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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


In the main, Paltalk is not much more than a waste of time, made worthwhile by virtue of some very fine people I am happy to count among my on line mates. The list is considerable, but I have to give a special mention to Mr. Enigma, XN_Trick, Dennis the Menace, Zen Friendly, Buds, Tung Fu, Samir the Galiean, Oh Donna, NDP, and like I said the list is considerable and my friends know who they are.

This morning I got an IM from my mate Dennis the Menace who told me about OBAMA's decisive victory in North Carolina, and that the OBAMA supporters were having an understandable 'gloat' in Mainstream Politics. The room was at an all time record number of 147 bums on seats , with only a few obscure black nics at the bottom.

Cardinal Fang piped Obama's acceptance speech live into the room, and the crowd in the auditorium was going wild. Not since the Beatles hit the USA has a crowd erupted quite like this. A clear indicator that Obama has won over generation Y. The text in Mainstream was flying past at a speed that was making me dizzy and must have scared the crap out of anyone new to the Paltalk experience.

There was something very conspicuously absent, and that was the almost total lack of McCain supporters in the room. A few die hards like Outlastyou and others who are too bloody stupid to even bother with, were doing there best to kill the mood. But they didn't have a snowflake's chance in hell. This was a moment in history being shared by Obama supporters and friends and supporters of the OBAMA supporters from all over the world.

If Obama can maintain this kind of enthusiastic, and infectious support he MAY just get there. I will never be more pleased in my entire life to be proven wrong, when I have said I didn't think Obama was going to break through all the barricades that would prevent him from becoming the next President of the USA.

Listening to Obama's speech and realizing he had no script, no auto cues, his words were flowing, erudite, and undeniably heartfelt, gave me goosebumps from 17,000 k's away. It was truly inspirational and if anyone doubts this man's ability to lead the USA out of the black hole of despair achieved after 8 years of the Bush administration, just play that speech again. This is not a man who just talks the talk. He is appealing to the truly patriotic Americans who love their country and its people and asking for support to give him a chance to make the changes needed to start to turn things around. If he is bullshitting, then nominate for the BEST ACTOR Oscar for 2009. He will be a shoe in!

As Obama thanked the people of North Carolina for believing in him I could hear a song in my head, a well known Pete Seeger classic, Where have all the flowers gone. But I was singing:

"Where have all the repukes gone...long time passing. Where all the repukes gone ?...long time ago. Where have all the repukes gone? Gone to bathrooms everyone...when will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

For all the useless crap that goes down in Paltalk, sharing this moment with so many people I admire who have been behind Obama from the start, and have never stumbled even after the endless dirty tricks from the Clinton camp, this experience today made up for all the times I have thought...what the fuck am I doing here?


geezus claws said...

South Carolina?
Are all Dumbascraps as stupid as you are?
You can't even pretend to know anything about politics. You can't even say the right State!!!
What Grade A Moron you are!!!


PS: Because you won't be able to figure this comment out....
It's NORTH Carolina you stupid ass

geezus claws said...

btw if you're reading this Facetious Muse .... What happened to your post?
Could it be that once you got caught stealing it from another blog, you got scared and took it down?


Glad I busted your ass
I got my eyes on you

AUNTY KATE said...

GEEZUS CLAWS: If you'd care to do the time conversion, you'd see it was quite late for me when I wrote this blog. My apologies I GOT THE STATE WRONG.

HOW silly of me, to have been so tired as to overlook that OBAMA had ALREADY TAKEN SOUTH CAROLINA!

NOTHING you idiots can say is going to take this glorious moment away from us OBAMA supporters, so run along dipshit and lick your wounded pride. With a bit more luck you will be saying President OBAMA by the end of 2008. And you are too thick to realize that you will benefit also.

USA, and indeed the rest of the world, can thank imbeciles like you for the bloody mess your country is in. Not to mention the destruction of Iraq, and the wholesale slaughter of innocent people. So I may have gotten a STATE wrong on a blog, but your mistake COST LIVES!

Anonymous said...

Just checked a fourth time. Still no mention of South Carolina. Although, she did mention North Carolina 3 times in her blog, so ffs, can we let one mention of SC go after three for NC? I mean, that is trivial... not so much as messing of the 300 years thing.


Anonymous said...

"The room was at an all time record number of 147 bums on seats , with only a few obscure black nics at the bottom."
Oh please. only a few?
You had the typical 50 to 60 dead nic`s in the room and mass invites were being sent out begging for numbers.
Typical.I was invited 5 times by 3 differant people.
LOL @ South Carolina.

AUNTY KATE said...

Anon 7:21

Obama supporters are SMILING @ North and South Carolina, and I am laughing at your spelling.

My 10 year old granddaughter read the blog and said,"Gee an adult can't spell 'different'?"

I said, "Sweetheart, this is an American, they can't afford good education or health care over there, they waste too much money on invasions and killing people. The smart Amercians are supporting Mr. Obama who may get that fixed"

"I hope so Nana," She said smiling.

FacetiousMuse said...

geezus claws wtf are you talking baout my blog posting is still here you moron

FacetiousMuse said...

aunty kate, I wouldnt trip the handful of anger losers that come and comment here. If you notice you never see them add anything to a political posting and they never will.

But Kate dont get anger at them, instead pity them as I do, its hard being mentally challenged as they certainly have proven from all of their comments.

Goodness forbid that they would actually care about what is going on in the world and show some compassion.
Kate anyone that didn't know you meant NC has some serious problems.

I want to take this time to thank you for all the postings you have been doing, I know a lot of hard work goes into them.

Please keep them coming

ononotagain said...

facetious muse, you, too take a bow!

AUNTY KATE said...

Hey Mouse, ty,I enjoy your blogs enormously. Please don't concern yourself that that this moron Geezus Claws or the other ANON detractors around the place get to me. They are putty in my hands. The blogs will keep coming as these clowns provide an endless stream of material.

I am looking forward to the election campaign heating up as Obama, let's loose on McCain and the Republicans. The decent thing for Clinton to do is step aside and let the REAL battle for the White House begin.

The BWAAAAHHHHAAAAA's will turn to WHAAAAWAAAAARS as the cry baby Republicans try more dirty tricks.

AUNTY KATE said...

LOL..sorry MUSE, I gave you an O and turned you into a cute furry critter. I can't wait to see some idiot POUNCE on this....