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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For the sake of perspective and accuracy, let's take a look at what precipitated April's entry (further down in this blog). The following is the unedited "entirety" of April's PM (attack) on me, to which I responded. I had a feeling she was recording it as she (and others) have done before, and I've learned in order to insure accuracy, to do the same. It's stupid to have to go to such measures, but such is life on Paltalk. I would have hoped she had included the words she wrote to me which caused my response, but since she didn't, I do so here!

April has been made the instrument of others to spread complete and utter lies about me. In case you've not seen Virginia's blog, you likely aren't aware of the libelous charges against me there by none other than mrarchiebunker and Virginia, both known and demonstrated neonut liars who want nothing more than to quiet progressive voices. BTW, my comments to Virginia's blog have been deleted as she has chosen to censor and delete any record of my responses to her blog charges.
April has been "used" by others before, including but not only by Dommie. I have avoided as much as possible responding to her until now, and hate the idea she has allowed her mental issues to interfere with her better judgement, both of the people she selects as her friends, and her choice to go public with her problem. I didn't (do not) wish to air anyone's errant words/opinions, and least of all someone who has the sort of health issues and apparently horrible experiences with men that April has, but I feel forced to provide at least a "limited" defense of myself.

There is obviously more to this than meets the eye, but I'm trying my best only to defend myself while avoiding harm as much as possible to others, including and especially April. Before her sudden dislike of me appeared when I turned in my hat to "Banned by 2Way" because of its decision to give Virginia and Jay hats and allow MagnumPotent to spew his ugly hatred against women in the chatroom, I believed April to be sweet and kind. BTW, I believe the ownership and management of "Banned" made their choices for what they believed was the good of the room. I don't believe the Virginia/Jay/MagnumPotent decision by "Banned" was meant to harm or cause trouble. I simple believed it wasn't a good choice, and in principle, one I could not support as an administrator. In any case, I still believe the good qualities I saw in April are inside her, and that they can return if others don't don't use her problems to further their own agendas, and she continues to fight her illness.

This is not an indictment of April, and I don't wish it to be taken in that way. If it's an indictment of anything, it's against those who use the natural frailties of others to their own ends. To take advantage of anyone just because you can is extremely vile, but even worse when it's someone who has enough problems finding her way while burdened with a sickness she fights every day of her life. Aside from what April and others have said, I know almost nothing of her problems, but I do know they are not of her own choice, and are no different than any health malady that can strike any of us.

Again, the following is a complete copy of April's PM to me, followed by my response and answer to hers. No PM or communication between us had taken place prior to this, and none was exchanged upon the completion of my response to her. I assume her opening PM entry was her reaction to a blog response of mine (which has been deleted by Virginia) to another attack she made against me in Virginia's blog. At some point April went offline, assumedly because she didn't wish to hear anymore, but I continued with offline PM to her.

Just_April1974: Listen asshole, NO ONE controls me! i got divorced from a lying, manipulating, psychopath like you! YOU pushed, shoved, and begged for all that you have been getting, so stop whining when you finally get what you wanted!!!
Livid: fine.. then if you want to be part of this, you can.
Just_April1974: is that a threat?
Just_April1974: come on Livid, grow some balls and say what you mean?

Livid: one moment.. i'm in PM with 3 others..
Livid: you'll have to wait your turn.

Just_April1974: you are bar none, the BIGGEST cyber pussy that i have EVER seen. you can throw insults around, talk shit about others, run them down, etc., and when your BS comes back to bite you in the ass you whine like a child
Just_April1974: no comment????
Just_April1974 just sent you a nudge!

Livid: you'll have to wait.. i'm in private with (name deleted, no reason to bring others into this)
Just_April1974: ok
Just_April1974: well, guess you are too busy. besides, you and i both know that i am right. you try to prey on weaker/too kind people who you can manipulate, you are a preditor.

Livid: Don't blame me for your choice of men april. I've been divorced too.. and in my case from a wonderful woman who thinks the same of me.. we're still the very best friends.. I could care less what you believe you know about me april. the truth is, you know nothing, and anything you believe you know has been fed to you either as lies, or as elements of the truth that you've taken and distorted because you hate men. I'm not the man you divorced who you claim is a manipulative psychopath. And why with the emotional problems your friend tells me you have would I believe that you are capable of discerning between me and this man you claim has so badly damaged you I don't know. But I thought you had more sense than that even though i was told you don't..
Livid: I never treated you badly and was nothing but kind to you. Unless your meds have made you forget that, you know that's true.
Livid: I was also more than kind and honest with mystic, whether you choose to believe that or not.
Livid: meanwhile, if i'm in an arguement with someone I believe is undermining certain principles that i see as important, such as honesty and integrity and character, then it's not really your business or even in your own interest to insert yourself, no matter how much personal enmity, however well founded you think it might be.
Livid: as you say... just my thoughts.... and i hope you consider them... saves a lot of people a lot of trouble in the long run...
Livid: and btw? whether you know it or not, i make it a habit to consider private conversation just that... private...
Livid: and please don't pretend those who I take to task for their lack of honesty and integrity are "weak and too kind". You're either saying that for affect just because you dislike me or because you're simply not thinking about it... either way, you're wrong.
Livid: Do what you wish april.. i have no control over you, and don't really care one way or the other anymore what you do. I was doing my best to protect you and (name deleted)

That's it folks, no more and no less. Why April's acrimony? My sole guess is there are those who are angry our chatroom exists. While some are annoyed I turned in my hat with "Banned" and opened a room with like minded people, I'm also aware there are those with rooms that already existed who will do whatever they can to bring down any room that shows any tendency toward a room that offers an alternative to "bans, bounces, and repression of free speech. The evidence many of you have seen of room raiders from those rooms into "liv & let liv" on a daily basis after we first opened know this as well. When they discovered we would not be detered, they sank to new lows with personal attacks, outright lies, and hurtful libel in blogs, PM's and chats. Meanwhile April, whether she realizes it or not, and remember she's already indicated (in her blog entry here) people with instability often don't know it or don't know the extent of it, has been and is being used as a pawn to other's agendas.
Those who would bring down our chatroom need to remember that regardless of whether I'm there or not, whether the room itself ceases to exist or not, the participants of the rooms can and will make their own choices. Many have had a taste of fairness they have not experienced in the other rooms of the social issues and government sector of Paltalk, and will open their own rooms. I hope they do. There is plenty of space for rooms that provide what passes for open expression and the relaxed security of knowing they will not be thrown out on their ear should they disagree with an admin, or simply be disliked by those who run the room. Personal vendettas against me won't stop people who believe in freedoms from seeking and finding them. Rooms and people come and go, as will I and our room, but they can and will be replaced with better, freer, and more progressive ones.
I leave it to discerning people to determine what seems reasonable (and right) and what doesn't. Again, I don't expect the reader to understand the PM content, and for the privacy of others have not provided "some" background. I do believe the tone is apparent though, and certainly more complete than April's below. I'm hopeful this blog and Paltalk can go back to some semblance of common courtesy, understanding, and empathy for others. I have my doubts that will happen, but hope springs eternal as the saying goes. Keep a good thought, and the wisdom to see compassion is always the best choice we can make!


AnonymousPoster said...

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.
- Plato

A fool is easily spotted when he opens his mouth.

Livid said...

It's very interesting you should say this AP/Virginia, since you're the one always talking, always lying, always behind all the bad things that seem to happen here, while until now, I've not spoken at all, and have resisted placing either April or Mystic in difficult positions. Perhaps I'm not the wisest man on the face of the earth, but I am human, and humans defend themselves if they have courage when they're attacked.

Quoting Plato to me is like Bush quoting scripture. It means nothing when you don't believe it yourself. You're the first one to open your mouth, and always the last to close it. We all know that. It's no secret.

Just_April1974 said...

Livid, give me a BIG break ffs! For one thing, "Banned" hasn't been opened because we have CHOSEN not to open it, NOT because of one damned thing to do with you OR your room. I for one, could care less if your room is opened or not. As far as my mental illness, NO ONE has tried to use it to belittle me more than you or UncleBob has. Yes Livid, you may do it in ever so quaint a way, but I am NOT ignorant, i'm mentally ill, I can very obviously see how you try to use my illness to make what I say about you seem less credible. Now, I challenge you to find ONE fucking person on PalTalk who will tell you that I have EVER lied, embelished, or twisted an incident about ANYONE. You CAN'T, because I don't play those games!! You are a vulture Livid, and a liar. The full truths about you, and the mind games that you play are very soon to be released for all to see.

AnonymousPoster said...


Its JUST a CHAT PROGRAM! My God, man you need to get a life. You dont take hints too well I see. If you think I am behind all the bad things that happen here you are even more dillusional than I thought. (Actually, I didnt even know the Muse was also Mystic.. lol) You are way too engrossed in this. You need to take a break man. Do you not have a life of your own you can live for a while? Livid, seriously, this is becoming an obsession with you. For your own sake, back off. Give it a rest You are too involved in this petty stuff and with each comment you make, you get deeper and deeper. Please, Livid. Take some friendly advice. Live your real life for a while. Back away from the computer!

Facetious Muse said...

I couldn'y have said it better! :>)

Facetious Muse said...

One more thing Livid you are lying agian. Even in the rattler if you looks they can find where you started your BS with me in a comment a while back. For you to say you have tried to keep me out of your attacks is a straight out lie. YOu really do need to get a real life.