875 seems to me to indicate reports of the demise of the Republican party in Louisiana were greatly exaggerated