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Friday, May 09, 2008


Dear Rattlers, This afternoon I took this video into Mainstream Politics:

After a short time, long enough to view the 1:48 min video clip Moderate Conservative put his hand up. He took the microphone and in between all the 'pussy' talk and things penetrating various orifice, I was left wondering if MC is perhaps BI-SEXUAL. He seems to have a SWINGING obsessive personality disorder. When it comes to sex ANY hole will do.

Moderate Conservative went ballistic, calling me anti-American, mixed in with a volley of foul expletives he yearns to hurl at long suffering wife but lacks the guts.

"She hates America" he screamed, having an apoplexy. "she just comes here to bash Americans...she never bashes her own country."

Want a bet? Ask the former Howard supporters from Australia who skulk around in dark corners licking their wounds.

Moderate Conservative and I go back a long way on Paltalk. To the days when Moderate Conservative was called ILOVERUSHLIMBAUGH or something similar, and he was anything but MODERATE in his support of George.W. Bush and the Republican Party. He voted for George.W. Bush not ONCE but TWICE! And proud of it.

Sometime during 2005 he must have sobered up long enough to realize that his wife was struggling to pay the mortgage, he wasn't getting laid anymore and that Bush had screwed the US economy.

Suddenly he had an epiphany. He saw the light! Alleluia, praise the Lord. He changed his nic to MODERATE CONSERVATIVE and abandoned the sinking ship of Republican fools. Night after night he took the mic, begging forgiveness for not having seen the truth sooner. Yeah, that would have been good. If more idiots had seen the truth sooner there would be one million more Iraqi's and over 4000 American troops alive today.

Dear Rattlers we all know the old adage 'old leopards do not change their spots'. Well Moderate Conservative IS and always will be a right wing conservative. He showed that today when he immediately jumped to McCain's defense with regard to this very damning video, where McCain thanks Pastor Parsley for his spiritual guidance.

Moderate Conservative maintains that he supported OBAMA, but stopped doing so when the 'truth' about Obama started coming out.

"I can't vote for anyone with a Muslim name...linked to Saddam Hussien" he said.

Barack Hussien Obama has had this name all of his life as far as I know. There was never a secret, hidden, truth about his name. Rattlers I wonder if in MC's doohickey brain he has even stopped to pondered how utterly ridiculous that sounds?

Take the Anglo name GEORGE. How many men with that name thoughout history have been killers or even mass murderers? Let's start with King George IV of England whose armies ruthlessly invaded countries and killed indigenous people who resisted their women being raped and having their land and natural resources plundered. Yet, MC voted for a man called GEORGE AT LEAST TWICE, because it would be safe to presume he voted for George Bush Snr. also.

"Kate doesn't come here to debate, she comes to bash America, because she can't get a man."

MC, is a sad jilted Paltalk willie-wanker, whom I let into an IM ONCE, and then blocked, when it became apparent that he comes to Paltalk to find pathetic females who will degrade themselves by helping jerks like him spank their sad little monkey. He certainly does not come here to debate. HOW does someone who voted for BUSH twice live down that mistake in a lifetime? Or think ANYONE would take him seriously in a debate?

Rattlers please watch the video posted and judge for yourselves. Would you jump to defend this man? Or call someone who brought this video to you anti-American?

Would you praise this man and thank him for his spiritual guidance? Would you welcome him to share the stage with you during an election campaign and say " I am honored today to have one of the truly great leaders of America. A moral compass, a spiritual leader, Rab Parsley"
Well John McCain has done.

Yes dear Rattlers you heard right he said "Rab" could it be that McCain had a 'senior moment' and thought he was talking to Rabbi Parsley and stopped himself in the nick of time?

The McCain goes onto say "Thank you Rob for your leadership and spiritual guidance"

McCain's minders were probably sending auto cue massages about now saying "psst, John..the guys name is Rod"

R O D....Rod, how hard a name is that? If McCain were to win the Presidency how will he cope on the international stage when he has to get his effete brain around names like : Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the President of Indonesia.

Now it is not McCain's bumbling buffoonery alone that makes this video scary, apart from the fact that McCain clearly reveres this man. No, it is also the scary stuff coming out of Pastor Rod Parsley himself. He opens his sermon with:

"Islam is an ANTI-CHRIST religion that intends, through violence to conquer the world"

Question: Where did Pastor Parsley do his divinity studies? Is there another CHRIST we don't know about? I know of only one and he was Jesus the Christ.

I am not a Muslim dear Rattler's but I know enough about Islam to know that Jesus is one of the most revered prophets of Islam. The teachings of Jesus are part and parcel of the foundation of the teachings of Islam. But the Muslim Rattlers may correct me if I am wrong.

Pastor Parsley continues:

"The fact is America was founded.....and I'm going to stagger you here...the fact is America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed."

What I am staggered by is the absolute lunacy of this snake oil salesman, for that is surely all he is. Can't you just see him at a Trade Fair?

"Ladies and gentlemen I am going to stagger you here.... but this potion, will give you eternal youth. Just $5.00 a bottle, or a low low price of two for $8.00 life will spring eternal"

Pastor Parsley's Ministry is the World Harvest Church. They HARVEST alright. They harvest real estate, and as many $US as the suckers will throw at them. That is an ARMANI suit and silk tie he is wearing, and those fancy rags will set you back a few bucks. And did you catch the glimpse of the gold watch? Rolex? and the ring on his hand? This guy is trying to upstage the gross display of worshiping gold idolatry the Vatican has turned into a tourist industry.

Rattlers I am not vague when it comes to USA history, and I have tried to find reference to the Founding Fathers "having, in part, an intention to destroy this false religion'"and I am staggered by the lack of ANY reference to that 'fact' as stated by Pastor Parsley.

Can it be that the Pastor tells 'porkies' and we need to have him disrobed? We'd get a few bucks for that fancy suit from a 'schmutter' dealer. We could probably feed half the kids starving in Mayanmar, post Cyclone Nargis, if we can flog off his watch also.

Moderate Conservative stick to trying to get some visually impaired or mentally challenged woman to stroke your ego, while you stroke your dick.

As far as political discussion goes, ANYONE who voted for GEORGE. W. BUSH twice and then tries to defend McCain's idolizing support of this sleazy carnival conjurer, known as Pastor Parsley, has no credibility and there is no possible chance of redemption in this lifetime.
When you get to the Pearly Gates ask your God for forgiveness, while I weep for the people you helped send to their death in Iraq and Afghanistan.

PS. And if you happen to bump into Jesus up there, you need to ask his forgiveness also. More Christians have killed in the name of Jesus, than ANY religion in history.


Anonymous said...

*yawn* this post is too short!

AUNTY KATE said...

Anon 12:50 You must lurk around the corridors of the Rattler waiting for a blog. This blog had been up less than 3 mins when your comment was posted.

More? You want more? I have so much unused material on these idiot Republicans I could type blogs until my fingers bleed. Enjoy this one for what it is dear and don't be so greedy.

ononotagain said...

that's the best fucking mod con has had.

Anonymous said...

did u know flalady shaved her pussy and now it looks like a plucked chicken? Iheard about it in 2ways

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: 9:45

For Christ sake Moderate Conservative will you get your mind of 'pussy' for one moment. To be fantasizing over FlaLady's Brazilian is desperate, even for you.

tommyjohnson44 said...

Well Kate no need to read through all the horse crap in your article I can see it is a very desperate attempt to take the heat off Obama. Never before did McCain talk about any of his pastors the way Obama talked about Wright as being almost family. Never before did McCain lie and say he didnt know the things his pastor was saying. What a pathetic attempt Kate, almost as pathetic as Keith Olberman. Whats even more pathetic than your attempt to smear McCain is Obamas throwing Wright under the bus for politcal expediency. No sooner had his said he could no more disown Rev Wright than he could the black race he chunked him under the bus and rolled over him several times. Its clear to anyone with a brain the only reason Obama has now tried to distance himself from Rev Wright is because he is a typical liberal politician and nothing more. Any fool who believes Obama will give everyone the same healthcare congress gets and we will all pay less for it belongs in an insane asylum.

AUNTY KATE said...

TommyJohnson44: You deserve a blog ALL to yourself for this asinine reply.