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Saturday, June 21, 2008

John McCain the Master of Flip Flopping

McCain was consistent on most issues right up until he started running for president, at which point he conveniently abandoned practically every position he used to hold. The problem isn’t just the incessant flip-flops; it’s the shameless pandering and hollow convictions behind the incessant flip-flops.


Anonymous said...

Every candidate changes their mind on some issues. Look at Obama on campaign financing. Now he won't use public funds when he clearly stated before that he wasn't going to use private money so that big contributors wouldn't have an influence.
I guess the billionaire Oprah Winfrey decided to give him a quarter billion or so. That giant check from Harpo must have flip flopped inside his head.

Anonymous said...

PS: but I guess you won't be doing a post on that huh

LMAO ... Why not? You're gonna ignore Obama's flip flop?

FacetiousMuse said...

John McCain's cash-strapped campaign borrowed $1 million from a Bethesda bank two weeks before the New Hampshire primary by pledging to enter the public financing system if his bid for the presidency faltered, newly disclosed records show.

It must suck that McCain has to stay with public financing since he already borrowed from it.

Under FEC rules, a candidate who uses a certification for federal funds as collateral for a loan is obligated to remain within the public financing system.

Last spring, an Obama spokesman said that the Illinois Democrat would "aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election.

Obama said in Milwaukee: "If I am the nominee, then I will make sure that our people talk to John McCain's people to find out if we are willing to abide by the same rules and regulations in respect to the general election." But, he added, "it would be presumptuous of me to start saying now that I'm locking myself into something when I don't even know if the other side is going to agree to it, and I'm not the nominee."

See guys again you got it wrong, read these words and weep "it would be presumptuous of me to start saying now that I'm locking myself into something"

So let's see McCain borrowed moneyy saying he would use public financing and an Obama's spokeperson said "aggressively pursue an agreement"

Then McCain tried to get out of public financing and Obama said it would be presumptuous of me to start saying now that I'm locking myself into something"

Guys you have got to quit relying on Faux Noise to give you facts

Always a Facetious Pain

Anonymous said...

McCain said on March 1, 2007, that if he became the Republican nominee, he would accept public funds, provided the Democratic nominee did as well. However, according to a February 13 New York Times report, "Mr. McCain's advisers said that the candidate, despite his signature legislative efforts to restrict the money spent on political campaigns, would not accept public financing and spending limits for this year's general campaign."

In a February 15 article noting that the "McCain campaign's latest stand on the issue" is that it will, in fact, accept public funding if McCain's Democratic opponent does the same, the Times similarly reported: "On Tuesday, one of Mr. McCain's advisers told The New York Times that the campaign had decided to forgo public financing in the general election, an awkward admission for a senator who has made campaign finance reform a central part of his political persona." The article noted that "[u]nder public-financing rules, the nominees are restricted to spending about $85 million each for the two-month general election campaign."

Yep McCain is getting better at those belly flops

Anonymous said...

On eading this blog it confirms for me that the Presidency of the USA IS for sale.

It's a campaign that's run on negative reporting and back biting, where 'celebrities' can impose their will on the rest of the nation.

Yep, looks like America will get the president they deserve (Obama), and then we will watch the fall of the American 'Empire', and the Ameican dream

Q Jordon said...

The empire? That is the problem with repukes, especially those in the White House at the moment. They believe the U.S. should be an empire.

And for the record, the "empire" is falling apart because of this administration.

And as far as accepting public funding, I believe John McCain has already started illegalities by using his wife's business plane to hop around the country and not paying for the privilege from his campaign funds.

And for anonymous, Obama used the internet for his funds. He was able to get over 1.5 million people to contribute over the net, and they were the public -- not just supposed big contributors.

Did he change his mind, of course.

They are politicians, so what do you expect?

And McCain will change his mind as well, or he will allow 527 groups to use whatever amount they want to use to attack Obama, and visa versa.