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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I allowed MP to make remarks on mic in the room? Ok Livid another lie you are caught in. When it was bought to your attention of MP saying those things, it was other chatters that called you into a private room to tell you they had received those types of pm, NOT that it was in the room. I still have that pm of yours and where I tell you the red dot was not going to be removed. In fact let me post it for you,I don't blame you for being confused, I know the memory is the first to go.
Livid: let's see.. that's about the 7th time you said i dotted for a PM.
Livid: i don't care what you asked or who you asked..

Mystic Sea Maiden: you told me and i am copy & paste:
Mystic Sea Maiden: Livid: If I red dot someone for a TOS violation, and I tell them in the room text it will be for 5 minutes, and they then PM me, and abuse me even though I've explained the violation to them, and even then they continue it even more, I will tell them they are dotted for the day
Mystic Sea Maiden: you told me you dotted him for day for pm he sent you

Livid: and that's BS anyway.. you can ask a question in a way that gets the right answer.. i do that for a living..

Livid: ystic Sea Maiden: ok now wih admin room are you done as admin?

Mystic Sea Maiden: i would hate to lose you but i do undersand you have so much on your mind
Mystic Sea Maiden just sent you a nudge!
Mystic Sea Maiden: livid told you i am not playing thsi gane you threaten to leave as admin anytime i disagree with you
Mystic Sea Maiden: not going to do it

Livid: i'm not threatening.. i simple told you i do not wish to hat under these circumstances..
Livid: look.. you came online.. immediately changed the decision JC and i had to make in your absense yesterday.. then you changed the dot decision, and you proceeded to make me WELL aware that you are going to run the room even though i've been doing it almost by myself for the past 3 weeks.. tell me dreama??? exactly what is hard for you to understand about any of this???

Mystic Sea Maiden: wait one fucking min
Livid: meanwhile, i simple said, ok.. it's your room..
Livid: do as you wish..

Mystic Sea Maiden: i didnt say red dot couldnt be on MP
Mystic Sea Maiden: so you are wrong tehre
Mystic Sea Maiden: and i talked to JC yesterday about it
Mystic Sea Maiden: and aoril

Livid: no i'm not wrong because there's more to it than you have any idea about..

Mystic Sea Maiden: you are wrong being a brat to me
Mystic Sea Maiden: about teh damn room can we call a temp truce for the day

Livid: and april wasn't in on any of it.. and JC was in on the last of it..
Livid: look... april, jc, MP, mothers, the TOS.. none of that is the issue..
Livid: i was backed into a wall by several women.. all who DEMANDED we ban MP...
Livid: never mind.. you're not going to listen.. and that's not the issue anyway..

Mystic Sea Maiden: i talked to JC too about it
Livid: forget april.. forget JC.. they aren't the issue.
Livid: if you want to discuss the problem here, i'm all for it
Mystic Sea Maiden: real issue is I hate you threaten me with admining whenever i disagree with you
Livid: none of that is the issue..

Livid: <<(07/31/06 10:57 PM EDT)>> Mystic Sea Maiden: heres I ask karl if you would like to continue admining since you said you were no longer going to admin

Mystic Sea Maiden: i asked you several times
Mystic Sea Maiden: you said you would not be admining
Mystic Sea Maiden: and you got your room you will have open

Livid: so why, if you're the one who told him i was leaving (which btw in my book was very sneaky) did you accuse me of talking to him myself?
Mystic Sea Maiden: you will do your best to make sure room fails
Mystic Sea Maiden: gotten too many wanings from too many peo;plle
Mystic Sea Maiden: so hey I hope they are wrong

Livid: this isn't a warning..
Mystic Sea Maiden: but if not no biggie
Mystic Sea Maiden: but if i am wrong i apology

Now in this pm I think one can see that I neither lied nor allowed MP to say rude things in the room. Get this Ladies and gentlemen, I was not even on paltalk for a couple of days when this accorded. Not only that, but JC (who was also an admin of Banned) was present when some chatters brought to Livid's attention of pm they said they received from MP. Livid and JC were pulled into a private room, and then April (who also was an admin) by these chatters that said they received horrid pm from MP. NOT that is was ever done in the room. Those horrid remarks that MP was to make, were made to certain chatters in PM. Then the chatters pulled Livid and then JC followed by April into a private room to request that MP be banned from Banned. The agreement was made by Livid and JC to put a perm red dot on MP. I simply asked Livid; when I got back to paltalk what had happened. He got very upset when I had some questions, like did you see the pm or was it only in pm and did these chatters report this to a paltalk red admin. I have made part of the pm red so show you these. Now let's not forget that JC was adminning in the room too at this time, NEVER did MP say those remark in the room, not on mic nor text.
So here is yet, another lie of Livid's that he has gotten caught in. See not only this time I have the pm, there were other people present at the time this incident occurred. Also Livid leads one to believe I was in room or even on pal when this happened, well there are people that know I was not in room and know it was never done on room. Plus....I still have the VM from Livid when he called to tell me about the incident with MP. So here we got him in two lies with more proof than just pm's.

On to the remarks made about me asking Karl if you would remain an admin if Livid was no longer an admin was done for two reasons.
1> Livid had already quit the room and as you can see in the pm's, he quit NOT because of Jay and Virginia, as he first said. Nor did he quit due to MP, for one can see in the pm that never once did I say the red dot was going to be removed from MP. He left due to his ego and the fact that I would not keep a red dot on a person for sending an admin a nasty pm.
2> I ask Karl along with three other admins if they would continue admining if Livid wasn't an admin, the reasons I asked them is simple, there were four people that Livid asked to admin and Karl was one of them. Now since they accepted a hat from Livid, I didn't want them to feel obligated to me simply because I was the room owner. I also did not want them to worry I might be upset if they didn't want to admin any longer, to let them know I completely understand and no hard feelings ever and to let them know I was more than grateful if they choose to stay.

Why did I ask Livid if he talked to Karl, I think that is an easy one to figure out as Livid's true colors begin to shine through. What he did leave out in that pm if you look is this

Mystic Sea Maiden: you will do your best to make sure room fails
Mystic Sea Maiden: gotten too many wanings from too many peo;plle
Mystic Sea Maiden: so hey I hope they are wrong

Livid: this isn't a warning..
Mystic Sea Maiden: but if not no biggie
Mystic Sea Maiden: but if i am wrong i apology

So now we have; just in Livid's last post, 3 lies.
1>He admitted he didn't quit due to Jay & Virginia, as he has previously said.
2> He lied and said MP made those remarks in the room
3>He lied and said he quit due to MP incident, but as you can see in this pm, Livid quit due to a nasty pm he received from a chatter and me not agreeing with keeping a red dot on a chatter for the day or perm due to that reason.
Oh wait there are more lies in his last posting, he said that I admitted to lying, but I don't see where I lied, do you? Did anyone else noticed that Livid said: Livid: look... april, jc, MP, mothers, the TOS.. none of that is the issue.. so he is admitting his real problem isn't MP, wonder what it could have been?

Now I really hate this type of bullshit and my apologies to everyone this offends, but I really truly did try to let this go, Livid continued his attack and then he bought up my son and threaten me with a stupid lawsuit or who knows what else he was implying when he told me to stay out of his way(it was veiled) Then he tops it off by attacking friends of mine and April is not the only one Livid has tried to bully.

Livid this can stop now, it is up to you. Know that I'm not going to back down this time, I will defend myself and my friends, I can't allow my friends to be attacked, it just isn't right.


Eff25 said...

Could less time be spent on sharing Pal Talk moderator fights among some of you and others, and more on commentaries and rebuttals?