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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm not certain whether to applaud or mourn Attila the Hen's retreat from the blogging stage, but what is unfortunate for us is that she has selected some simplistic essay from Dr. Wilson as her swan song. Had she not mentioned its authorship, I might have mistaken it for a sixth grade summer composition, perhaps entitled, "Why I do so very much love my country, the United States of America."

There's nothing wrong with loving ones country, but combining childish adoration with gross omissions of fact, all to try and defend the weak proposition that no one else knows quite enough, or values quite highly enough, freedom and democracy, well, that's just outright dishonesty.

Al Franken once wrote about the different ways one can love ones country. Conservatives love their country as a child loves a parent. It is a powerful love, but they cannot see any wrong that their country might do. Obviously, there are times when a leader, or the passions of the people, may take a country in the wrong direction. The conservative will never be able to see this, and will not be able to correct the course. What's worse, the conservative, like a child, will attack viciously anyone he sees as critical to the country, much like MrArchieBunker and his ilk do.

The liberal loves his country as one adult loves another. The feeling is strong, but tempered by wisdom. If the nation is doing wrong, only someone who is truly patriotic can return it to the right path. The conservative will not see what must be done, and will pitch over the cliff's edge, taking the country with them. If you're reading this, and you're a conservative, you're probably thinking, "Hey, he's wrong about that! My country is doing the right thing! And he must hate America, to say something is wrong!" That's just what a child says, when someone insults his mommy.

You're a lot like James Q. Wilson, in fact. Wilson talks about the constitution, and doesn't even mention the Bill of Rights. He claim that Social Security is going bankrupt, when even the Congressional Budget Office says that merely repealing Bush's ruinous and lopsided tax cuts would easily cover the SS shortfall. For pete's sake, he calls Pakistan a democracy!

Attilla, come on. You can do better than this.



vacreeper2003 said...

As you know JC - the vast majority of Neocons of the Bushite persuasion love their country insofar as someone else is willing to defend it for them. Individuals like Vic "Alabumpkin" Ferrari and Virginia1775 are all about telling us how much they love America, but are never quite able to say they'll put their lives on the line for America. I don't call that love of country - I call that love of someone else's country.

You'll hear the Alabumpkin and Virginia1775 talk big about how "we" are doing this and how "we" are doing that, while "they" are doing 100% NOTHING for America. It's scary to think that our nation's security lies with these self-righteous ersatz patriots who come to paltalk to inflate their egos with that most sickening and disagreeable display of self-satisfying levity so characteristic of the arrogant Bushite apologist.

Virginia1775 proudly announced to Paltalk last evening that "the Navy offered her a commission." Well isn't that special? Virginia, you dimwit - the Navy offers commissions to over 110,000 college graduates every year - the vast vast majority of whom will not be qualified for the task. And they aren't all technical - the 40% of those officers with degrees (not all officers are college educated) are non-technical degrees. Virginia wants everyone to think the Navy offered her a commission. Virginia is a liar - what the Navy offered her was an application to earn a commission. Academics is just a part of the formula for getting commissioned - Virginia would have to score competatively on the academic aptitude portion of an Officer Qualifying Test, she would have to pass a physical, and she would have to demonstrate she could pass a fitness test not to mention completing Officer Training School. And Virginia - you poor delusional child - just because you have an engineering degree DOES NOT MEAN you will be an engineer for the Navy. The ONLY officers who are guaranteed field of study jobs are doctors, lawyers, nurses, and chaplains. I know many an engineer commanding Supply Squadrons, Public Affairs Offices, and Personnel Squadrons. I have a MA in Public Administration and command a communications squadron - which is highly technical. Try real hard not to make a fool of yourself, Virginia - it only serves to reinforce what we already know about you - you're full of cow dung!

MrArchieBunker said...

Attila's essay is an ongoing one, in case you missed it Claus. Let me get this straight, Professor James Wilson is 'simplistic' whereas Al Franken is some sort of genius. Oh man, it doesn't get any better than this.

Jesus Claus said...

You should see Wilson's essay in defense of execution the mentally retarded. Mindnumbingly foolish. But you know better than to try and pull an argument from authority here, Arch. The ideas standor fall on their own merit. Franken's analysis about conservatives and patriotism perfectly characterizes you. Wilson, well, he thinks Pakistan is a democracy.