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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Over at Virgina's blog they have this new blogger named hattila the hen (chickenshit is more like it) and boy oh boy must she be a recent gradulate of the Vic Ferrari School of Neonuts and Nazi Jackasses. The first thing she does is try to post a article on what she views is the death of liberals but protesting WalMarts. Oh Jesusfuck, way to go, Chickenhawk! In case you haven't heard about Walmart, it was found to be guitly of illegal hiring practices. Not only does Chickenshit support Walmart, she is supporting businesses breaking the law, she must own quite a few shares in the company for her to post a blog like that.

Man, I hope someone sues the shit out of CA for invasion of privacy for posting pictures of women who are getting abortions. I support the pro-choice movement and I am proud of it and if I see anyone taking pictures of women outside of abortion clinics, I will go up to them and take their camera and shove it up their ass. That is not right and it is unlawful. CA better stop it or he will be sharing a bunk next to Bubba for a few years.

Livid- I think its time you stopped the war with AP, Virginia and the rest of them. It was funny for a moment, now its like I go to see the comments on my posts and its like having to read The Stand by Stephen King. Thank you.

I wonder if I should hack the conservative think blog and replace it with the writings of Al Franken? Yeah, thats a good idea. I bet old attila the chickenshit would have a stroke. (LOL).

Thats it for now and Jesus, all the missing rattler writers are in my basement, we are cooking up something big for the neocon jackasses. More Details soon.

Got to Run. That tattler writer is outside my house singing again with the full band and 70 person choir.



Livid said...

Now Z... I wouldn't ask you to stop sabre rattlin' words against Virginia or Attilla the Hen or Vic Ferrari or CA or any of the other "Neonuts and Nazis" you take to task on a frequent basis now would I? C'mon man! Fair is fair! Why should you have all the fun? (chuckling)

Actually it's been a full 2 days (maybe longer) since I've jerked AP/V's chain, and in fact, my last reference to her in the comments' section of my last "education" entry was actually pleasant, inclusive and even complimentary. While I promise not to invade and occupy, I do reserve the right as always to a "measured response" if and when she launches another misguided missile my way. (chuckling)

Anyway, a somewhat tenuous cease fire already exists Z. Please note I never begin hostilities, but only react in kind when attacked. Like you Z, I'll always do that and will support anyone else who does.

BTW, and as an aside for no reason than my typical ramble, I may be the only person left on earth who has never read Stephen King. I'm also the only man left who hasn't been to a Hooters! In the former case, it's just that I'm not big on that genre of writing. Plus, there's enough horror going on in our own administration without seeking it out. In the latter case, avoiding Hooters has become a source of pride that harkens back to my old hippy days when one of the issues of the day was womens' rights. Hooters is such a transparently corporate belittling of women I refuse to drop a nickel in their coffers even though I'm told the wings are pretty damned good. LOL!!

I'm on the same page as you as regards your comment on CA; I'd like to do something about that too. What he's doing MUST be illegal in some way. Since it didn't occur on PT, they have no authority, not that they'd care anyway unless it threatened to cause them problems. Perhaps JC will provide us with the site in question and I can sort of try to run it to ground from there. Wherever it resides may have policy or rules about it, and perhaps contacting them will at least remove the site. Still, I'd like to see CA prosecuted for this offense, or as you say, "sued". If he's posting logistical information about these women, maybe we can contact them directly to inform them. At minimum that makes them and the clinics aware of potential danger, and perhaps they will take actions of their own.

JC? Can you provide more detail and site link for follow up?

Z? A last comment here, nice basement!! Kudos! I particularly like the open bar. One can never have too much libation while planning the demise of the "neocon jackass" movement. LOL!!

Regards as always,

Michelle said...

Livid I think the only thing that can be done about that site is to trace the vehicles license plates or alert the clinic that woman used and inform them that one of their patients privacy rights have been violated. So, if someone can provide the site and information, perhaps we all can call the clinic and make them aware of the situation. I think it is up to the patient to take action against CA or the website owner. Here is a court case that concerns this very issue:
Woman's lawsuit against Illinois abortion protesters settled
I do not agree with the outcome of this story. But, I think there was a separate lawsuit with the hospital.

Michelle said...

ZM, I usually do not wander over to that blog you mentioned, but since I did bring up the topic of Walmart I decided to go read what was wrote about my comments. It is really typical that they would pick the Walmart topic out of all of these very intellectual topics and most certainly more important right now (education) to comment. It is astounding they would defend this company, but I am not surprised. That is their view. I look at the facts and the human factor of Walmart. If anyone watched the movie "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices," you would know what I mean. If anyone researched what decades of Walmart business practices, you would also know what I mean. If you want to group my comments and opinions with liberals, I think you should talk to the American farmers and business owners that have been victims of Walmart. That is where that ends to me. Here are some links and perhaps people will read them, and perhaps they will not.
The Walmart You Don't Know

Wal-Mart's Agenda: A Right Wing America
From coast-to-coast, the American people want good jobs, affordable health care, and a better life for their families. But, big and powerful corporations like Wal-Mart are standing in the way by supporting a right-wing agenda to take America in the wrong direction.

Wal-Mart is contributing millions of dollars to right-wing causes and special interest groups to use our democracy against the best interests of the American people.

Just look at Wal-Mart's right-wing vision for America:


-Wal-Mart lobbied for trade agreements to make it easier to outsource American jobs. Wal-Mart imports $18 billion in goods from China.


-Wal-Mart vehemently opposed fair share health care legislation. Fair Share Health Care bills would require large profitable corporations, like Wal-Mart, to pay more to provide their employees and their dependents with affordable health care.

-Currently, Wal-Mart's unaffordable health care leaves more than half of its employees (over 700,000 employees) without company health care at a cost to U.S. taxpayers of $1.39 billion every year.


-Wal-Mart fought against a living wage bill in Chicago and even threatened to stop building stores, if the people of Chicago required Wal-Mart to be a responsible corporate citizen.

-The average Wal-Mart employee makes $2,000 below the national poverty line for a family of four.


-Wal-Mart put its own self-interest ahead of America's national security. By using its special interest lobby organization (RILA), Wal-Mart opposed proposals to strengthen port security because Wal-Mart was concerned these new port security measures would slow down its imports from countries like China. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart’s wishes put America’s security at risk.

The truth is - Wal-Mart's right wing policies are wrong for you and wrong for America.

But, then again, we are not surprised given the fact that Wal-Mart has hired some of the most extreme right-wing operatives in America today. And, if you don't believe us, go to: and find out how desperate a $300 billion dollar company just became.

abunch of greedy right wing liars who work for walmart.

All one has to do is Google Human rights and wal-mart. The information is endless and it is right there in your face. The big dilemma here is whether it is too late to turn these practices that Walmart uses around? It is all about accountability. Walmart has none and this administration has none. So, no I am not surprised they defended Walmart. All really good traitors like the foundations of America to crumble.

Livid said...

Michelle.. Expecting the crew at Virginia's blog to be fair or even to take a look at the "truth" isn't going to happen. In fact, I'm so angry having "just" visited that site, I've committed myself to go after that blog, its owner and participants to (at minimum) have their service terminated, investigate legal remedies and then do whatever I can to push forward with the CA issue.

I'm truly fed up with those who will lie, slander, libel or otherwise cause harm and potential danger, such as that imposed by CA's publishing photos of clinics and women seeking legal medical treatment. It takes a mountain of abuse to anger me, and my nick is generally in contrast to my disposition, but that's all been changed with just a few keystrokes. Then we'll just all go up the ladder and expose the Walmarts and Bushes of the world, and bring them all to some semblance of justice too.

Revolutionaries aren't born; they are created when injustice and lies and harm are placed upon them and those close to them until they reach that point where anger and righteous indignation take over. I'm there now finally, and it's about time.

JC? I'd like the site you reference in your entry about CA. I want to run that to ground at least partially over the weekend as time is at a premium next week. Any other info you can provide aside from what you've written in your blog would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

now livid

AnonymousPoster said...

I was reading Livid's comment about a cease fire and I was thinking to myself..."where are my boots? Its getting deep!" lmao

Send me the damn link to CA's site. I will do something about it. You guys are going to complain and talk for days about something needing to be done while nothing gets done. So typical of men! Send me the link. I will do it myself.

Facetious Muse said...

I looked into Ohio state law, all I need is the site to be able to report it. Someone an offline me or something if they wish.

Livid said...

AP? Things changed a bit, and the cease fire was broken by ConservativeThink (or a contributor. Now all bets are off, and so are the gloves. Depending on what I find out about a number of things, at minimum the offending writer will be held personally responsible. I've already begun that process and have received positive responses. Depending on what happens next, it appears the service of that blog can and will be terminated if I press the matter. I'm not sure at this point in my anger if I will have the blog itself terminated, or just the offending writer. That may depend on the blog owner, or the specific contributor if you catch my drift.

As for CA, Muse is willing and able to track what appears to be CA's illegal actions as am I. Should you wish to be involved, that too is fine. The more the merrier to accomplish something right for a change. It's time we hold people in cyberspace accountable for their words and their actions. I've had enough BS to last me a lifetime, and the minor simmer that I experience from time to time, has now gone to full boil. I've been sitting on my hands long enough and I'll not do that again. A lot of folks here feel the same as me, and all it takes is that opening blow to begin to topple the structure of those who would cause harm and injury to others out of bitterness, envy, fear and hate. If you're truly interested in helping with this AP, I applaud that, and welcome anything you can do to see justice done in the case of CA's crime.

AnonymousPoster said...

The FBI would also be very interested. After the bombing of the abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama and Eric Rudolph, they take these things VERY seriously.

Livid said...

Cut and paste for CA's website.

Keep people aware of any progress any of you might make or what's been done..

Livid said...

Is anyone else having difficulty getting CA's website to come up? I get the home page and the waving flag, but the picture boxes have no pics and I can't access links to other parts of his website.

Has anyone been able to access CA's blog in its entirety? I've tried since last night with no success.

SLINK90 said...

poor livid,,,,,,,,.
you are the biggest puusy on paltalk livid.

Michelle said...

Livid, I was able to access the website. I had problems with the abortion clinic information coming up. It did eventually pop up, just give it time. I wrote down the numbers to those clinics in the area he is protesting to inform or ask them if they are aware of the website. They have toll free numbers if anyone else wants to contact them with the information. I also took down the number for the security firm from the car on the photographs.

I saved the page, so I can link it in here if anyone is interested in the numbers?

Facetious Muse said...

Hi Michelle, I had contacted a cople of peole, but if you got the numbers (besides the ones showing on MP site) I would love to have them. Thank you very much

Michelle said...

Sorry Muse, those are the only numbers I have are from CA's site. Here is the direct link:

clinic information

I just had too much work yesterday to concentrate on this topic. Today I was going to make my calls.

Livid said...

Very nice work Michelle, truly.. It sounds like you and muse (and perhaps others) are hard on the trail. My availability on a consistent basis (real life intervening..heh heh) is taking a hit and as you may have noticed, I have some other (albeit smaller and less significant) fish to fry. Doesn't mean I won't be on Pal, just not nearly as much.

Muse? You mentioned the FBI. That's a good avenue to take. You may recall I mentioned a similar incident online where the FBI got that site taken down, and it wasn't until their involvement that it happened. Turned out there was some federal law against it and the site disappeared immediately upon their intervention.

Please keep us (me) informed even through email if you choose. Should you run into a barrier that is troubling and you'd like an extra shoulder to the wheel who's used to shoving his way up the official chain of command in order to gain an ear willing to listen, I'd be more than happy to do whatever I can. I've been doing it for years professionally and would love to use it for a good cause like this.

Anyway, I'm at your disposal as needed, but it sure looks like you're moving quickly and in determined fashion and I think everyone with a conscience is thankful for your compassionate efforts. BTW, not kidding here, it truly warms my spirit to see this. Michelle, if you want my email address let me know in offline PM. I hesitate to give it out in a blog because it has my full name in it. Muse.. I think you already have it.

ASS_Link? It's spelled "pussy" and if you don't have any positive input, or anything of value at all (as you never do), don't take up space and time here. Keep all your redundant commas to yourself! Real adults are talking here so go watch cartoons or something..eyeroll!

Michelle said...

I contacted Dr. Ruddock at the Center for Women's Health. He gave me some very informative information regarding conserative atheist. He also talked extensively about the history of people that have tried to kill him, stalk him and his family, and about someone that killed and gutted his daughter's cat. The things he was telling me was crazy. He gave me a few contact numbers and I contacted the National Abortion Federation and made them aware of the site. So, we shall see who calls me back. If any of you want to contact the federation, the number is:

After talking to Dr. Ruddock it is clear that these people can become extremists. He is always watching his back in case one of them pulls out a gun. He told me many incidences in his life that have been threatening. I wish I had been able to write faster, but that is also his private information. So, if you all want to call these numbers and alert other clinics of Mr. Patrick (conservative atheist), I am sure they will be just as cooperative as have the people I have talked to on the phone. If the contact that the doctor gave me contacts me I will keep you all informed. The person you want to talk to is a Chris Quinn. He investigates these lunatics. I hope this helps. The doctor was very grateful that concerned citizens were getting involved. If someone does have a radio show, you might want to contact Dr. Ruddock to see if he would like to talk to people about his history dealing with these criminals. The sad and scary part of it all, some of these people that have wanted to harm his family have been known pedophiles and have a history of mental illness.

Livid said...

Michelle, All I can say is "WOW"! While nothing really surprises us about fanatics, especially those who see themselves as "conservative", it's stunning anyway. The true peril doctors and clinicians abide is as frightening as it is criminally insane.

In any case, I think I'll find some time tomorrow to follow up with Chris Quinn to see if contacting the FBI can assist in this matter. What amazing work you've done Michelle. Thank you just isn't enough to say.

Thank you Thank you Thank you,