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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Time to clear the air:
1. My wife has not stepped foot in any PT SI room since the end of the 2004 election. I thanked her once in a post where I poured my heart out about what was going on in my life. That does not make her fair game for attacks. Yes, I declare myself, ALONE!, fair game since I take full credit for what I write. Then you want to bring my deceased mother into this, that's low (even for my standards). If I ever find out who you are on PT, I will find you in a room and then get on the mic to voice my displeasure to you and then I will permit the wife to say a few words to you and I won't stop her. As for Virginia, the people who write on her blog and herself have come on to this blog and said what they wanted, why can't they make it a open playing field and allow us to answer them? Until then, this blog remains the finest example of freedom of speech in the U.S. By the way, My wife has a message for you, AP: GO TO FUCKING HELL, YOU STUPID BITCH!

2. I believe Karma-NY is behind the tattler, that's why I called him a HE/SHE, ARCH. I'm sorry if I confused you with what I said. You see, I happen to like Archie because of the fact that he is very gracious and slow to temper. My dream is to open a room and allow Lord Voo and him to be the only speakers for the sole purpose of teaching others how to debate issues of the day.

3. Muse - Words can't do justice by way of thanking you for defending me. I'm glad that we are on the same side and are friends. BTW: Your blog rocks!

4. Livid- Keep up the good work and bring the heat like you always do.

It saddens me to see that attila the hun(filthy fat bitch) has not answered me. AP should take a cue from her and clam it, but it won't. I can see her comments coming and you know what, I say bring it. Remember, I made it cool to insult people in Social Issues and when you fuck with me, you're fucking with the best.



IsabellaSays said...

zombie you are allright with me, just keep in mind, ATTILLAtheHEFFER has a hard time being disagreed with lol

treat her like the mouthy bitch she is.. let'er have it !! lol

you got my vote :) hello to the mrs:)

MrArchieBunker said...

Kenny, that was a cheap, gratuitious shot at Karma. I've heard you 2 live nearby and have had real life run ins and all that haha, but part of being gracious is thinking twice or 3 times before you hit 'enter'. Think about it.

Facetious Muse said...

Aww Z, always welcome. I'm proud to call you my friend. :=)

Livid said...

Yeah.. ditto what muse said Z...