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Monday, June 16, 2008


Dear Rattlers,

When one has been around Paltalk as long as most of us have been there are few things that would shock or surprise us as we witness the ebb and tide of human flotsam and jetsam.

Some characters have made a real splash, then poof! They vanished into thin air after making total idiots of themselves. Do any of you recall MissAstridElectra, the colourful Aussie dominatrix transvestite prostitute? Miss Astrid, as she liked to be called, had the gravel voice of a heavy smoking octogenarian, and a profile pic of a 25 year old porn queen. Miss Astrid was always good for a spectacular show. She whipped the Paltalk community into a frenzy with her sharp tongue and titivating tales of clients in bondage, whimpering, and begging for the spanking to be harder. Miss Astrid's desire to be all things to all people came unstuck when she tried to kid people in Australia, especially your Aunty Kate, that she worked on the Federal election campaign with Maxine McKew, the very stylish, devout Catholic, who took the seat of Prime Minister John Howard. Sillier still was her assertion that she worked in Aboriginal commumities and referred to Aboriginal people as "boongs". Poor MissAstrid was so humiliated she just vanished. A pity, she did have some skill at being able to think on her feet, while walking and chewing gum at the same time. If you read this MissAstrid come back dear and save us from the truly mundane bullshitters like ALFIE_00.

ALFIE is one of our numerous Paltalk Vietnam War vets. In truth, Alfie has never been closer to anything to do with the military than playing the pokies at the local RSL. That is Returned Soldiers League for our American friends.

Aunty Kate met Aflie some years back and was interested to hear a bloke at the mic talking about his tour of duty in Vietnam. My ears pricked up when he said he was in the 6 RAR. I IM'd Alfie and after about 30 mins I knew this clown had never been anywhere near Vietnam, and certainly had no connection with the 6 RAR. He did not know the date of the Battle at Long Tan, which was one of the most fierce battles fought by Aussie troops in Vietnam and D Company of the 6 RAR took heavy casualties, one of my brothers among them. Alfie hates it that I know this about him, as his whole persona on Paltalk hinges on his fabricated military career.

Now one would think that time would have smartened Alfie up and he would have at least read up on the 6 RAR, familiarizing himself with where they were stationed and get a few clues about the Battle at Long Tan in particular. But not our Alfie, he brazenly tries to wing it on total bullshit. He had me in fits of laughter today as he talked about "being in that rubber plantation in the rain, and looking down the barrel of the gun of the enemy." Alfie's voice quivered as he recanted the horrific and terrifying experience, he said he would never want to live through again. When asked to tell Aunty Kate where this "rubber plantation" was Alfie drew a blank. I took pity on him after waiting a minute and told him LONG TAN, which is why this battle is called 'the Battle at Long Tan'. Another problem here is that Alfie typed in the room today that he served in Nam 1968-1969. The Battle at Long Tan was fought in August 1966.

Now being an Aussie I don't mind a bit of a 'yarn' and game of 'come in spinner'. We are devils for taking the piss and tugging on people's ropes. But as the sister of a real Vietnam war hero, who was in that rubber plantation in Long Tan in 1966, I take exception to Alfie trying to ride on the coattails of those heroic young men, in fact it disgusts me.

Alfie, I honor our soldiers even though I don't support the Wars in which their lives were sacrificed. I despise people like you who trivialize their sacrifice in a chat room to make your small life feel significant. LEST WE FORGET.


geezus claws said...

June 16th: AuntyKate seeks shelter in 2Way Street politics. AntiKate decides to open her vile mouth and use her Voo inspired vile tactics and take over the room. AuntyHate gets passed around and bitch slapped by everyone like a slut in a gang bang. AuntyCrate then gets thrown out on her ass.

I guess she'll be crying to S_LINK now. You know kate, if every room treats you like this ... you may want to look inward instead of blaming them


AUNTY KATE said...

FFS: Geezus Claws stop starking me.

If you think I go into 2 Way seeking shelter you really are an idiot.

As I said that the mic in 2 Way tonight I don't kiss anyone's arse, and I really don't give a toss about being popular.

AUNTY KATE said...

Before the typo NAZIS jump on me that will be "stop stalking me"

geezus claws said...

You might not give a toss but they certainly tossed YOUR ass


AUNTY KATE said...

Oh for shame I was bounced from a room by an insure bitch, like than never happens to anyone.
Grow up you moron. Who give a shit about being bounced from a room? Not me that's for sure.

Weetbix101 said...

Rattler Coward of the Year

geesus on mushies as he wont reveal his Paltalk nic

Rattler's Liar of the Year

geesus on mushies claims to use geesus claws as a nic in Voo's room

Rattler's stalker of the year

relentlessly stalks Muse,Kate Isa and Voo

Rattler's most Useless Blogger of the Year

Never has anything of value to contribute except to gossip like a little church lady

bwahahist extraordinaire be a man, rise to the challenge,stop being a coward ,stop stalking women and reveal ur paltalk identity.

geezus claws said...

I told you dumbass, it's Geezus Claws
Is it MY fault you're too stupid to look up the name?
kate just saw me online yesterday

Have fun figuring out these words

Have a nice day BuckwheatDix

Weetbix101 said...

Yet another failed opportunity for Geesus the gossiper to post something mildly political.

only whining!

U push his button and he jumps like a crazy hare krisna on meth.
Lol too easy

tommyjohnson44 said...

Damn you people should trying growing up. You act like a bunch of dumb kids. Why doesn't someone start posting stuff about Obamas dream for America so I can laugh at them

tommyjohnson44 said...

Hey Kate tell us Americans how good Obama is going to be for the country so I can make fun of you. Please please??