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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ah, college. I remember those brain cells fondly...

I certainly have my doubts about whether AnonymousPoster is really Virginia_1776, but one thing I have no doubts at all about is that AP is a fucking moron. In this post AP had this to bleat about the article in Science about attitudes toward evolution:

I too read JC's article and have to wonder how he based his frazzled opinion on one chart he found posted on someone else's liberal blog. There is no statistical control data listed as to who was polled or how many were polled. There is no data at all about any educational level of those polled or their political affiliations.

Fascinating. And by fascinating, I mean I am fascinated by how lazy and ignorant some people can be. It took me all of 5 minutes looking through the links from the newspaper article, to the magazine article, to find this link (PDF) to the actual Materials, Methods and Results of the survey. You'd expect that if AP wanted to try and slice at me over not having my data ducks in a row, that you'd, I don't know, make sure the data isn't right fucking there, for all to see?

Right away, AP seems to be heaving around some weighty terms, in an effort to make the reader think she has some expertise. It happens a lot when someone knows just the tiniest sliver about a topic, and wants to bluff that they have more. Anyone who spends time on Paltalk will be more than familiar with the "PT Professor." AP, my little friend, control groups are used in experimental designs, not in correlational surveys. Experiments depend on differences between groups. Correlations depend on the interactions of different variables within the same sample.

In the Supplemental Materials you'll see a description of all the surveys, including the number of participants for each survey. Further on, you can see that the surveys included data on age, gender, educational level, religious belief, pro-life beliefs, political ideology, knowledge of genetics, as well as attitudes toward evolution and science & technology. They used a simple regression model to find the degree of effect of each independent variable on the dependent (attitudes toward evolution), and lo and behold found a significant negative correlation for religious belief, pro-life beliefs, and political ideology. It also comes as no surprise that having knowledge of genetics is positively correlated with acceptance of evolution.

Of course, it goes without saying that correlation does not equal causation, and variables can have an interactive effect, but it seems like the data supports the idea that the more religious and conservative you are, the less likely you are to accept evolution. You see how easy this is when you actually bother to do your homework?



vacreeper2003 said...

You can rest assured, there's one thing AnonymousPoster will never die from: Brain Cancer.

Livid said...

JC? Do you recall the study done by the Annenburg (sp?) Group about Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" viewers versus people who get their news from "Fox News"? (to the reader; this study was cited to debunk Fox's Bill O'Reily's incorrect theory that liberal Daily Show observers knew little of current issues)

You may remember fans of the former were liberal, were several times more likely to be college educated, and scored much higher on current event's testing than Fox News watchers, who were typically conservative, had less education, were prone to lack of knowledge about current events, and liable to believe things completely contrary to the facts in evidence. In fact, those who got their news from Fox News scored lowest of all groups when compared to all other viewers of other news media outlets in the study.

I'm guessing there are tons of studies, polls, samples, etc. that demonstrate credible correlation between those with blindly religious/conservative beliefs, and low intelligence. I'm not sure why Virginia wanted to rattle this particular cage when she must have known she'd be spanked by someone (you or any other liberal) who knew the facts. Her characteristic response just proves your point.

SLINK90 said...


Livid said...

I refer you to S_Link's comment in this section as indisputable evidence the educational system in this country is not working! The neocon plan to dumb down America has worked its magic on S_Link and his fellow fascists. Need more be said?

Jesus Claus said...

Although it is undeniably true that S_LINK90 is a moron, that comeback was pretty funny. It's false, and of course publicly I would have to shake my finger and glower in disapproval, it still made me laugh. So link gets points for that. Redeem them for valuable prizes!

AnonymousPoster said...

Vacreeper's comment was funny.

SLink's was even funnier!

The fact that Livid gets his "news" from the comedy channel? Priceless.

Livid said...

AP/VaJerkia.. Thought I'd provide you a clue as regards to your continued lack of intellectual prowess. Here's a bit of a "teaser" for you about Daily Show viewers versus your ilk who get their news (and I use the term news in a radically loose way) from Fox News. Here is the summary from the nonpartisan Annenberg Public Policy Center.

(Summary: Bill O'Reilly asserted that "[m]any Americans ages 18 to 24 have no idea what's going on," stating that they "get their news from [Comedy Central host] Jon Stewart and their point of view from bomb-throwing entertainers." In fact, studies have shown that viewers of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart are consistently better informed about current events than consumers of other media, and Daily Show viewers are significantly better educated than viewers of The O'Reilly Factor. Further, consumers of Fox News in general have been found to be significantly more misinformed about current events than consumers of other mainstream media.)

The study further states:

(In fact, studies have shown that viewers of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart are consistently better informed about current events than consumers of other media, and Daily Show viewers are considerably better educated than viewers of The O'Reilly Factor. Further, consumers of Fox News in general have been found to be significantly more misinformed about current events than consumers of other mainstream media.)

Nielsen and CNN also entered the fray with these comments.

(Also, according to CNN, Nielsen Media Research statistics show that when directly compared with O'Reilly Factor viewers, "Stewart's viewers are not only smart, but more educated than O'Reilly's.":

"Daily Show" viewers are 78 percent more likely than the average adult to have four or more years of college education, while O'Reilly's audience is only 24 percent more likely to have that much schooling. {In case you haven't figured this out V, that means about at least 2/3rds of your crowd are a lot stupider than the average Daily Show viewer}

Additionally, an October 2003 study conducted by the University of Maryland's Program on International Policy (PIPA) found Fox News viewers were "significantly more likely to have misperceptions" about the Iraq war than all other media consumers. The study was "based on a series of seven US polls conducted from January through September" 2003 and measured respondents' "key perceptions and beliefs" on "US policy" in Iraq. The study found that "[t]hose who receive most of their news from Fox News are more likely than average to have misperceptions." For instance, of the "three key misperceptions" -- which the study listed as "the beliefs that ... links between Iraq and al-Qaeda have been found, that WMD have been found in Iraq and that world public opinion approved of the US going to war with Iraq" -- Fox News watchers were found not only to be the "most likely to hold misperceptions," but "were more than twice as likely than the next nearest network to hold all three misperceptions." The PIPA study found that 80 percent of Fox News viewers held at least one of the three misperceptions.)

Obviously viewers of the Daily Show have provided themselves with a foundation of knowledge from real news sources, while you V, along with the rest of the neocon pinheads bathe themselves the swamp bilge of Fox News. Maybe you should try the Daily Show AP/V. At minimum it makes the news created by the horrors of your administration just a bit more palateable. If some sort of humor weren't applied to the terror you and your kind create, instead of laughter we'd all be weeping.

*Note to those interested in learning (obviously this omits V and the other fascists) the web site is as follows: oh.. and if V reads it, she truly will weep, although maybe not since I suspect it's over her head..

AnonymousPoster said...

Hhmm No matter how much he protests, the fact remains he gets his news from the Comedy Channel. And they say Fox News isnt real news! HA

Livid has a brain, but the wizard forgot to tell him how to use it.

Livid said...

AP/V... Your remark puts me in mind of the "Wizard of Oz", with you playing all three of Dorothy's companions, Scarecrow, Tinman and the Cowardly Lion! That's typecasting since you could honestly sing that famous song with conviction..

If I only hadda brain.
If I only hadda heart.
If I only had courage.

Come to think of it there's other roles you could play even closer to your true self if you don't mind melting or a house falling on you.

AnonymousPoster said...

HA! Livid... funny.

Fact remains. You get your news from Comedy Central. LMAOOOOO Thats just too good!!!

Michelle said...

The Daily Show Rocks! It is great to see that people can still see some humor in the obvious mockery Bush has made of the White House and Congress. The sad part of it all is that the clowns in this administration write Mr. Stewart's scripts. He doesn't need to create the jokes, they are the joke. This guy has enough material from these bozos that he can have a show and do a ten year run on the comic circuit(and still not run out of material). BTW, Mr.Bush , Mr. Cheney, and Mr. Rove think they are comedians. When they are confronted with real issues or someone has a different view from themselves, they laugh it off and make jokes. At the expense of Americans and the world. Luckily, their audience is growing very bored and many are not buying tickets to this circus act.

Livid said...

Michele, I always forget the Daily Show is on, and if I happen to have the TV on, like most men (I guess it's gender related) I use the remote as a scattershot method of avoiding commercials at all costs, and am pleasantly surprised when I wander into Comedy Central and see Jon Stewart holding forth hilariously about something incredibly stupid the administration has done to provide us proof that some of us still drag our knuckles when we walk. I begin to question this whole evolution thing when I see the pronounced brows of that gang of throwbacks and their PT syncophants like AP/Virginia, ASS_Link, archiebunker, Vic and the rest. Is it possible they are that "missing link" people have searched for since Darwin first set pen to paper? How else can one explain the grunts, gutteral sounds and horrific stench emanating from AP/V's blog when you wander past the mouth of her cave?

I glimpsed inside a few times, even leaving messages but they couldn't read. Once I saw what appeared to be Jabba the Hut slobbering over two tiny little neanderthal looking forms. Turned out to be Virginia engaging in group sex with S_Linkie and arch. I know.. ewwwwwww... sorry about the image. I was struck blind for a week. You wouldn't have believed the strange noises they made. (shuddering)

AnonymousPoster said...

Aww Livid, thanks for giving me credit for Virginia's blog, but that I cannot take. The genius is hers.

Im sure you only go to the blog "now and then" and don't really care about it, but isn't it amazing that you have ESP and know immediately when something new is posted?

Again, You get your news from Comedy Central! HAHAHAHAHHHAAA It's just too good to let go!!!

vacreeper2003 said...

What's wrong with getting SOME news from the Daily Show. Jon Stewart is certainly as qualified to present the news as any of the FAUXNews crowd! The comedy format doesn't change the truth of the events of the day! Unlike the neocon nitwits who think FOXNews is the definitive source for honest reporting, liberals tend to vary their news sources, to include FOXNews as well as The Daily Show.

AnonymousPoster said...

Ohh not YOU too vacreeper!!!! OMG All things are becoming clear now.


oh you guys have GOT to stop.. my sides are hurting! ROFLMAO

Michelle said...

Referring to VAcreeper's comments about "faux news", it is so true. Recently a local Fox TV station was named one of the 77 stations around the country being investigated for video that was produced by private companies and their public relations firms.

Story here:
FCC Investigates 77 TV Stations

From WKOW-TV Madison, Wisconsin, August 17, 2006

The Madison based watchdog group Center for Media and Democracy turned the tables on television newsrooms across the country and investigated the investigators. John Stauber says they found widespread use of VNR’s, aired without revealing the video clips were produced by private companies and their public relations firms.

”What we’ve been able to do is blow the whistle on a worsening corruption that’s been hidden and goes back 20 years.” Stauber said. ”The audience has a right to know if what it’s watching is journalism and news, or what we call a fake news story passed on as news.”

VNR’s often look and sound like real television news stories, and some even use actors as reporters. WKOW News Director Al Zobel said 27 News does not air them, except in rare cases, with full disclosure.

”We have no editorial control over it.” Zobel said. ”Number one, we can’t vouch for any of the information, plus, the purpose of a VNR from a company producing it is to get some free advertising for their product. We’re not here to give people free advertising. We’re here to report facts and the news.”

After a ten month investigation, CMD turned its findings over to the FCC, which launched an investigation into 77 stations across the country, for using VNR’s without identifying the source. Stations could face fines of more than $30,000 per violation.

The Milwaukee WB station, which no longer produces newscasts, is the only Wisconsin station identified by the group, but Stauber says they only had access to 1% of VNR’s, and if they had more, they could have identified more violators.

”It’s going on in every station.” Stauber said.

Two of the stations under identified by the watchdog group and under investigation by the FCC are owned by Quincy Newspapers, which also owns WKOW.

Was I surprised by these actions? No. Am I surprised it took so long? No, actually I am surprised these stations that produce such propaganda are being reprimanded right before a crucial election. We witnessed an example of ridiculous propanganda gone wild during the Kerry/Bush campaign. It is about time that the FCC did it's job. News stations and their affiliates need to be responsible for the dumbing down of Americans.
The investigation is the result of a study, “Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed,” done by the Center for Media and Democracy, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization that monitors the public relations industry. Story Here

Livid, Sir, you need to stop worrying about what that group of people are doing or saying. You are a very good writer and thinker. I know it is too easy to make fun of people that are not quite bright, but really, to move forward, you need to leave something behind. I suggest, for your growth, don't worry about Slink, Virginia, or AP. It is apparent their agenda is to stay where they are. You know what happens to water that sits. It becomes stagnant. If they are happy with their lives or situation, so be it. If they need to deny the truth or facts to help relieve their guilty conscience, so be it. If they do not want to question authority, so be it. Will I still fight for their rights? Sure, always.

FRisson1 said...

I try to watch the Daily Show, everynight as well as Hardball, and CNN's 360 and Faux News (not Oreilly or Hannity and Colmes). and one thing I have to say is I don't see teenagers watch Bill O'reilly, other Faux news or MSNBC, CNN or network news, but a hell of a lot of them watch the Daily Report. At least our young people are getting a liberal point of view. Those kids remeber what is said a lot longer when presented in a comical venue than as dry old conservative rhetoric.

Oh buy the way isn't Oreilly's show a comical review???? It sure makes me laugh!!!

Livid said...

Friss? Did you happen to see the "spot" msnbc has been running the past couple of days about the guy who was stopped for speeding in his open air SUV who was also charged with noise pollution for cranking the audio up while listening to Bill O'Reilly's radio show? They're calling it the "O'Reilly Defense" because the guy was a total asshole to the cop who stopped him, claiming it was because he was being profiled because he was listening to O'Reilly. I dunno who that cop was but he demonstrated the patience of Job. I was in awe of his professionism. He deserves a citation for putting up with that neocon dirtbag.

Michelle.. Of course you are correct, and while I realize intellectually it's the province of fascists like V to try to drag people down into the pigpen of their existence, being only human I fall prey to rubbing the collective face of ignorance in the excrement that is their safe haven. Thank you for reaching down to pull me from the slime. I promise to "try" to be better. LOL!!