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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Hmmm, so you turned your hat in at Banned cause of Jay and Virginia, Livid? Well the way I rememeber it is that you turned in your hat(e) when I refused to let a chatter have a reddot for the day, cause they sent you a nasty pm after you red dotted them. Livid I know that you are getting up in age so here let me refresh your memory (yes I saved the pm).

Mystic Sea Maiden: i am not backing down people do not get red dot for day for nasty pm to an admin

Mystic Sea Maiden: you told me and I'm copy & paste:

Mystic Sea Maiden: Livid: If I red dot someone for a TOS violation, and I tell them in the room text it will be for 5 minutes, and they then PM me, and abuse me even though I've explained the violation to them, and even then they continue it even more, I will tell them they are dotted for the day.

Mystic Sea Maiden: Livid tpld you i am not playing thsi game you threaten to leave as admin anytime I disagree with you

Mystic Sea Maiden: not going to do it

Livid: i'm not threatening.. i simple told you i do not wish to hat under these circumstances..

The most abusive thing this chatter pmed Livid was he was like Hilter (I will post this pm too that Livid copied and pasted to me, when I get that chatter's ok, which I am sure I will)

Wow, bet a few are surprised to hear that Livid didn't leave as an admin due to Jay or Virginia, he left because I would not back down to his request, (something I shamefully admit to doing a few times in issues regarding the room Banned) this is a known fact to some, you don't just have to take my word for it.

Now on to little Livid's denial of trying to control April through me, since he knows we are friends.

Livid: don't answer me then.

Mystic Sea Maiden: well i am going to think about not being able to post when and how i want livid sorry but i am

Mystic Sea Maiden: if you dont understand that

Mystic Sea Maiden: well then you can make your own answer for me

Mystic Sea Maiden:you got upset at the little comment i made at virginia blog

Livid: you AND april...

Livid: and don't tell me you have no control of april..

Mystic Sea Maiden:i do not have control of her

Mystic Sea Maiden: i do not have control over anyone, no one should control another person

Now that pm was when he was trying to be nice, here's another one when Livid got a wee bit upset at me telling him I don't control April.

Mystic Sea Maiden: and i have no control over april or anyone else for that matter

Livid: well you'd better get control over april because she is rapidly pushing her own personal agenda into yanking you into it.

Got to love the way Livid tries to tear two friends apart by suggesting April is pushing her agenda on me. The only 'agenda' I saw April doing was defending a friend that was under attack & recovering from a hospital stay. There are more pm from little Livid telling me to control April; but he is growing smarter, yesterday he pulled me into a private room (refused to allow me to speak) and TOLD me what I was to do and not do. Now Livid in case you haven't clued in to my answer, it is NO!!!!!!!

I have meet all types on paltalk , but never one as controlling as Livid. Now I am sure a few of his 'friends' will come attack me and April and I don't care. Some of them are the same ones that choose to believe everything Livid fed them, without bothering to research the issues at hand. Quite ironically Livid whined to a few, accusing of them of not coming to get his side of the story, while he had people that never even came into Banned or even talk to me defend him. Soon it will become clear to everyone that has half a brain, why Livid is doing the things he has been doing. I just hope until that time no one else is conned by his BULLSHIT LIES!!!!

People really need to stop and think, those of you that know me have you ever seen me attack a person on pal besides Jes for her horrid remarks about my pain, something else Livid thought he could use against me. Livid tried saying I lied about what she texted in room, when he wasn't even in SI rooms and when Jes did it in a full room for all to see. Was I not always fair no matter what party one was from? Yet, some just think Livid is a saint that he would never have a personal agenda, although none of us knew Livid till what 8 to 10 weeks ago?

Ladies it is time to stop creaming over Livid's soft voice and charming way with words, cause trust me he isn't like that at all when he isn't conning. Men time to show that real men still exist, men that would never ever threaten a woman. Men that would never try to con a woman, real men!!!

Now attack away Livid, but keep in mind I have every right in the world to defend myself, something I should have done a month ago!!!

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~
~~~~~Sweetest Smiles~~~~~


FRisson1 said...

Mystic how dare you say "Ladies it is time to stop creaming over Livid's soft voice and charming way words" Are you insinuating we are a lot of empty minded females mooning over a men in a chat program? Many of us are free thinking, self confident women who enjoys good political conversation with both men and women. We neither want to be conjoled and sweet talked by men nor do we want to be demeaned by men who make sexual remarks about women when they are loosing an argument.

You yourself sabotaged your room, when you made Virginia and Jay admins. Why are you blaming Livid? As soon as I came in the room and saw that Virginia was an admin, I made the statement in text: "Well if Virginia is an admin this room I am out of here and I certainly won't be back." I immediately left Banned. I had no idea that Livid was no longer admining nor did it matter to me.

Later I joined a room of chatters that were Banned regulars that was the first time I new anything about the Magnum situation, which they explained to me. I too was sick of listening to the demeaning rhetoric that MP spewed on a regular basis and totally agreed that something had to be done about his disgusting graphic sexual meandering.

I didn't understand why if mothers could be put on a permanent red dot, why it was unreasonable to permanently red dot MP. At this point I was told that Livid was no longer going to be an admin.

As far as I can see there is no reason that you can't keep Banned open, what is stopping you? Other than it is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. There can never be enough good non partisan on Paltalk

Facetious Muse said...

As far as my remarks goes to time for women to stop creaming over Livid is directed only at a few. I did NOT apply you or any one female. I know that there were females (most of them in fact) that statement does not apply to. But there are and were some females that were blindly following Livid. Hell he even had some come from his old adult room to help defend him. People that knew nothing of the issues at hand.

Frisson so if this offended you, I'm sorry. But I don't see why you would think I am saying this of you. Again I apologize if I somehow, mistakenly made you feel as through I was talking about you, personally.

As far as your blog goes, I would love to come and see it. Sadly I didn't know you had a blog.

I hope there are no hard feelings

Facetious Muse said...

Frisson another thing I feel you should know, I never removed red dot from MP, nor did I say I would. Look around in the blog you will find the pm where I told livid I was not going to remove MP dot. Ask JC or April if I ever or ever was going to remove MP dot. As far as Mothers goes, Livid was the loudest voice in having her red dotted perm, ask around don't just take my word for it.
I hope there are no hard feelings

Jay156 said...

It does my heart good to know that I can create chaos among the shitstains!