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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Coward: As defined by the Oxford Dictionary is a person who is easily intimidated or frightened.

Lord Merciful Vooette reaffirmed his position as a coward today when he threw out the challenge to Aunty Kate to come to his room or ClassicmFree's to "debate" him. I accepted the invitation to Classic's room which had four people in total. Poor deluded Vooette had a captive audience with air-headed SuzanneFl and LordHawHaw (ClassicmFree) cheering from the asylums of their confinement.

Frankly I am not interested in debating WHY Vooette did what he did to Mitsuk. What he did is fact and NOT debatable. However, Vooette frothed and foamed as he tried to justify what he did to Mitsuk, saying "she doesn't have a husband." Now we all know that Mistuk has often spoken of her 'husband'. It is true there has never been a wedding ceremony but under Canadian Law if a couple have co-habitated for a period longer than 2 years, and hold themselves out to be husband and wife, they are considered de-facto or Common Law spouses. Mitsuk and her husband have been together for 14 years. After Vooette left her high and dry she went back to her husband, that is a fact also. So try another tactic Vooette if you hope to wriggle out of your despicable act, that one doesn't wash. Better still try telling Mitsuk's husband that he doesn't count.

Then Vooette starts on my family, as if he knows anything about them. He claims my daughter's children don't come to see me because my daughter hates me. My daughter does not have any children. Wrong again Vooette. Dennis the menace said all that needs to be said about innocent bystanders being dragged into Vooette and Mitsuk's unsavory affair.

Vooette continued at the mic with his limited vocabulary boring me to death so I left and went to his room, and tossed out the challenge to Voo to meet me in there. I am not interested in Vooette's drama games I told him that the day I told him to shove his @ hat up his arse. However, I don't mind the opportunity to humiliate him in a real debate. That opportunity came today in another room when he took the mic and said:

"Presidents are not responsible for the economy, and the Iraq war has not impacted on the USA economy much at all."

Yes dear Rattlers you read that correctly. "Presidents are not responsible for the economy, and the Iraq war has not impacted on the USA economy much at all." Is this a political dolt or what?

I took the mic and enlightened Vooette that the ill conceived or badly advised policies and decisions of a President most certainly are responsible for the adverse effects on a country's economy and the decision to go into Iraq is a very good example of how this manifests. Lord Vooette left the room rather than respond. We were in a room that does not allow personal attacks, so Vooette was stuffed. Vooette is like flypaper, he picks up bits and pieces of information around the traps that he thinks makes sense, but does not have the depth to debate the topic when challenged, so he ran.

Taking up the challenge to go to his room to "debate" him, I did so and was warmly greeted as I entered the room. Vooette had to be dragged back from Classic's room, which is where he goes when he can't participate in the rare moments of real debate that go down in his room from time to time. He babbled and fluffed around in text in his usually in-coherent and disconnected manner, which I don't find difficulty ignoring. When it came my turn to take the mic, he jumped on me and continued to make a total clown of himself. He was laughed at and a number of people left in disgust. Then he showed his total cowardice by bouncing me.

YOU LOSE VOOETTE......Cluck!! Cluck!!! CHICKEN!!! You know I can whip your arse red raw any day of the week, you are a fake. I still chuckle about the day you said at the mic "I have a doctors degree." Vooette that would be a Phd dear and you don't have one. At best you may have obtained a high school diploma from some penitentiary, where you learned to parrot legal text from books in the State Penitentiary Library.

You are done like a dinner Vooette, and for those who like to eat chicken dinner is served, mind the feathers.


geezus claws said...

Nobody cares about your obsession with Voo. You've obviously gone over the edge just like Snuggle bunny has with her obsession over lively oak. You have this need to control with an @ hat, but that was taken away and now you're crying like a little school girl. You sure don't sound very grown up for a woman that's at least 70

Oh and by the way ... I noticed you went racist at the end of your post. You went for the stereotypes of blacks in prison, and fried chicken.
I always knew you were racist, but now everyone else gets to see.


geezus claws said...

My favorite story. It's called:


Here's an earlier quote from weetbix101:
"Bunny its simple really, this new nic by geesus the gossiper is about 5 days old."

5 days old. Let me say that again ... Weetbix says this nic is 5 days old!!! With NO PROOF WHATSOEVER weetbix says this nic is 5 days old.

My answer: Check the nic profile on Paltalk and you'll see the nic was created in Oct 2006


Next, the paranoid weetbix will say I paid off Paltalk to change the date !!!


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to this abo trash.

Anonymous said...



a said...

Geezus Claws you really are a prize idiot. By suggesting that Vooette got his high school diploma in prison is not stereotyping anyone. As for fried chicken only your warped mind adduced fried chicken from chicken little.

Anonymous said...

You didn't win Kate, you proved what a really nasty piece of work you really are. LMAO

AUNTY KATE said...

ANONYMOUS: Whatever people say about me they cannot say I am a coward who snipes anonymously, nor do I back stab people in rooms when I think they are not listening. Everything I have to say about anyone it out there and in their face, if what I say seems nasty to the coward like you, that is because you PRETEND to be all sweetness and light and then gossip behind people's backs. I am fine with who I am.

Anonymous said...

Is it true the Lord(wishing he had a grip)Voo runs from serious confrontation ? What, I thought Voo was -- well never mind apparently he is not.

Anonymous said...

this is what happens when bullies are called out. bullies rely on intimidating people and then get them to be silent about their own misdeeds. bullies dont know what to do if they are exposed. aunty kate maybe obsessed with voo for whatever reason, but she did call voo out rightfully. he hardly can argue on the point with anyone who is well informed and articulate. this is why he appears disjointed in text lest he has to actually fully participate. but as every bully is - a true to form coward, he gets on the mic and talks down at any that dissents with him and then bounces them even though he tries to tell his admin not to discipline those that mess up decent conversations in the room.