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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Budblunt was trying to give advice to a man that appears to be extremely mentally ill (Variable224 ~ Super-foul mouth): "Dude, please wash your hands inbetween a bowel movement and a tooth brushing."

This video is courtesy of "Evil Canadian," and it seems to be Variable224. Variable really does get around, but his mental health pass should be revoked.

Budblunt would like for all to see this video:


Weetbix101 said...

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I offended him in an earlier post claiming that his pecker was only 3 inches long.Well i was wrong he says it's 4 inches.
ANON12:36 do you need furnitures? I've got a spare chair if you need one

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

weetbix rocks!

geezus claws said...

Buckweetbix if anon's dick is only 3 inches, I guess that means your throat is 8 and your ass is 10?
How else could you possibly know his dick size unless it wasn't satisfying your needs?

Not that I'm judging your gayness. It's your sexual preference afterall, so feel free to let your homosexuality flourish.