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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:07 PM EDT)>> Don't blame me for your choice of men april. I've been divorced too.. and in my case from a wonderful woman who thinks the same of me.. we're still the very best friends.. I could care less what you believe you know about me april. the truth is, you know nothing, and anything you believe you know has been fed to you either as lies, or as elements of the truth that you've taken and distorted because you hate men. I'm not the man you divorced who you claim is a manipulative psychopath. And why with the emotional problems your friend tells me you have would I believe that you are capable of discerning between me and this man you claim has so badly damaged you I don't know. But I thought you had more sense than that even though i was told you don't..

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:08 PM EDT)>> I never treated you badly and was nothing but kind to you. Unless your meds have made you forget that, you know that's true.

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:09 PM EDT)>> I was also more than kind and honest with mystic, whether you choose to believe that or not.

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:31 PM EDT)>> meanwhile, if i'm in an arguement with someone I believe is undermining certain principles that i see as important, such as honesty and integrity and character, then it's not really your business or even in your own interest to insert yourself, no matter how much personal enmity, however well founded you think it might be.

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:32 PM EDT)>> as you say... just my thoughts.... and i hope you consider them... saves a lot of people a lot of trouble in the long run...

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:34 PM EDT)>> and btw? whether you know it or not, i make it a habit to consider private conversation just that... private...

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:36 PM EDT)>> and please don't pretend those who I take to task for their lack of honesty and integrity are "weak and too kind". You're either saying that for affect just because you dislike me or because you're simply not thinking about it... either way, you're wrong.

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:37 PM EDT)>> Do what you wish april.. i have no control over you, and don't really care one way or the other anymore what you do. I was doing my best to protect you and mystic, but your choices are your own...

Livid: <<(08/29/06 3:38 PM EDT)>> we all have choices we make, right or wrong.. they're "our" choices.. yours are no different.

And he is SUPPOSED to be a kind gentleman? Well, with men like him, who needs one? Sorry guys, I know not ALL men are psychopathic, egotistical, self-centered, abusive, ASSHOLES! Although I could easily believe so, considering my personal experiences with men, to include all men in with the group of twisted, supposed men would be ignorant, and I am not ignorant nor am I bitter enough to have given up all hope for the male gender.

Also, Livid... though I am mentally ill, I am not completely insane. I know this because I have been informed that insane people don't know that they are insane, so I will do you a favor.... YOU are a psychopath, seek immediate psychiatric help as soon as possible, for your safety and the safety of those around you, you NEED help. Good luck with that.


AnonymousPoster said...

I would imagine, if the truth be known, that Livid is an abuser. His behavior is tyical. At first he is a verbal abuser. He puts down people in order to make them think they are inferior in a way to gain power over them. Just look at the comments he makes and the way he manipulates what someone says. Im sure sooner or later he becomes physically abusive as well since that's the typical progression. Once it dawned on me what he is, I realized hes not worth toying with. Just another person on a power trip. Dont allow his comments to get under your skin, April. He really doesnt matter.

Livid said...

Wow... So I'm an abuser eh? And you're "sure" sooner or later it becomes "physical"??? Just how low do you sink into your bitter little paranoid mind AP/V? I have never touched a woman (or girl) in anger in my entire life, not even as a child. Let me say that again. NEVER!!!!! Not even when they're as hateful and bitter as you.... but then I've never seen anyone as hateful and bitter and fearful as you.

Facetious Muse said...

April thank you so much for having the courage to bring to light Livid's true personality.

I'm asking people now to take a moment and think. Think about all you know of Livid, April and myself.

Livid you really are a work of art, you will stop at nothing to sooothe your bruised ego of my refusals to your many advancements towards me.

You want to keep your private life, private? Could that be that if people knew your true motives with the opening of yoru room & reasons for your attacks, you would be found out? See Livid yo threaten my friends & even some that were not my friends, but neither deserved your BULLSHIT!!

YOu talk about freedom, yet you are the most clueless person I know when it comes to true freedoms. YOu are a gnat in the bigh scheme of life and it drives you insane.

I know that you counted on me staying quiet due to my health, pain & kindness. I knew the only way to 'prove' (your word) you weren't as you seemed was to embarrass you. This is something I really hate to do, to cause anyone discomfort of any kind. YOu talk as though you know me, when in fact you know nothing of me. YOu lied Livid and you got busted, plain and simple.

Now your assumptions that I would stay quiet and take your BS would have been correct...if you didn't attack my friends. To date there are 4 friends of mine that have let me know all you have been up to in the way of trying to discredit me. You have been very rude and downright mean to some that refuse to 'side in' with you. Now this has been as recently as last week, but you say that you let it go, what a fucking joke.

Livid enough is enough, now is the time for your mask to be removed for the world to see your true face. I am done being nice!

April again thank you so much for doing what I couldn't. Thank you for defending me when I wasn't able to. Thank you for having the guts to finnally show Livid for what he truely is. Mostly thank you for giving me the courage to do what I should have done a month ago, you are a wonderful friend, no one could ask for better.

Soon Livid you will be exposed (again your words) for you true reasons for all the bullshit you have been doing lately. It is time for this BS to stop and since I'm the one with the 'proof' and I am the one you are truely pissed off at, I guess I have no choice but to expose your lies and your agenda. Let the games begin!! (remember Livid this was your doing, you keep asking for proof, you keep attacking, you keep being an ass, not me)

Now that I think about it, you bitch that you want your private life to be your own, yet you dragged me into your personal problems, wanting things from me, but I guess I am not allowed by your way of thinking to talk to my friends about my private life. I guess I'm not to ask my friends opinions of a man I just 'meet' on pal that needs my help. I guess I am just to go meet an unknown man and hope I don't end up on the nightly news. What an idiot you must have thought I was.

Just_April1974 said...

{{~Mystic~}} You know me, I just couldn't stand by and watch him play the games he has been playing and get away with it. He has been allowed to hurt and manipulate people for so long, he has grown used to walking on anyone he choses to, well... not with me! Love ya sweety, and thank YOU for being such a dear friend to me. XOXOXOXOs

Livid said...

I never make advances unless prompted to do so, which is exactly what you did. It was and is you who started that routine. You kept me up all night more than once for that reason alone. I'll admit it was mutual, but I wasn't the one who began it. Why else did you send me love poetry you said you wrote for me? I have that email if you'd like to see it Mystic. Sure, I'm single, and for the first time in a long time, unattached. Why wouldn't I wish to see someone who expressed a great deal of interest in me, who told me all sorts of things about herself, all of them wonderful indeed. You even sent a photo of yourself, the one you have on your profile. However you never had a different one and you refused to go on cam for others to see. That reminds me of Virginia a lot Mystic. I always suspected she was other than a handsome woman and when challenged would not go on cam. I did Mystic, and have often. Why is it that you remain hidden?

It's interesting you would cite 4 friends Mystic. Tell ya what! You cant even produce one who before today and my responses to you and April I've spoken to in any negative way about you at all. When warned about you by my friends, I said very little until it became plain even to me you were a liar. I've learned over time about your "phantom friends and family", so why should anyone believe you now? And yet, the very first day I quit your room, you were talking to anyone who would listen, including ON THE MIC the evening of your selection of Virginia for admin. Those who were there told me you took the mic and talked about my personal life.

That was well over a month ago Mystic, and you've been talking ever since. Gawd, even April I've said nothing to about you, aside from today's PM where I "only" alluded to her being misled by others.

By the way, it wasn't just meet who said I wanted to meet you. Several times you suggested specific days. Yes, I truly thought you might be someone worth meeting Mystic, but I found out very quickly, and just in time, you're nothing but trouble.

Since you're so big on breaking confidences, how about you tell us something about your life? Is what Dommie and Abbey said true? Did you in fact lie about having a son killed in Iraq? If you did, that's a horrific and painful thing, and something of great sorrow for you and everyone. However, if what Dommie and Abbey and a bunch of others said is true, and you "used" that in the room to create sympathy, that's despicable and an offense to the mothers who have given their most precious possessions in time of war.

Your job, the phones you had that worked only sometimes, and the frequent changes in phone numbers, your daughter who never seems to be around, the husband you say abused you, the friend who suddenly shows up when you "say" you're in the hospital, and so many other questions now come to mind. I'll be happy to go downtown Chicago and stand in front of Sears Tower for anyone who wishes to see me, to talk to me, to see who and what I am. How about you Mystic? Will you do the same? Why do I think you won't? Is it because you're not who you say you are? Is it because you've lied about just about everything? Personally, that's what I believe. Prove me wrong!

Facetious Muse said...

Livid do not bring my child into this, you low down scum. I have nothing to prove to your stupid ass about my private life. And here you again fuck yourself, some have even talked to my child you idiot. Work sometimes? What an Idiot told you I was laid off and then I started a new job, or you talking ablout when I was off work due to health reasons?

Meet you? You are still trying to get me to meet you? Wrote you a love letter? YOu sent me some of your poems, something I also do is write poetry, I tell you so. You ask if I have any poems to share I sent you some. Now not one of those poems were written for you, in fact they are poems that I have had on one of my websites for about 3 years now. So I don't see how you could say I sent you a love poem. hell even my one blog has poems in it that are a bit passionate.

Me go on cam & I have been challenged many times to be on cam? Both a lie, not all of us see the reason to spend money on a stupid pc cam just to see yourselves.

You asked me to meet you, over and over again, did I ever meet you? Did I ever say 'hey we need to meet?' Nope I sure didn'And I am a coward if I don't meet you at the Sears Towers? I would be more incline to say I was a complete idiot if I did go to meet a man I don't know. Someone that no one I know, knows him. To go see a man that has used veiled threats, and then I guess I am to hope and trust I won't end up on the national news, because you tell me to trust you?
God you really must think I am a complete idiot.

hey I thought you said you weren't going to post, comment, or even come to read here anymore? Another lie, huh?

Facetious Muse said...

Another thing I didnt tell you my ex abused me, what a liar you are. Wow and Livid my phone worked fine, how else did I get all of your pm's, hmmmm? As far as changes in my phone give me a break, I still have my cell number from Ohio and I am in Chicago. I have the same phone number I have had since coming to Chicago and I have an internet phone as well. And you bring up my son, to make those memories fresh in my mind again? What does that say about you? Were you there? Were you even in paltalk SI when I read the last letter from my son? How dare you bring my son up. You do it just to hurt me and everyone can see that. Thank you Livid for the nightmares I will have for the next few weeks. I hope you find some small comfort in the pain you just caused me. And to say if it did happen you are sorry,doesn't make it ok. it doesn't take away the pain, or bringing the memories that I have tried to keep at bay , fresh to my mind. Thank you for making me remember the coldness of my son. Thank you for reminding me of the pain I felt when it truly dawned on me I no longer had a son. Thank you for remeinding of the guilt I felt, cause I couldn't stop him from going. Thank you ever so much Livid.

Just_April1974 said...

Wow Livid, you must feel like a REAL MAN! Like some of the other nameless men who insult women who's son's gave their life for this country! As a mother who has lost a child, (and yes you sorry bastard, I CAN prove it) I can say, that should another man EVER punch you dead off in the mouth, that I hope you would remember your words here and feel so much guilt that it makes you puke! And as far as the others you accused of having said that Mystic lied about even having a son that served in Iraq, I ASKED them personally if they ever said such a thing, and they emphatically denied it! If in fact they did say it, all I can say is they better pray to God, if they believe in one, that their fucked up karma doesn't come back to shred THEIR hearts into a million pieces, and then park a one ton weight of hell flat on top of their chest that NEVER goes away!!!!!! THAT is what you feel like after you have lost a child! Particularly if you have done CPR on that child like I did, held your warm lips to your childs cold soulless lips, begging for God to give her/him back to you, willing to walk through hell for an eternity just to bring them back, to touch their ice cold hands, and to feel like you were there and brought them into this world, you should have had the chance to be there, to hold them, to touch them, when they left it!! You are THE sorriest, rottenest pile of skunk shit I have ever had the horror to be aquainted with, and I hope you vanish from PalTalk forever!