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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Adidas ban wool from mulesed sheep

Another small step towards more humane treatment of the animals we exploit.
Find and watch a documentary called "EARTHLINGS"
I await your responses.


Weetbix101 said...

Ono ,yes mulesing is a disgrace.

Rudd 's gvt is also resuming live trade to Egypt.

Here's what humans do to animals worlwide from dogs to sheeps etc


"Tony Bourke is an absolute disgrace. He has refused to meet AT ALL with the RSPCA to discuss live animal transport and has only taken this paltry action as a sop to the letters being received. The shot above is of a cow having its tendons cut before it has its eyes gouged before being brutally slain......"

"Animal Liberation NSW executive director Mark Pearson said the only meat exported from Australia to the Middle East should be wrapped in plastic.

He said poor training and killing facilities made for horrendous slaughters and there was usually no "knocking box" to secure animals as they struggled against the slaughtermen.

"They're usually just on a tile floor, so the floor is wet and slippery from water and blood; the animal's falling all over the place and it's slid around to face Mecca and it's writhing and distressed because of the smell of blood and having seen other animals slaughtered," Mr Pearson told AAP.

"There are practices like in (one particular) abattoir in Egypt to get the animals down, they cut the tendons of their legs, smash their knees and stab their eyes to try and control the animals that are terrified and jumping all over the floor - and then it has its throat cut without any stunning."

i say fuck to Muslims and Jewish religious rituals and their treatments of animals.

Ban halal and kosher rituals worlwide!

ononotagain said...

two points I have to add weet.
RSPCA has been infiltrated by farmers federation stooges and no longer protects animals from cruelty if there is a quid in it for the cockies

The livestock shipping industry must be halted at all costs (in fact, farmers would get better return for domestically slaughtered animals)At present the exporters take most of the profit.

Weetbix101 said...

Ono if that the case about farmers association infiltrating the RSPCA,that is indeed disturbing news.

I heard of an abattoir in Victoria which caters exclusively for halal food religious practices.
If there is one in Victoria they may be some more in other states.

Egyptians can point the finger to us in return.

Brigitte Bardot the movie star is coping a lot of flake in France for opposing these practices and she is being sued and called a racist for it.She lost the case in court about a week ago.

Saw a documentary not so long ago about how they slaughter cattle the jewish way.
They turn the cow upside down with some heavy duty machinery and only he animal head and neck is exposed. Some weird Woody Allen look alike all dressed in black (with a red beard and a funny hat)holding a long sword slit the animal throat while muttering some insane nonsense to his beloved god.
The animal dies slowly,then its on to the next cow.

So many Kosher butchers in Sydney, where does their meat come from?

Why are those backwards practices tolerated in civilized societies?

Farmers association are concerned about profits for their members.they are lobbyists.Its just business deals to them!
Am just wondering what the average farmer is thinking privately about such practices.
Does anyone knows?

Wax on-Wax off said...

Such a shame many people don't see animals as themselves, as creatures that know fear and pain, and love... creatures that struggle to survive. Only humankind can devise such torturous mechanisms against other life here. We must continue to evolve.

Wax on-Wax off said...

Oh, did you hear what Hallmark meats was doing in the US? They were using forklifts to force sick cows to stand up, or to torture force them into the slaughter house... ramming live, sick cows with the prongs.... :( sick, horrible, cruelty.

Wax on-Wax off said...

You know Onootogan... I can't tell the difference between a garden burger/bocca burger and a meat patty one. Much easier just to be vegetarian and eat the bocca burger... far more healthy for the human heart, as well/not to mention the environment. It takes over 5000 gallons of water for one pound of beef production.