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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama, good guy?



FacetiousMuse said...

DP, I am so disappointed in this video. You must know how much spin is placed in this video, don't you?

Now DP you leave me no choice but to list everyone of the so called issues in this video and show if they are true or not and what spin was placed about them.

I guess I should thank you since you gave me my next posting idea :o)

Take care till next post

Q Jordon said...

First of all, the Pledge was not being recited at the time that Obama had his hands in front of him. It was the Star Spangled Banner, like the video has playing. One does not have to place their hand on their heart for that.

As far as him not wearing a lapel pin, I would not either. The flag is a symbol, and that is all.

What use is it to wear the lapel pin like the majority of politicians are doing, but at the same time they are shredding the constitution?

If I follow my marriage vows, does that mean when my ring is off I can disavow myself from the vows I took during my marriage?

It is the same principle in reverse.

Carmen_ said...

Pure bullshit!

Snuggle_Bunny_2 said...

I could not even watch the entire video. I am tired of the spin against him. I will fight against the spin on this blog and my personal blog. As far as im concerned the war of words/video is on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!