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Monday, June 02, 2008


Oh, Tin Foil you’re shiny as can be,
Your large purpose I can see.
Oh, Tin Foil you’re so protective,
You, my metal scutellate!
Shielding and behaving so reflective,
Your inventor I would like to greet!
Oh, Tin Foil you’re such a great invention,
You’d win first prize in any convention!
Once people realize your value’s great,
Your price is sure to inflate!
Oh wonderful Tin Foil,
I love thee!

Greetings earthlings. With no further waste of words we move straight into a pictorial of a dear paltalk woman's life, suzannefl:

A gathering; tin foil party.

Suzanne's Dog.
Suzanne's Favorite bill board.
Whimsical creation by Suzanne.Suzanne's Mailbox.Suzanne wanted everyone to be forewarned...please pay very close attention to all electronics in your home.....Suzanne's Home Office.
Suzanne's Work Office.Holiday decorations by Suzanne.
More creations by Suzanne.
Super Helmet.


Anonymous said...

hahahhahah suzanne?

Wax on-Wax off said...

Interject any name you wish... it's simply a celebration of tin foil.

Anonymous said...

Too fucking funny.

buckrogers said...

what room is she usually in?

Thelema said...

Muah! I want to go to the tinfoil party it looks fun.