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Sunday, August 27, 2006


After he's done probing mw, it's like they're practically engaged...

Preesi has discovered the reason why xxxmwxxx is so deranged. Wouldn't you know it, it was loneliness all along...

weetbix101: who woke up the alien?
xxxmwxxx: weet , im horny this morning, lets get it on
Preesi: I thi8nk WEETS a MAN
weetbix101: mw lol i'm an alpha man...wrong gender
Preesi: HAHAHAHA!!!
ladywicca: lol weety
xxxmwxxx: weet maybe you misread the statement in your mind
Preesi: HAHAHA@ MW
weetbix101: wicca almost 5'7 ..big tough guy here
ladywicca: lol you're my height weety
xxxmwxxx: weet i didnt mean we was going to fuck , i meant we could fight
Preesi: 5'8"
weetbix101: wicca yes but wear high heels...i dont
ladywicca: lol mw....yeah sure....being horny and 'fighting'....yeah k we got ya
yellow_mellow1: weet .. i think mw is begging for his space alien anal probing
weetbix101: mw u cant even get up from ur wheelchair spare urself the embarssement
weetbix101: yellow i hate huting little green guys

Paltalk is a terrible place to go looking for love. When they say, "all the wrong places," that's what they mean. I'm sure xxxmwxxx would have better luck on Dr. Phil could even set him up with the tall, gray, and handsome bug-eyed alien man of his dreams...

Name: xxxmwxxx
Interests include: Hating brown people, watching NASCAR, Line-dancing.
Turn-ons: Whiskey shots, greenish skin, long, romantic flights through the solar system.
Turn-offs: Fancy educations, Mexicans, cold anal probes.



IsabellaSays said...

lolllllllllllllllllllllllll oh god jesus lollllllllllllll

Michelle said...

I could definately see the attraction MW has for Weety. He is irresistible. pmsl Weet tells us Americans we are doomed, he is just a tease for MW. Stop it Weet, he likes that kinda stuff!!!