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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here is THE number 1 reason people are voting for Obama.
Sad but true.

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Anonymous said...


People are so scared they'll look racist if they vote for the white guy

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but I always thought the voting booths were private. Are you suggesting that there are voting booths police watching who we all vote for?

Anonymous said...

obama the nigger

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, of course, a nigger. And just think a nigger is running for president and all you have accomplished is this dumbass blog. Makes you wonder doesn't it? I mean if you can be outdone by a nigger what does that say about you?

Kenonwes said...

wow anonymous racist cowards like that ever happens . pricks, ever think obama is the man for the job

tommyjohnson44 said...

Well Im not sure of the #1 reason people are voting for Obama but im sure of the #1 reason he will lose and it's because hes a liberal. Now his supporters would love for everyone to believe it's because hes black. He will lose for the same reason every democrat since 1980 except Clinton has. Why is the party is so stupid they don't realize that? Doesn't matter white or black a liberal is a liberal and liberals in the USA usually lose.

Wax on-Wax off said...

what cowards posting anonymously! These folks should understand that the world of psychology views people like 3:27pm anonymous, in the same realm as psychopaths, sociopaths, anti-social personality disorder/bullies. People are advised to avoid people like this, as they take advantage of good human traits, and use overly cynical paradigms to label things. They take advantage of people that follow laws, people that respect others, and believe in faith, good will, trust and hope. If I were you Drama Pro, I'd delete those hateful comments... they don't merit any space, power, or place for these psychopaths to post them. Why let them lay here, and fuel bitterness, sadness, hurt, and cruelty?

Anonymous said...

wax on is trying to control your post, and he talks about sociopaths?
It's KILLING wax on that he can't control this post. It's eating him alive


Q Jordon said...

I have to laugh at the poor scared person named anonymous. This person talks of people being viewed as racist if they vote for the white guy, but this numbnut is coming in under a name that shows what a pussy he/she truly represents.

And then the true anonymous comes out by using a derogatory term toward blacks.

We see your agenda, assumostly. So, you are the white racist with little nads, if you have any at all.