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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lively Oak's latest unacceptable rant

I know I said I was going to be a political blogger for the rattler but something happened today that I can not let pass.

I am not sure how this got started. I was in and out of voo's room all day. I came back to hear lively oak screeching on the mic. (whats new about that) I sat and listened for a few minnutes tying to figure out what was going on. When I did find out i was horrified.

Lively Oak said that anyone who votes for McCain deserved to get cancer. She was trying to convince every one that the should not vote for him because he did not support women's health care and voted to help men who has erectile disfunction. While a noble cause, It was the WRONG way to go about it. She went on and on and finaly was red dotted.

When the dot was removed Ms Oak started in on it was not a Paltalk TOS. Well after re looking at the TOS I did find one she was breaking:

disrupting the normal operation of any chat room or otherwise acting in a manner that negatively impacts other users or is inconsistent with the rating of a room or attempting, soliciting or abetting another to do of any of the above.

Yes Lively Oak you were breaking TOS. I saw many comments in the room you needed to be dotted and many comments that were upset over what you were saying. That negatively impacts the room.

After that she went back on the original line of though as stated above. But that was not enough. Ms Oak then went after gizmo_210 for wanting to vote for McCain and said the following statement:

gizmo_210 I hope you get cancer if you vote for McCain.

Then Ms Oak wanted to tell the room that you are never cured from cancer. You are in remission.

I was floored when I found out. I was even more horrified when I found out that gizmo_210's mother had cancer. You do not ever tell some one with cancer in their family like that! My mother had cancer and for the first time I felt bad for gizmo_210.

You do not tell somone that has had cancer in thier family that you do not know what is going on. You do not wish that someone who had cancer in thier famliy that you wish that they get cancer.

Im not writing this for any other reason that I am pissed of at Lively Oak. It is sad that dispite the comments in the room she did not care to stop. She comes and cries in my pm like I can do anything. Im done with that. Lively Oak is on her own from now on.

Now that I got this out, I will be back to politics tomrrow. Thank you for reading!!


SassyMunk said...

Snuggles, this is an excellent post and you were far nicer than I would have been. Lively had no idea the situation in Gizmo's life and what she said was inexcusable. I asked her numerous times to just apologize and move on but as you know she did not. She needs to be red dotted each and every time she disrupts the room. Many people in the room have great things to say and we shouldn't have to listen to her screaming and ranting on mic each and every day. Voo has let the freedom of speech thing go too far. The room chatters have rights too. If someone purposely disrupts the normal operation of the room, then they should be red dotted. If they continue harrassing the admins, as Lively does often, she should be banned. The room will not close if Lively is not in it. If it is a good room, it will survive the loss of Lively. I usually don't agree with Lively's politcs but she has interesting things to say when she is not yelling, banging her fists on the table or ranting on mic. Today, I lost a lot of respect for Lively after her continued attack on Gizmo even after she had been warned to stop numerous times by different admins.

IsabellaSays said...

snugs? lively broke a paltalk tos-- advocating death on a chatter-- thats a TOS !!


Snuggle_Bunny_2 said...

Isa that is a fine line. Some people do survive cancer. I guess i was being to nice.

Rememeber Don't kill the bunny blogger!!

IsabellaSays said...


Anonymous said...

Voo will kick all you admins in the ass if you boot Lively. Good luck with that you powerless twats!

AUNTY KATE said...

SASSYMONK: It one time I was not only and Admin in Voo's room but a SUPER Admin, who is supposed to have the trust of the room owner to bounce ANYONE who disrupts a room.

You may have heard of the lunacy when Voo gave Admin @'s to LivelyOak, BigMac_2008. SillyFandando.

BigMac and SillyFandango were dispatched by me, and so was LivelyOak, who was red dotted one night for persistent room disruption. Voo undotted her, without any discussion with me and all hell broke lose. That was the night I told Voo to shove his hat up his arse, and use someone else to play games with.

Everything you are suggesting in your post about how to deal with people who really do disturb the chat in a room has been mentioned to Lord Voo before. I can tell you now his attitude is "IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE WAY THE ROOM IS RUN DON'T COME" Lord Voo does not give a toss about the comfort of the chatters, especially the female chatters. If he did, he would never have put a @ hat on that vile pig Moderate Conservative.

Lively Oak is a JEW, she stays, Lord Voo is sucking up to the Paltalk Zionists at the moment.

Snuggs, well done for having the guts to speak up, too many of Voo's admins have been as weak as piss.

SassyMunk said...

Don't you just love those folks that post disparging remarks under Anonymous, what a coward.

AuntyKate, I have to admit I think you are correct about Lively. I doubt Voo will do anything about Lively, in spite of him continually saying that she does NOT run the room, I beg to differ. Lively's color or ethnicity has nothing to do with the fact that she is a very angry, mean-spirited, vile woman and the admins and chatters in the room should not have to put up with her. Yes, I realize that Voo will tell me to "shove it and go to another room", and that is all well and good but no one should have to take the abuse that Lively dishes out daily. I will not leave the room unless I am ban, and I will speak up about Lively and her actions every change I get. This is one time that she should be held accountable for her actions and her unprovoked attack on Gizmo and her mother. Apparently, a @ means so much to some people that they'll sit by and allow some chatters to be unnecessarily abused and harrassed. I am all for freedom of speech but I'm NOT for someone being rude and hurtful to someone that did nothing but admit she was a Republican!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a regular in Voo's room, but I do visit from time to time.
Every time I visit those visits are punctuated by the rantings of Lively who screeches on the mic and uses profanities that would make anyone with a modicum of sensitivity pale.
I heard her wish death upon McCain, and then justify that. She lacks any degree of civilised humanity and as such should be shunned by the room. If Voo has any aspirations to ever being a talk show host he will have to make some decisions about what he is prepared to tolerate on mic - hell, even Gary shut Lively up when she tried a rant on his show.

geezus claws said...

This all goes back to what I've said from the beginning. Voo's room isn't a debate room, it's simply a political insult room. It's no different than the insult rooms in the Adult section, except the main theme is politics.
People often get way too passionate about their political stance, and Voo's room (and the former Debate Central) are merely used to exploit that built up anger and attack opponents that have different opinions. It's total drama which Voo thrives upon. That's the main reason his followers are like zombies and feel he can do no wrong.
Lively Oak is one of those followers. She has no valid argument so she uses attacks, and attacks with what she feels Voo would approve of. An out of control low blow.
A comment like that has nothing whatsoever to do with politics and is no different than a Republican getting racial just to attack. Voo and the rest of the room trained her, so it's no shock to me. She's a product of her environment. She doesn't have the intelligence to come up with an original thought, but wants to look "Vooish" in an attempt to sin. Which is a typical Voo tactic when he paints himself into a corner.

It all goes back to the old saying .....

You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.

sonya_b_2003 said...

Lively is a really messed up pathetic little mental midget. Yesterday when I asked her to stop and told her she would be dotted if she brought that crap up on the mic and of course she did so of course I dotted the loud mouthed shit. And of course lively cried admin abuse to voo but if she ever pulls that shit again it she will see what admin abuse is!! The best thing we can do with lively is ignore and mute the little twit and if she doesnt have a forum maybe she will go back to oz where she belongs.

Snuggle_Bunny_2 said...

Well I dont think it is the room. We were having a very nice disscussion this morning and Lively oak started in on the same BS again. Now she is screaming to Voo again. It is mostly Lively Oak not the room.

Anonymous said...

Lively Oak is the most vile, insensitive, and disgusting piece of low life filth that I have ever seen on Pal! She constantly uses the room to play "My Dick's Bigger Than Yours" and to somehow, validate her existence in this world.

I used to visit your room fairly often because there are some very informed chatterers on both sides that come in; but, since the advent of Ms Oak and the freedom that the room gives to her, I don't visit much anymore.

Of course it's your room and you run it as you see fit; however, for the sake of decent folks that may want to visit, I would suggest that you rid your room of this vile and disgusting beast.

The Dragon

Anonymous said...

I just witnessed two incidents of Lively Oak doing her cruel and evil act within a 10 minute period; and, both times, she was appropriately dotted and bounced from the room. In a matter of seconds, she was returned to the room by the owner; once again slapping hard working admins in the face.

If I were an admin, my self respect would require me to tell the owner to take his hat and put it where the sunlight never reaches!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Voo land is imploding

Anonymous said...

If enough admins grew a set and turned in their hats Lively would be gone... but most of the admins only admin to fill some void in their lives.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANONYMOUS 5:05 I did precisely that.

Anonymous said...

Lively Oak is an absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being, she is a mean , rotten , vile,vindictive, lying , manipulating, shit stirring, back stabbing,tattling, whining piece of hog shit. Lively is best ignored, and NEVER to be trusted, she has many times given out peoples personal information on the internet. she does not give one shit if somebody is harmed because of her actions. there is only 1 person that matters to lively, and that is lively, Why do you think she refuses to just simply lower the mic volume so the screaming is not so loud? I leave the room as soon as i see her enter I would advise you all do the same, start a new room not based on drama, all voo cares about is numbers and drama. any admin with half an ounce of courage would dot her when she starts screaming and tell voo to fuck himself, but 90% of them are complete bitches who will whine about it, but never stand up, imagine how much of a pushover these people are in real life if they cant even squeak their minds and be brave online.

Anonymous said...

Well its interesting you say none of the admins stand up to lively many do but when she is bounced or dotted immediately she cries to voo and is unbounced or undotted immediately. It is all about the drama and believe me there is enough of it on pal. As for Kates comment of she turned in her hat I remember a little temper tantrum between her and Big Mac tons of dotting each other then Kate shutting the room down and Voo stripped her of her hat. How quickly some forget. So if you call it turning in your hat Kate so be it after all its just more paltalk gossip to bitch about.

Anonymous said...


I agree with your post, but nothing is going to be done about Lively Oak's actions. You can either turn in your admin hat and leave or you'll have to bounce her when she steps over the line.

Anonymous said...

How does one become an admin in Voo’s room? Do you suck his cock or anus then on top of that you allow yourselves to be abused daily by Voo.

I love watching you dorks fall over yourself when Voo stumbles into the room. Yes Master! Whatever You Want Master! Some deranged form of sadomasochist morons you admins are.

It’s priceless to watch Voo yell at you too, nobody stands up for themselves for fear they may lose their precious “hats.”

So, you all just set there taking your verbal spankings like little obedient retarded children.

Snuggle_Bunny_2 said...

I have sat here watching the comments for a few days and needless lt say im getting really pissed of by whoever this anon person is.

Truth is I never asked to be an admin. One of the other admins asked Voo to make me an admin. I chose to accept the hat. Beyond that I did nothing to get the hat.

Anon you have shown you come into Voo's room I got one question for your sorry ass....What do you have to hide???

Anonymous said...

As if it matters to anyone whether you are "pissed" or not!

Better a "Sorry Ass" than a triple wide dumb one!

Would you feel better if I told you my name is Barack?

Anonymous said...

Barack the Obamanation?

SassyMunk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SassyMunk said...

We had a grievance hour (which turned into 2 hrs) of airing grievances regarding the room. A good majority of the room called for the ban of Lively_Oak for 30-days for her vile remarks to Gizmo where she said "Gizmo, I hope you get cancer since you are voting for John McCain", then Lively changes it to say "I hope your mom gets cancer too". OMG, is all the stunned chatters said when this was typed in text.

Lively_Oak will not take responsibility for her vile remarks to Gizmo but continues to say it each and every time she gets on mic. When the grievance hour was announced, I thought finally after abuse to chatters and listening to her foul language on mic, that something was going to be done about her.

Chatter after chatter and admin after admin logged their complaints about Lively_Oak to Voo. Do you know what Voo's solution to this was? It was "Lively dear please don't yell or threatened to tell me about admins dotting or bouncing you". Nothing was addressed about her vile remarks to Gizmo so we are stuck with listening to this maniac on mic, screaming and yelling, banging her fists on the desk and belittling other chatters. Clearly, a TOS violation which states that (g) disrupting the normal operation of any chat room or otherwise acting in a manner that negatively impacts other users". Lively is only one person and she can disrupt an entire room within seconds of her entering the room.

She should be banned for 30-days if not longer from the room for her relentless TOS (g) violations. She needs to learn that chatters do not have to put up with her ranting day in and day out. Lively never yells in Gary Baumgarten's afternoon talk show PalTalk Studio A room. Why you ask? Because Gary doesn't allow it!!!!! Voo is allowing this in his room and his room will soon start to suffer. Good chatters will begin leaving and all because of a vile, hateful, mean-spirited, disrespectful, obnoxious woman. Lively apparently gets off belittling people. Shame on her!

I will speak up about this each and every time she does one of her rants in the room. I will not sit back and remain silent while she continuously abuses other chatters. Maybe if I speak up enough something will be done about her. I am all for freedom of speech but when do we draw the line, and demand that people be respectful to others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is lively oaks second try at paltalk last time was about 6 months ago and she was banned from every room in social issues, rooms would be wise to do so again, there are many nuts, and assholes, as well as good people on paltalk , but lively oak just does not get what it means to be human or how to interact with other people, she is by far the most offensive mean little bitch i have ever witnessed even on paltalk. just ban the dumb bitch already and get some sense in the room

lordmercifulvoo said...

You cry about banning Voo's little monkey, but that's all you'll do is cry. You won't leave. You couldn't dare leave because you are the sole property of Voo. Lively Oak will do as she pleases and that's the end of it

AUNTY KATE said...

Good Lord! Vooette actually thinks people who go to his room are his property. If he only knew the IM's I had asking me to come back. Regulars and some admins, consider him a blathering, superfluous fool.

AUNTY KATE said...

SNUGGLE: I hope you saw the remark from Vooette and see the contempt he has for you.

Snuggle_Bunny_2 said...

I am tired of the Voo bashing. That was never my intention on writing this posting.

Kate I know you have issues with Voo and frankly I do not care. I have had some issues but nothing that has not been worked out. I checked with Voo and he told me that he does not even look at the rattler and I have no reason not to belive him.

To the person who wote under Voo's name. You are a coward. who the fuck are you to try to pass your self off as a man who does not even read the rattler. This is an on going effort to make the man look bad. Well im here to tell you as long as im arround it is not going to happen.

To the loyal readers of the rattler. I talked to Voo and he wants to let you all know he did not post that comment.

If this continues I will close the comments section. That is not a threat it is a promise.

SassyMunk said...

Snuggles you seem to be a really good kid but a bit naive. You need to be very careful of whose band you get behind. I don't think, after carefully listening to Voo's views and opinions on certain issues that he is who he says he is. I just would not want to see you hurt. Just carefully listen to him and what he says. You'll soon find out like I did that he is just an imposter hiding behind a computer screen. If you believe for one minute that someone as "attention wanting" as Voo does not read the Rattler, then there is nothing I can do to convince you.

lordmercifulvoo said...

Snuggle go ahead and close the comment section ...
Then watch the Rattler die a slow death like before