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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Dear Rattlers,

As you would all know it takes courage to stand up and blow the whistle on anyone, especially someone you know is liked and admired by many people. However, when that person is shown to be a total bastard who uses his wiles to lure vulnerable women into situations where he can seriously hurt them, and I find out about it, I will speak up. Whether that predator is online or in my own family, I would not remain silent and protect him or her.

What I did not want to do was disclose the identity of Lord Voo's hapless and foolish victim, as I felt she may have suffered enough for her stupidity. However, when I saw the comments posted onto my blog post that could only have come from Mitsuk, which were largely convoluted ramblings from a demented woman, who crossed the line by mentioning my children, she left me with no choice. Nothing she said has any basis in fact. For instance my daughter has never been married at all, much less to a Muslim. But to bring my children into her sordid little affair at all caused me to take off my gloves and expose her.

When I came on line today I had 120 IM's as a result of the blog post, Vooronica's Closet. All of them supportive, and a number from people who don't usually agree with me on much, but did in this case. No decent person would shield and protect any kind of predator. To do so enables the person to offend time and time again.

In Mitsuk's rage that I was exposing 'her man' who still controls her, she lashed out with a barrage of largely distorted information mixed in with a few truths that had been shared with her when we were friends.

There is nothing in my online life of which I am ashamed, and none of the very nice men I have shared private moments with have left me with anything but the sweetest memories. They were straight with me, no lies, no bullshit and this was reciprocated. We remain friends today, and some of the despicable lies Mitsuk said about these men, whom she knows nothing about, shows what a vile person she really is.

I feel no shame whatsoever that I have had internet relationships. None of the people were predators from whom I left my partner, without as much as a name. Nor have I ever enticed anyone to leave their partner. In fact "are you married" is my first question, the answer determines where we go from there. If I had ever fallen foul to a predator like Lord Voo I would have been thoroughly humiliated at my own gullibility, but I would also have tried to warn other women. I would not sit in his chat room watching him flirt with other women and talk of other conquests. Perhaps Mitsuk is cruel enough to want to see other women suffer as she did, I don't have that in me.

With regard to Mistuk's last remark that I am a "slut" that is NO insult to a woman of nearly 59, and I hope I will still be called that when I am 79! But I am a very private slut, one man at a time. I don't sit on the internet while my husband is at work planning to leave him for a man whose name I don't know and then after he breaks my heart into little pieces, attack another woman who exposes him. Mitsuk get some therapy.


geezus claws said...

Kate let me start by saying I'm no fan of LardVoo (that's obvious)
With that said, I have to question the judgment of any LOSER that falls for an online affair. Only a complete and total MORON with no life could "fall in love" with someone on a computer. Face reality, you're smitten with a nicname and an online persona. That's all. There is no possible way you could know the person on the other end unless you met face to face, and if you think so, then you need to smash your computer and get a fucking life. Now Kate at this point I must warn YOU. If you try to defend your position of "knowing" the people you "have a crush on", don't forget you also said you knew LardVoo.
Having online cyber sex is beyond loserville. You're in fantasyland. Now I have to call into question EVERY statement you make about ANYTHING.

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Claws you are among the most dumb of people who comment on the Rattler.

At no time did I say I engaged in 'cyber sex' At NO time have I ever expressed my LOVE for some I have not met and spent time with in real life. Having a 'crush' on someone is just that, especially if that person is a married male friend, it is simply to say I think they are adorable. It is NOT love and I certainly would not leave home for it. DO YOU COPY?

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Claws I know you are pretty dim so let me spell this out for you. All I have ever known about Lord Voo is what he has told me about himself. There was a need for him to come clean and have his credentials as the professional, a Lawyer, he hold himself out to be verified and he failed miserably.

Do you have anything to say about the core issue of the Blog? Or have you, as per usual, missed the point entirely?

Anonymous said...


geezus claws said...

Kate the whole point of your post is to accuse Voo of being a predator. Put a snake and a mouse in a cage and the snake will be the predator.
If the mouse loves the snake and leaves it's mate to be with the snake, does that make the snake a predator?


You're an idiot Kate

Voo and his harem of old bags with saggy tits. What a sight !!!


Anonymous said...

Kate you have to admit Geezus Claws has a point. Desperate gullible old women are just asking for it when they have online affairs. If it were a child, then yes he clearly is a predator. And it's not like he's milking some old lady out of her savings. This is a clear minded individual that made a decision. An individual that portrays herself online to be politically and socially intelligent.
So which is it Kate? Did she walk into it knowing the consequences, or is she really not the intelligent individual she portrays online?

Anonymous said...

Kate you said mitsuk was a fool for falling in love with a man online, yet you would go gallivanting around about the men you were in love with online. Who is the really fool here? From the way the affairs have been described, it was you who was a predator. There are many of these men I shall not name names but we all know who they were. So who are you trying to fool?

This calling Voo a predator these are very big allegations, where is your evidence? Voo has never been and never was a predator. Where are these women? There are none, that is why you can’t deliver them.
These are outright fabrications you made up cause you are a bitter and abhorrent old woman that gets her kicks from harassing good people.
You have made a complete jester of yourself in the court of voo congratulations. Notice that most of the posts on here are attacking you, NOT Voo.

Anonymous said...

Kate hasn't recovered from the verbal smacking voo gave her on the weekend. That is why she has been blogging. If she did have a husband to keep her busy, she wouldn't have the time or energy to commit to such frivolous endeavours.

Anonymous said...

that old bat needs to check herself. she hasn't denied any of the claims about her online affairs, so obviously that is true, what high horse is kate sitting on? from where i am sitting she has no right to bash anyone for their online actions.

Anonymous said...

kate have you no shame you old broad?

white woman posing asn aboriginee slutting around the internet getting jollies off.

when will you learn

Anonymous said...

lordmercifulvoo is loving this attention and publicity hahaha. drama is what he is all about to get his room filled up.

AUNTY KATE said...

My goodness some of you people are stupid. Don't tell me you are all Americans right?

Mitsuk is the one accusing me of flashing my tits online, and do any of you fools think I would admit to such behavior to anyone? So where did this come from, the men she claims I did this with? Wake up you imbeciles. It is also Mitsuk who said, I confessed my 'love' for a married man I had never met. Again grow up you morons.

Take this information or leave it.
it is of no consequence to me. The purpose of these blog posts is to expose a creep who took advantage of a vulnurable lonely woman, who is so entrapped by him she can't let go of the fantasy, even though at the time it totally devastated her.

So go on you cretins try to turn this into anything you like, I really don't give a damn what you think. The people who appreciate what is happening her are supporting me all the way.

AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous 8:54

Let me explain something to you about what happens when children are abused, abandoned or taken from their mothers and never get healed, they grow into very damaged and vulnerable adults. Easy pickings for any kind of predator, such is their need to feel loved and wanted.

Lord Merciless Voo knew about Mitsuk's life and he would have to be a complete moron not to know the scars that would leave on her psyche. He also knew he was lying to her about himself and the relationship would never really go anywhere, because he would be exposed. But he continued to lead her on. The result was tragic.

So don't you dare try and blame the victim here. I slapped Mitsuk for bringing my kids into this, but that does not change her status as a hapless victim at the hands of a pathological liar, who has hurt other women in the same way.

Anonymous said...

I am an american man and just curious, which men have seen your saggy tits in paltalk lately? I'd like to see those saggy tits it makes my dick hard just thinking about it. Can you pay for my ticket to come to australia. I would love to just get a nice long blow job on this fat dick. I wouldnt fuck ya but I would let you blow me. I will have you submit to me in every way possible

geezus claws said...

Kate you fucking idiot, these are YOUR words from this very blog post:

"With regard to Mistuk's last remark that I am a "slut" that is NO insult to a woman of nearly 59, and I hope I will still be called that when I am 79! But I am a very private slut, one man at a time."

And now you're saying you won't admit to such behavior? YOU JUST DID !!!!

What a fucking MORON you are!!!

You're a lonely old bag with sagging tits and a fat wrinkled ass that scours rooms looking for man meat to talk dirty to you while you shove a plastic toy in your dried up cunt


AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous 9:54

I do not have to confirm or deny anything to you or anyone else, this blog is not about me, it is about exposing cyber predators and warning other women who might be at risk.

If I want to cyber fuck the entire planet that is my prerogative. I am an adult and it is a long time since I have had to ask anyone if I could leave the table. So fantasize all you like about my private life you will have NOTHING confirmed OR denied.

Anonymous said...

Hey I want a piece of this action ter get sum aud pussy an' sum saggy tits. cud use a bostin lung bloo job

Anonymous said...

Yee fuckers kate wud want me gaumless cock heor god damn ah wud myek hor want it..

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Claws:

""With regard to Mistuk's last remark that I am a "slut" that is NO insult to a woman of nearly 59, and I hope I will still be called that when I am 79! But I am a very private slut, one man at a time."

Please show me WHERE it says CYBER slut in that comment. I really don't understand the MO of the cyber sluts, all they are doing surely is either masturbating on cam with a variety of men who are whanking on the other side of the screen. But whatever floats your boat I don't judge anyone for who and how they like to get their rocks off. This is NOT about cyber sex you bloody imbecile, it is about people getting REALLY hurt.

Anonymous said...

what are these fucks saying? anyone understand them? she wants an amercan like me. I will be the first to get at her.

Anonymous said...

kate is fie an old slut that has to duff someone she had as ah daaarrrling. one wouldnt trust this goldfish. aaaround anyone. she might beck stab them without ah jiffy thought

AUNTY KATE said...

We are talking about a very serious topic here and you are all dribbling at your cages like demented lunatics from a Marquis de Sade novel.

GOD DAMN YOU AMERICA! for raising such cretins. What sad whores gave birth to you lot?

Anonymous said...

what kind of bitch is this kate sayin' such crap about a friend as well postin' that chick friends info on a website this is more about that chick trashin' that chick friends reputation, mostly, you were never a friend of mitsuks makin' up lie and trashin' that chick sayin' you are about exposin' a predator. what utter bullshit

Anonymous said...

you are an anserine bitch kate & you are servile

geesus claws said...

i jerk off at least 3 times a day .It's an old habit of mine.when i do i fantasize about beautiful young women with firm tits and shaved pussies,never about old tarts with gray hair,saggy tits and varicose veins.
Who wants to eat a dry ,rancid and smelly old muffin?
It's a well known fact that old women fart in bed.
As long as they can sweep the floor or wash dishes they're kinda useful.

Anonymous said...

kate ya' are losin' yo' mind ya' and palrap be laughin' deir asses off at ya' , ya' are fucked down and dont even relise it. fuck damn america? who de fuck you is. acco'din' t'whut everyone be hearin' and knows about ya' are da damn ho fo' american men

Anonymous said...


geezus claws said...

Aunt Kate said: "I don't judge anyone for who and how they like to get their rocks off."

Kate that's the whole reason you made this post!!! You made it to judge Voo and how he likes to get his rocks off by preying on women.
Not only are you lying to us, but now you're lying to YOURSELF!!!

GEEZUS H CLAWS you are stupid

Has the constant rubbing of your clit driven you over the edge?

And how you're saying you're not a cyber slut. Does that mean you're a slut in real life? Not meaning to burst your bubble Kate, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants a 79 year old slut. That's beyond gross

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kate has wanted voo she is like piss cause voo turned that chicks ass down

Anonymous said...

Mitsuk, I hope you're not so humiliated that you won't come online anymore. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Just remember – there are no real people on paltalk. You can never have any friends here. Especially not a character like the self absorbed kate. She has no sense of decency. As far as Voo goes – I guess it's up to this anonymous writer to tell you what he should have told you long ago – he's gay. I know how hurtful this revelation must be, but be fair. Voo didn’t mean any harm. He thought you already knew and were just playing a game with him – all in good fun, of course – and he just played along. When you told him you were leaving your husband he thought you were kidding – another interesting twist in the fantasy the two of you were engaged in. And then, when he saw you were serious, he didn't know what to do about it. He didn’t want to hurt your feelings and perhaps cause a blog like this one. But just think – have you ever known him to be with a woman? Why does he babysit for other people's kids all the time? Why does he always mention tampons and bleeding vaginas when he’s attacking a woman? Surely, deep inside, you know it’s true. Just embrace it and the truth will set you free.

Anonymous said...

lol the shits getting piled higher and deeper. I always knew Voo was a fag. Real men don't talk like that. I love pt

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Mitsuk.

I agree with the last poster 1000%.

i want you said...

Mitsuk since you and Voo are on the outs, can we cyber fuck each other? I like that dirty talk. I want to hear you cum through my headphones while I jack off all over myself. I want you to tell me what nasty things you'll do to my body to pleasure me when we meet. I want to rub oil all over your titties, then wrap them around my dick and fuck them. I'm jacking off as I type this ... MMMMMMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

I cybered with isabellah a few times and it was OK at first but then it got weird. She started using toys which was alright but the toys seemed to get bigger and she was bragging about how big they were and how much she was taking. I knew it was real because she was on cam and I could hear them slopping in and out over the mic. But then it got really weird when one day we were going at it and I saw an extra hand on screen. When I asked what was going on she said it was her husband and he was helping. I think he was watching me on cam so I got the Hell out of there. She PMed me a few times after that and said he wanted to watch us for real in a motel. When I asked why, she said they do it all the time and think it's hot. I don't know if they're swingers or what, but it was just to weird. I ended up changing my paltalk name because of that. It was a real turn off.
Plus she's kinda fat. LOL

Anonymous said...

looks like S_Link90 is trying to get at isabellah again. so sad when someone without a life has to bend so low to feel better about himself.

IsabellaSays said...

ok... SOMEbody is weirding out here in the comment section--

i think you boys need to take your meds and calm down ;)

no one takes this post or the comments seriously
-- i hope
if so... it sucks to be you ;)

IsabellaSays said...

AND-- WHY would you think for 5 minutes slinky posted that garbage?

care to explain??

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with you people? AuntyKate is talking about something serious and you are all joking about it. You should be outraged, especially the women of PalTalk!

Anonymous said...

isabellah you know damn well who I am so quit lying. You and your sick husband. You wanted to use me to cuckold your husband. You are both SICK!

IsabellaSays said...

LOL i have zero idea who you are

i hope for your sake ya got a good psychiatrist in your town LOLOL

Anonymous said...

I find this comment odd… “By mentioning my children at all in your deranged rant, even to tell lies, you have crossed the line” I myself have seen Kate and her buddy Donna attack people’s children often. Hum, these two posts have proved to me what I have suspected for sometime. Kate is in a psychotic melt down and has lost touch with reality. Kate you need to take a break for Paltalk and the computer all together and take a mental vacation. Maybe you could use that time to herd your sheep, take care of your vast farm, or write one of the numerous books you keep warning us is just about to be published. You are a very important and wealthy person; (you remind us of this daily) I would think you would have better things to do.

AUNTY KATE said...

The only person worth responding to in here is Anonymous 3:47.

These poor sad, sexually repressed fools are all missing the point. They think this is about sex. To the best of my knowledge there was no sex between Mitsuk & Voo online of anywhere else. But there was a lot of pain.

As for the person with the revelation that he believes Voo is Gay, and thinks that knowledge would somehow help Mitsuk feel less humiliated. Go and get another bucket of salt I sure you could rub some more into the wounds.

The rest of you merely serve to demonstrate why Mainstream Politics is always a large room. You have the Guru of foul mouths running the show, and you'd probably sit at your screen with you dicks in your hand waiting for his inevitable attacks on women, where he talks about "PUSSY". Go out and get some you sad bastards even it you do have to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

auntykate no one believes what you have said but that you look a fool with no life away from the computer. how does what anyone does in their private lives your business.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANONYMOUS 6:46 There are plenty of people who know only believe what I have said, but know this is not the first time Lord Voo has done this to a woman. I am the first person to OUT him, because I don't give a toss about him, or the the opinions of morons like you.

AUNTY KATE said...

Reading through the comments on this blog post it is not hard to see how in societies predators and even sex offenders go unpunished. Just listen to yourselves. I have outed someone many of you had elevated to a level of Guru and all you want to do is attack me. I am not the predator here, nor am I the victim. Only one person that I can see has addressed the issue, and that is to protect other women. So I am left to conclude that you are all males with no empathy for the humiliation of being a victim of a predator, as so few women seem to engage in this activity. This is a very sad reflection on the Paltalk community and even more so on the societies in which you people live.

geezus claws said...

You lost
I won

Everyone thinks you're bonkers


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well Kate, I notice that you protected the "predator" too until he got the better of you in a debate. Then you chose to humilate a friend and confidant in order to get back at him. You should change your name to Linda Tripp. Truth is you don't care about anybody or anything but your own fragile ego.

King of Legoland said...

Kate I just want you to know that you have my full support. I have lent the eye a terrible aspect because chat has once more been forced into the breech.

I Want you to know that the We stand with Kate and Sanity chat room on paltalk has your full support.

King of Legoland said...

errr... you have the room's full support, sorry about the mix-up.

AUNTY KATE said...


You are clearly not up to speed with the history here, so let me give you some of it.

Voo and I had a very public bust up a few months ago. When pulled a few stunts rather than be exposed as a liar for putting himself out to be a Lawyer. I let the dust settle and went back to his room, but he was never comfortable with my presence and tried a few times to get me to run. I don't run from anyone, especially not from sad little men like Lord Voo.

Lord Voo has not EVER gotten the better of me, and he was such a demonstrable coward in his room recently when he red dotted me, for fear of what I would say.

The incident with Mitsuk was a sad one to witness, but I did lay some blame with her as she had me and at least one other person trying to talk sense into her. When she didnt listen we were around to pick up the pieces when she was almost bloody suicidal!

I have since learned, and only very recently, that Mitsuk was not his first or second such victim. Lord Voo is a serial cyber predator.

Now you may not have any moral compass to know what to do with that information, but I have. He is exposed and people can kiss arse if they cant deal with it. I WILL NOT SHIELD A PREDATOR.

agitator bill said...

Well Kate, I notice that you protected the "predator" too until he got the better of you in a debate. Then you chose to humilate a friend and confidant in order to get back at him. You should change your name to Linda Tripp. Truth is you don't care about anybody or anything but your own fragile ego....


AUNTY KATE said...

King of Leggoland: Ty, I know from the IM's I am getting that every decent person on Paltalk supports me exposing Lord Voo and warning other women. I regret that I did not have the information I have now from other victims of his, I may have been able to save Mitsuk, but then again, maybe not. Some women are sadly drawn to predators like a moth to a flame and they will go to great lengths to shield them and defend them.

AUNTY KATE said...

Ok Folk let me toss out this challenge.

Set up a room, independent of Mainstream Politics where Lord Pitiful Voo can't abuse his OWNERSHIP power. I will face him ANYTIME.

Bring you big tough Voo Master to a debate about this and I will bring evidence of what he did to Mitsuk, and several other women he hurt.

If you, or he, won't take this challenge run away.

Anonymous said...


AUNTY KATE said...


Anonymous said...

kate you are one conivin' bitch. seriously. makin' up shit when you know damn well you were friends with voo.
since you didn't come out sooner this shows this is like, all lies cause if he was a predator you would have said somethin' way sooner than this. utter bullshit at its best

Anonymous said...


aunty kate said...

After reading over my past posts, I have come to the conclusion I am a complete tool. Please except my apologies. First thing in the morning I will seek professional help. Thanks to everybody for helping me see the light!


darrington said...

Anonymous aunty kate said...

After reading over my past posts, I have come to the conclusion I am a complete tool. Please except my apologies. First thing in the morning I will seek professional help. Thanks to everybody for helping me see the light!


12:34 AM

you are quite welcome kate.....time to take a paltalk vacation!! lol

the drama is great though, dont get me wrong. I am LOVING it!!

and kate, I am in agreement with those indivduals who said that you have "protected" voodoo in the past, but now that he has had the better of you, in the cyber talk wars, you have now turned your attention onto him. Outing voo on his "activities" now? where was your OUTRAGE when you were buddies with voodoo? Where was your outrage at voo claiming to be a lawyer, you have known for months or possible years that he was NO lawyer, yet you supported him in his fake paltalk career. Where was the OUTRAGE back then, kate? can you say H Y P O C R I T E!!!

I want someone to open up a ROOM this weekend for kate and voo to have a knock em sock em paltalk brawl.......LETS DOOOOOOOO IT!!! ha ha ha

AUNTY KATE said...

11:43 News for you sweetness I have not been a friend of Voo's since he was exposed as a bullshitter when it comes to his credentials as a Lawyer.

I have not supported his room because I support him. The man is a fool and so politically naive as to believe that Barack Obama DID NOT have to address AIPAC.

Voo showed what a coward in a debate he is when he red dotted me in his room this week.

So run along you bloody cry baby, bring 'your boy' to the fight of shut the fuck up. After all he only has to face of with a woman, that should not be too hard for a 'lawyer' lol

Anonymous said...

S_LINK90 said,,,

Oh my, where to start.
First off, to Aunty Kate.
I know you have always been a supporter of the backstabbing piece of shit better known as “lordvoo” but is nice to know that you have limits on you`re dedication.
Dedication is great when its for having a bit of fun on paltalk. Believe me, I know.
However, when it comes to some piece of shit who intestinally deceives another person for his or her personal gain or ego without even a glance at what it may do to that person emotionally, it’s the sign of a predator as you have stated most accurately in you’re post.

I was heavily criticized on the “debate central” issue by you and many others as being the villain and the cause behind the whole thing.
It was not me that backstabbed anyone. All the backstabbing was done by dommie and voo.
Many admins voiced their concerns about voo and his loud mouthed rants and told dommie that they had enough and it was him or them.
{I was not on that list} voos bullshit didn’t bother me and that’s is simply proved when I asked him to open another room because I was tired of her silly bullshit of closing the room every time she had a “bad day”. And we agreed on if she did close it, we in fact would open another room and we left it at that. Case was closed.
At that time, dommie had a choice and she made the decision to tell us that voo would not admin anymore thus keeping the majority of the admins.
But she lied to us.

We were all friends with dommie as was voo. We , including myself spent countless hours in that room keeping things in order.
Here is how this story tells the same tale as does your post about the ethics of voo. Just as he used mitsuk for his own ego and personal gain he also used dommie. On the night of his hating back up, he didn’t think for 1 minute about what that was going to do to dommie and her friendship with all of us.
That’s because he didn’t care. Just like he didn’t care at all for mitsuk.
Also dommie is just the same, from day one she didn’t care about the friendship with us either,, it was just convenient for her to act like she did. She simply needed us for admins and nothing more.

They are both pieces of shit in the same boat. Both liars, both users.
In the end, dommie also fell victim to voo as he didn’t give a shit about her either as you can hear in the tapes when he said “fuck her”. That came after she gave the room to tucherb and tucherb booted him out.

You are also correct about voo not being a lawyer, he’s not and never has been.
Why would a successful layer in Chicago leave his family and kid and move to Indiana?
Bottom line he is a well versed “google lawyer” at best.
Now he said that he wants to get a radio show to start another career?
How bout just get a career, period.

Has anyone ever wondered why his wife left him?
As we have all heard he has a very lovely way of speaking to women who don’t obey his every wish and fall in lock step with his views, or stand up to him or give him orders.
We all remember his words with Miznikki. We all remember his words with Littlebitnotalot and now Kate. Kate, you have joined the group and I have to say, welcome aboard.
Is there any doubt that he spoke to his wife in the same mannor? And probably with a child in “ears reach” and how many times?
My guess is several, probably an uncountable amount of times. I can only use his actions on paltalk as a gauge for that assumption.

Does anyone want to guess why he never gives anyone his name, his real name? maybe because that would let people know who and what he really is. Maybe his prison record or arrest records as they are public record?
How about his law firm? Why would he be scared to tell people about his law firm? Maybe because there isn’t one?
How about the fact that he will never get on cam? I have been on cam, I have nothing to hide.
Auntykate has been on cam, she has nothing to hide.
Why is it that he won’t get on the cam? Someone he says he is “brown and beautiful”.
Surely he would not be embarrassed to show that brown beautiful face to everyone.
Ya think maybe its because he probably looks like Flava Flav? Or urkle? Maybe fat albert with a big massive set of jawls?
Or maybe he’s afraid that people will just make fun of him, oh wait, that cant be. The great lord fool is not afraid of anything except for getting on cam for mitsuk, the woman who left her husband for his lies and deception. Or to give her his real name after she she fell in love to his “myth”.
Does anyone wonder why after years of hating jews and calling for their dismantlement and screaming at the top of his lungs “those dam jews!!!!” and after being banned from paltalk several times and having his room closed down for his hatred now he loves the jews?
Does anyone have a guess as to why that might be?
I’ll give you a clue. He is kissing Garys ass trying to get a free green room. {by the way as most of you know, gary is jewish} hopefully gary will remember voos past and true thoughts about jews.
Hopefully someone will remind Gary if he forgets,,, im sure someone will. Sooner or later.
Now that Kates offer is off the table for the 3 grand,,,.
And why wouldn’t a high classed lawyer not have 3 grand to buy a green room, anyone ever wonder about that?
Are me and Kate the only ones that are seeing a pattern here?

Do you all remember back a ways when debate central was open and Voo turned on vixee and peacelover after they kicked him off their radio show?
Remember voo talking harshly about the both of them? He was telling everyone that vixee got scared and felt threatened buy his greatness that’s why they kicked him off the show? And that they stabbed him in the back? My guess is he was hurting for money and the rent was behind along with other bills.
Well voo left out a little part of that story.
Vixee didn’t feel any threat, fact is, poor voo wanted to start being paid for his interviews, yes folks, that’s right, poor and its seems correct in saying “poor” voo wanted to get money for his interviews.haha fact is vixee and peacelovers show is not done for profit, they do it because they love doing it. And they along with a few others contribute to help pay for things such and website, bandwidth, ect.
They told voo they were not going to pay him shit and to get fucked.
Poor voo always seems to tell his side of these little stories don’t he? But never tells the whole story.
I wonder why
My advice to you paltalk ladies,, use him for your pleasure, don’t let him use you for his. As you can see, he has a pattern of doing just that. If you are ever in doubt about his true feelings and intensions, simply challenge him on them.
Just like Kate did.
Kate, hats off to you babe.
This piece of shit has been long over do to be outted and exposed.


AUNTY KATE said...

Let me explain something to all those morons without the brains to work this out, and most of you as far as I can tell are Voo groupies really pissed off at having your Guru outed for being the scoundrel he is.

The incident with Voo didn't have me viewing Voo as a predator as it was happening. In fact I thought it was prudent of a man who professed to being a Lawyer to conceal his identity until he was sure he was not being fooled, even though I knew that his victim was for real and not playing games.

Sadly, for her, he was playing games and left her high and dry.

It is only very recently I discovered Voo's other victims and pieced the whole sad scenario together. Now you take this or leave it, I don't care. My conscience is fine.

zipperdedoodah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zipperdedoodah said...

S_LINK90, has aunty kate forgiven you for photoshopping her face on a nude picture a fair while ago and displaying it on your cam in whatever political chat room it was at the time?

Anonymous said...

And everybody lived happily ever after :o)

AUNTY KATE said...

Slink you have been closer to Voo for a longer period of time that probably anyone on Paltalk.

Having just read your post I learned some things about Voo I didn't know regarding the destruction of Dommie's room and their 'friendship'. Also matters concerning his 'sacking' from Peace Lover's radio show. He did leave out the part about expecting to be paid. He would have known I would seen through that immediately. I have never known a Lawyer, not even a bad one who is strapped for cash.

You are right I was a loyal supporter of Voo's and like all good confidence tricksters he knows how to play his cards. However, sooner or later they play out of their league and get sprung. Voo got sprung.

Taking someone on their word in a chat room is one thing, lending my time, skill, and finances to a project to assist a person from a chat room is another matter.

For me, and an associate of mine in Australia, to come on board with a show that would go to air, Voo had to prove that he was who he said he was. He was unwilling to even share his real name with people he was asking to help him. He did tell me that Malik Johnson was not his real name and told me his first name was Duane, or Dwayne, not sure of the spelling. Rather than be exposed as a fake he smashed all chances of us working together in a chat room, much less on a project that would put reputations on the line.

I understand that in his room today Lord Voo held court telling people what a liar I am. He denied that he ever told me his name is Dwayne, well the next time any of you catch Jacobin on line ask him what Voo said his name was, because he was amused by how similar Voo's real name was to his own. I have known Jac's real name for some time and there is a strange similarity. So you see Lord Voo if you are going to lie, have a good memory, and don't do it in front of credible witnesses.

I have yet to hear either him or Mitsuk deny the accusations I have levelled at Voo and how it played out. Incidentally, there is another personal witness, numerous tapes, IM's and emails.

Once I discovered that Voo was not a Lawyer, even though I suspected he might not be from certain behaviors in his room, I could see why he left Mitsuk holding the bag in her new flat, after tossing her whole world upside down. I chose not to act on that as Mitsuk was still under his spell, and I thought silly woman, you are begging for more pain.

Then I learned that Mitsuk was not his only victim by any means, and naturally the other women were as humiliated as any woman would be to have had a shake down from this creep, I knew it was wrong to stay silent. The day he dotted me in his room he KNEW it was coming. He even challenged me to do a blog post. Silly man.

What kind of a bastard leads a woman on with promises of him being there is she left her husband? Knowing that he could never follow through? A total, worthless human being in my opinion who deserves to be exposed.

Slink, please don't think I have come 'on board' I'll still enjoy kicking your arse and a room. But one thing I do credit you with is the courage not to red dot people who disagree with you. You can dish it out, but you will also stand and take it back without resorting to abusing your Admin power a pity you can't train your other admins to do the same. I am also aware that you lobbied Dommie to have my ban lifted in her room, thank you for being fair handed.

This week a room of people witnessed what a coward Voo is. He made a total fool of himself with everyone with any sense of fair play.

Lord Voo is a sleeze bag. You are probably correct when you say his change of heart regarding Jews is a suck up for a FREE room. A lawyer who can't scratch up $3000? What he hopes to do with it is anyone's guess. Does he imagine he will be able to get interesting people to the room to interview, pretending to be a LAWYER? He is committing a criminal act by masquerading as a sworn officer of the court and I know of one person he bragged about giving legal advice to in a Family Court matter.

Family Court Lawyers, as SPECIALISTS in their field, and a Lawyer who does not work in Family Law would not give advice on a Family Law matter. No more than and Ear Nose and Throat Medical Specialist would give Gynecological advice.

Lord Voo is a fake and a serial cyber predator, take it or leave it.

AUNTY KATE said...

Zipper: Slink had been pulling those photo imposing stunts on many people before he did it to me.

I took my complaint to Paltalk and Dommie was warned by a Red Admins, that the photograph could not be shown in her room with my face superimposed. A few smart arses tried it, and they were 'smacked' by Paltalk.

Zipper, I don't hold grudges, stuff happens I deal with it and I move on.

Slink and I will never be buddies our politics and philosophies are too far apart. But even arch enemies can agree on some things.

Anonymous said...

Kate, predators generally want and/or take something from their victims. Usually either sex or money. You have not named one woman that he's had sex with or taken money from. Truth is you've been humilated and you decided to humiliate one of your "friends" in an effort to get back at him. It's as simple as that. Well I've got news for ya. Everbody on paltalk knows that Voo is gay and that he's not a lawyer. We don't need you to inform us about that. But until the other day you were good friends with Voo. Even though you knew he was a "predator." You're full of shit Kate. You're just an insensitive pig who craves attention and doesn't care how she gets it. Even if it means humiliating one of your friends. I've always known that about you, kate. Now EVERYBODY knows. The only person you outted here was yourself.

Anonymous said...

ditto. only people who are fooled by voo are you and your friends. sorry but i just can't muster any empathy for the so called victim here. seems like she was just asking for it. but who woulda guessed that her friend was going to out her? seems to me like you're the one doing the victimizing kate.

AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous: You are an idiot, who knows nothing about what is happening here. You need to scroll back to the Archives of this blog, when I handed in my hat with Voo, that was the end of my friendship with him, because that was the same time that I discovered, beyond ALL doubt, that he was a fake.

My friendship, with Mitsuk terminated at the same time, because I went public with my grievances against Lord Voo and she was furious, even though he had kicked her in the guts. So much for her being my friend after all the help and assistance she got from me. But I understand the Stockholm syndrome.

Now predators come in ALL forms, and to qualify you do not have to obtain money be deception, or have sexual intercourse with your victim. Some predators, online predators especially, LOVE to hurt people in a cruel way for 'emotional' empowerment over them. Now for YOU not to KNOW this and to be frequenting chat rooms, you are RIPE for the picking. And if you have children you need to smarten them up quick smart. Teenagers, and adults have been driven to suicide by the cruel acts of people on line they have NEVER met.

Now go away and do some calculations. Work out how much out of pocket you would be to move out of your matrimonial home taking ONLY your clothes, and set yourself up in a comfortable, apartment which you had to FULLY FURNISH and equip, as well as set up internet servers etc. That is what the deal cost Mitsuk in financial terms. I doubt if Voo ever offered to compensate her for that. Not forgetting the pretty underwear. Not if you are a woman, and I suspect you are, you may know that pretty underwear does not come cheap.

Now run away you idiot! And teach your children safe internet usage.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON 5:32, you are as dumb as every other clown who has left a post, who thinks that the VICTIM is to blame. I don't blame Mitsuk at all, now that I see what a total bastard he was, and how cunning. She didn't have a chance, the shame does not stay with Mitsuk.

Her shame is shielding him now, knowing that he has done this to other women.

AUNTY KATE said...

ANON: If what you say about Voo being a homosexual is true, and nothing would shock or surprise me about him. Then leading Mitsuk, or any woman on, does not get him off the hook as an emotional abuser. In fact, it makes what he is doing even more despicable.

geezus claws said...


In Kate's earlier post located here:

Kate said THIS in the comment section:
"For all those who are MORE interested in the identity of his victim, I say you are not much better than he is. She suffered enough for her stupidity and her identity remains private."

She then created this NEW post you are now commenting in and named Mitsuk as the victim.

Care to explain that one Kate?

Why did you lie and say "her name remains private", and then name her?

Try and wiggle your way out of that one by attacking me Kate


tattle tale said...

If Voo's name is Daryle Johnson, then this would be his location and phone#

Daryle L Johnson


217 W 10th St, Ste 120

Indianapolis, IN 46202-4115
(317) 475-9519

Job title:
Information Technology Solution Consultant
Netwise Resources

Anonymous said...


you got the wrong person

voo doesn't even know how to set up a website! ask king of legoland! LOL

he's certainly not an IT guy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kate you got to stop lyin' this is getin' out of hand . kate you have hurt someone that was a close friend just to take a jab at another close friend.
kate this sayin' a lot about you. that you are not to be trusted. as well a lot of thuh stuff you say is hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

I am alot younger than kate but we had a cyber fling. she hit on me and cammed with me after she saw my picture. she showed me her tits and we did cyber a few times. she sent me money on my paypal account when i told her that i had no money for food and lost my job. she got so angry she blocked me, i don't know why. kate is fragile well after that she saw another woman flirting with me and she called me a sexist asshole. it appears now she is obsessive over other peoples lovers. cause she can't keep a man of her own.

Anonymous said...

kate you're a sleezebag and I think you can expect to be banned from every room on paltalk. Anybody who would have you in their room is asking for the same kind of treatment you give all your "friends."

Anonymous said...

slink forgot to mention his women, have you ever met the loves of your life lola and nikki. everyone in paltalk knows about you and your women sad link,sad
and don't forget that mw sent your precious nikki hundreds of dollars when her house got hit by a tornado.
mw only did that cause he was hopping for some kunt on the side. makes me wonder what nikki did to have mw send her that much money

Anonymous said...

S_LINK90 said

In responce to ZIPPER, you are correct me and kate had quite a little battle going there for awhile, but it was a simply paltalk bickering,, i didnt damage here finacial or emotional needs by misleading her. nor did she to me. that is the differance.
you may suprised to know that not often but once in a while me and kate take a private room have quite the civil chat and laugh about the crap that happens on paltalk.
anyway ZIPPER, good to hear from ya !!! stop in and say hi when ya can !!!
Also did i read that VOO had a court the other night? if this is true why were me and kate not invited to testify in our behalf?
thats another question thats makes one wonder about poor little voo.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

S_LINK90 said

Anonymous said... 12.03.

thats the perfect reason why you dont send money to people on the internet that you dont know personaly.
hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Who are these Paltalk personalities that Kate was involved with or lusted after? I am going to take a stab at the names.

MAN #3—XNTRICK This was a disaster waiting to happen. Well-known in paltalk. An intellectual known for his quick, dry wit but not his charming good looks. Already has a wife in another country, but since that is nearly dead, Kate stepped in to feed this man’s need for the company of a woman. Little known fact about Man #3, is that he is a sexist pig. He told Kate to wash his feet and take good care of him. She was more than willing to do that but that didn’t end this relationship. He had the audacity to suggest Kate tone down her manly ways of aggression. No man tells her what to do!

MAN #4—DENNIS THE MENACE Also well-known in paltalk social issues. Bad teeth. Dopehead. Unemployed. 50-something hippy. Soft talker but is a known democrat and knowledgeable about politics. This winner of a man and Kate had a cyber affair for over a year and half. The romance could have thrived if this guy would know his place. Kate came to his rescue and paid his ISP on the condition that he would fulfill his promise that he would come to Australia on her dime. He refused to go see her. They would spend hours together in Skype where Kate would show her sexy lingerie and breasts on cam, yes this old woman can get down and dirty like the lewdest cyber sluts there are, shaking her tits.Man # 4 would also charm her with his poetry and love of music. How did this one come to an end? Man #4, a White man disagreed with Kate’s position on an Aboriginal issue, she was publicly humiliated by that, no man was going to question her power or authority. It probably worked out for the best, but we will never know if Kate would fork out the required money she had for American man # 2. Man #4 has since taken some sense and gotten himself an American girlfriend half his age, good on you Man #4!

Man #5-- FREEDOM-4-ALL Also well-known in paltalk social issues. Wealthy entrepreneur. Charismatic. 50-something. Strong political knowledge and debating skills. Once divorced but has reconciled with his ex-wife. Kate has carried a torch for him for quite sometime and expressed her love for him last year. Kate would request of their mutual friends to get him on here so she could have her way with him and get him to succumb to her cyber advances. No woman would stand in between her and this man, it doesn’t matter that he already has a woman! Though Man #5 had reconciled with his ex-wife, Kate wasn’t deterred. Man #5 is still on her radar because she calls constantly so much so that he refuses to come on paltalk.

Man #6—LORDMERCIFULVOO Also well-known in paltalk. Lawyer. Charismatic. 30-something. Divorced. Adept at politics and debating. Kate would flirt up a storm with Lordmercifulvoo in hopes of getting this younger man. She would tell other women, oh boy, if I were just a little younger, I’d snag that man. No woman would stand a chance. But the elusive voo was not having it. He had no interest in a woman old enough to be his mother. Lordmercifulvoo hurt her so deeply she is now crying on this blog. (Of course, she will deny this, too. But we know this bitch lies).

AUNTY KATE said...

Mitsuk & Lord Voo:

What a sad individuals you are. To try and drag other people into the shame and humiliation you should be feeling. Do you think that by trying to embarrass other people who did absolutely nothing to you, that you look better people? Well you don't.

Should XN TRICK, DENNIS THE MENANCE, or FREEDOM4ALL, or friends of these decent men, see your vile remarks, with descriptions of them as people and the particulars of our friendship that are so far from reality as to be laughable, your names will be blacker that they are now.

My apologies to XN-Trick, Dennis the Menance and Freedom4all that I ever shared ANY detail of my friendship with them with a vile, slut of a woman that Mistuk is proving herself to be and her equally vile cohort, Lord Voo. These men will recognize the lies and total fabrications in this information and know that they did not come from me. In fact I will send them this Blog post and if they wish to lower themselve to reply to these attempts at character assassinations they can do to. Though I very much doubt that any of them will bother. They will simply do as all the decent people on Paltalk are doing with you vile cretins, distance themselves from you both.

MItsuk, you have shown yourself to be no better than Lord Voo. Your profile is that of a Rosemary West type personality. A woman who would help her abuser lure other women into his trap and watch her suffer as you did. What a horrid, sad and damaged person you are. But for your wickedness I cut you know slack. Karma is a bitch Mitsuk, and it is inescapable.

Furthermore you have just posted in great big bold lights for the disbelievers, "everything Kate has said is true, I can't deny that, but I will try and hurt anyone I can because I am so angry to have been exposed as a person shielding a cyber predator."

AUNTY KATE said...

Mitsuk and Lord Voo:


Don't flatter yourself Lord Voo that you were ever more to me than a man young enough to be my son. When we were friends I might have adopted you and been kind, but as for anything else, I am not interested in children, never have been.

AUNTY KATE said...

Geezus Claws: We know you struggle to keep up with blog posts, and ask for clarification of matters already disclosed. Read back over the 2 blog posts regarding this matter and you will find your answer as to why I named Mitsuk. I named her as I would name ANYONE attempting to shield a predator, she is showing herself you be every bit a despicable as he is.

For her initial behavior that caused her so much pain I did blame Voo more. Mitsuk was a desperately lonely women whose husband works just about every hour that God sends to support her, and send money back to his family in Palestine, while Mitsuk has been slutting around on the internet, with a man who just last week hoped that the Jews would destroy Palestine. And has now dragged a very decent friend of mine, Freedom4u into this ugly business, with lies an innuendo that is the product of her deranged mind. I took ONE glove off with Mitsuk, and if she persists, and tries to slander people who have done nothing to her or to me, I shall take them both off.

AUNTY KATE said...

PS: I hope that friends of Dennis, XN, and Freedom4all, treat this pair of mongrels, Mitsuk and Lord Voo, with the contempt they deserve.

My friendships with all of these wonderful men and decent human beings was never sordid, lewd, or hurtful, to anyone. All of us adults, none of us cheating on anyone is ANYWAY.

It is beyond contempt for Mitsuk to even mention them, purely because she knows I am close to them. NONE of these men asked me for money or financial assistance for anything whatsoever.

Two of them have been mentioned in the Acknowledgments of a literary piece, for their brilliant input and assistance and yes we certainly have spent hours on line sharing music, poetry and talking about history and literature. NONE of these relationships involve ANYTHING that ANY of us would be ashamed of.

My regret is that I told Mitsuk that I was talking to them privately. But lies can't hurt people Mitsuk, and we ALL know that you have lied. The difference here is you are hurting because you KNOW you can't call me a liar.

Anonymous said...

It's happend many times before that a woman fell in love with a gay man.

The problem here is that this gay man actually hates women. He only uses them as toys to prove to himself that his hate is valid.

AUNTY KATE said...

Anonymous dennis the menace_1 said...

Well . . .

First of all - let me clarify some of the fallacies presented by 'anonymous'.

(1) that I am a 'dope-head' . . . lol
I WAS a 'dope-head' when I was younger, and still smoke a 'blunt' or two about twice a year (maybe). My job is very TECHNICAL in nature, and I would not be able to do it as a 'dope-head'.

(2) That AUNTY_KATE paid my ISP . . . lol
I pay my own way - I would NEVER take money from a woman I was friends with - I VALUE my friends too much to risk losing them for a BUCK

(3) That I am unemployed . . . I WAS unemployed - but, that condition ended MONTHS and MONTHS ago and was purely a temporary condition (partly by CHOICE - I was trying to set up a 'home' business and was unable to find one that was satisfactory to my temperment and financial requirements - so I went back to work in the field I have worked in for 24 YEARS.)

(4) that I am a DEMOCRAT This is not true. . . I am an INDEPENDENT - I may sound like a DEMOCRAT simply because the Republicans have shown themselves to be so absolutely corrupt. My opinion of many Democrats is not much better. At the present - there simply does not seem to be a viable Alternative to them, either. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend . . . " is more like my attitude towards the Democratic Party at the moment.

As for Kate -

I have nothing but, the UTMOST respect for her and the difficult times she has faced in her life as an Aboriginal in Australia. She has emerged from those trials and tribulations with her soul intact.

Anything that may (or may not) have happened between Kate and Myself is OUR BUSINESS AND NO ONE ELSE'S !!! Having been raised in the 'Southern Gentlemen' Tradition, I will NOT DISCUSS these things in Public OR in Private - it simply IS NOT DONE, so don't even BOTHER asking me.

Kate has not done ANYTHING for me with ANY Conditions attached - there was no 'deal' for her to pay my way to Australia . . . Again - I PAY MY OWN WAY. I am far too concerned for the state of my country to leave it now, in any case. I am staying where I am to FIGHT the awesome and evil forces engaged in subverting it's Democracy.

She has NEVER 'PESTERED' me or harassed me in any way (altho - I must admit she has occasionally annoyed me . . . as ANY strong-willed and brilliant person MUST annoy those lesser persons in their vicinity by the mere FACT of their brilliance. . . lol)

Personal FEUDS only serve to DISTRACT us from the DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES in which we find the world today . . . and IMO are a TOTAL WASTE of Time and Energy and not worthy of the people engaging in it . . . (meaning that they are BETTER than the way they are acting - this feud is beneath them and unworthy of them.)

When innocent bystanders (such as myself, XN, and Freedom4All) are DRAGGED into a PERSONAL DISPUTE and used to SCORE POINTS against an opponent on PALTALK ( it's ONLY a chat program ! FFS!) It becomes DESPICABLE.

"An eye for an eye, only makes EVERYONE BLIND." - Gandhi.

My advice to ALL involved in this FUED ->

In the Future - if you HAVE to sling MUD at someone - leave everyone ELSE out of it !

10:04 PM